What Happens When Your Baby Girl Goes To Kindergarten?

Hey Cuties,

Today was a day for the books. It was the first day of Kindergarten for LittleCuteLips.  It was the first day my last child started school. It was a day that symbolized the coins I get to keep in my pocket because I no longer have to pay for daycare. Can I get a witness up in here? No, alright. Just know that I am rejoicing and crying at the same time.

first day of kindergarten

LittleCuteLips has been looking forward to starting school for a long time now.  Her brother is in the 8th grade, and she has been jealous for years. We referred to daycare as school but her big brother would quickly remind her that it wasn’t “real school” well now she is officially in real school. I’m sure he will find a new reason to tease her but whateve. I’ve been getting her ready for this moment since her graduation.

first day of kindergarten

Babe and I took her to Orientation and she and I had really been looking forward to it.  I let her hang out with me in the office for half the day, she had lunch and we got on the train to meet up with Dad.  This was the first time we would meet her teacher. We are familiar with the school because the ManChild went there so I had a level of comfort this go around that didn’t exist when he started. She saw some of her classmates and they went over the rules. She even had a chance to test out her new seat. She was even more excited than before.

first day of kindergarten

1st Day of School

The big day had finally arrived. I managed the morning without anxiety and I was proud. I wasn’t sure how I would manage the tears but I would worry about that later. LittleCuteLips was really excited but over breakfast, that excitement turned into nervousness and manifested in a cry. My heart hurt… I know how she felt, I know she was excited but this was new and new can be scary sometimes.  We had a great talk, lots of hugs, kisses, and reassurance.  I made this sign for her because she just had to have one.  Before getting out of the truck she asked for some peppermint oil to help calm her down.

first day of kindergarten

Daddy & LittleCuteLips

Babe dropped off big brother and met us at the school in time to walk to the building. She left me for him, that was a smart move. The school did a great job welcoming the students and parents. They played music, had a mascot and parents created a praise tunnel for the other kids almost like they do coming out of the tunnel of a football game. It was so dope.

first day of kindergarten

Daddy makes it better

She was settled in her seat, she didn’t want the free breakfast they offered to her. However, she settled for orange juice though. She made sure Babe and I stayed close.

first day of kindergarten

My Girl!

I’m protective of my kids but this one here more than ever. Her two front teeth have morphed into bunny teeth and they are wiggly and waiting to fall out. I can’t wait to have a snaggle tooth on my hands. It is a right of passage for Kindergarten. She is such a big girl, but she is also my baby.  We are a bit co-dependent at times. She is just like me, which is a lot to raise. She and I are classic little sisters, she is 7 years younger than her brother and I am 6.5 years younger than my sister. Babe complains sometimes but I prayed for a baby girl and God gave me one that rocks my world.

first day of kindergarten

Don’t go…

As we were getting ready to go LittleCuteLips eyes began to fill with tears. She swiped them away as they ran down her cheeks. She was excited, but she didn’t want us to go. The truth is I wasn’t exactly ready to let go either. This is my baby! She squeezed us tight and we hugged a bit longer. She had done so well, and shoot so had I.  How could I leave this face? I couldn’t we walked towards the door and waited there a minute.

first day of kindergarten


She was quiet and still but she was excited about the possibilities.

first day of kindergarten

Stalking in progress…

The day had come to an end and it was time for dismissal. You know the time when kids get dropped off at the wrong bus stop or put on the wrong bus. Not on my watch. I showed up at dismissal and stalked out the aftercare van.  I was parked out of sight but I needed to see her come out of school and get in the proper aftercare van. Once that happened I went on with my day. The school didn’t know I was there, the aftercare didn’t know I was there and nor did LittleCuteLips. I’m happy to say that all systems were in place and now I can take comfort in knowing that the rest of the school year.  Listen, the first day of school is the most chaotic.

This isn’t my first rodeo either, my son is in the 8th grade. I popped up at this same school for him twice after dropping him off. I only showed up once after dropping her off. PROGRESS!!!!

I hope your big or little has an amazing school year.

first day of kindergarten

Did you check up on your kids? Have you had a scary back to school experience? Chat with me in the comments below or FBIG, and Twitter.

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Mimi Robinson is the Lifestyle Media Correspondent and editor behind MimiCuteLips®. She is a wife and mother of two. You can find Mimi working media at your favorite events, traveling and trying out new adventures, or working on a dope DIY project.

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  1. Stacie @ Divine Lifestyle

    You have such a totally adorable family! I think the first day of school is harder on parents than the kids. At least, it was for me! LOL

  2. Liz Mays

    The first day was always the hardest for me. I’m glad things went well! It can be a jarring transition!

  3. Joely Smith

    Haha LOVE the stalking! You are a great mama!!! May I just say I want her shoes? Those glitter shoes are EVERYTHING! Tell her I love them please! I know how it is – watching your baby get all teared up but we have to let go of those reins so they can fly. Wow 8 years is a long wait after watching her bro go to school. At least she has a big bro to help her out when things get tough.

    • MimiCuteLips

      Thanks, Joely. hahahaha she loves those glittery shoes. It warms my heart to see the kids fly, even though I’m worried about them.

      Big bro gives her tips, but because of the age gap they will never go to the same school together.

  4. Lisa Favre

    Oh my! Already ready for kindergarten?! What an incredible accomplishment for her and for you both as parents. Best of luck – she’ll do great, I’m sure!

  5. ricci

    Awwww…your daughter is gorgeous!! I hope she had a fabulous first day of kindergarden!!!

  6. Kirstin Fuller

    You got me tearing up! You know I am available for back-up in the stalking duties! Little cute lips will be fine. Her sign was so cool! I want one. lol

  7. Sheena Steward

    I love that this was a family affair. My youngest niece started preK this week and I was happy, sad and nervous. I’m glad everything without off without a hitch. I like how you did the sneak pop-up lol. I’m 6.5 years older than my brother lol.

  8. Rachelle

    As a new Ft mom, all I hear is “enjoy it, it goes by soooo fast”! I can’t imagine having my baby go to kindergarten. So sweet! Such a cutie!

    • MimiCuteLips

      Rachelle, people say it but it is so true. I snap a million pictures to capture the essence of where they are every step of the way. At least I can look back on them.

  9. Kita

    My babies are long past kindergarten but I do remember the feeling. I have to laugh because while a part of me was scared, I was so ready for them to go so I could just be still for a few hours. I wish your baby a great first year.

  10. Melissa Dixon

    You are much like me, I am a stalky mom as well. I always worry about the incompetent people in charge messing things up for my daughter. Thankfully I am able to bring her and drop her off everyday but if there is a day that I need help, I dread relying on others.

    • MimiCuteLips

      You are an amazing person Melissa. I drop her off every morning and aftercare picks her up. I call and text whenever I feel the need to check on her.

  11. Jenn

    I remember that day…i was really nervous and excited .
    More nervous than anything else and to be honest, she did better than I did!

  12. Marysa

    I remember having a lot of anxiety when my kids started kindergarten! Sounds like your daughter had a good time. I totally would have liked to be able to peek in on the kids during the school day!

  13. uprunforlife

    I hope that your child has a great year. Kindergarten was a huge adjustment for me. I was sad those first few days because I was used to being with my baby. He loved it though. Now he is in the first grade.

  14. Terri

    You have such a beautiful family. I love seeing all the first day of school pictures. I almost can’t wait to take them with my son, but on the other hand I want him to stay my 1 year old baby forever.

    • MimiCuteLips

      Thanks, Terri. I love the first day of school pictures too. They are so freaking sweet. Hold on to him while you can, he will be off and running before you know it.

  15. Candice

    Oh wow! I feel you mama. She’s gonna have a great time in kindergarten. It’s so great that the both of you were there on her first day to create a great memory. I still remember my son’s first day. I though he would cry, but he didn’t. I shed my little tears out in the car after dropping him off lol.

  16. Tami

    Oh, I cried when i took both my older kiddos to their first days of K4 and kindergarten. They ended up being just fine that first day.

  17. Cherri Megasko

    What a memorable day! My oldest grandson started kindergarten this year, too. They grow up way too fast, don’t they?

  18. Stacie

    Aw, look at baby girl on her first day! I’m sure she’ll do just fine but I know it was nice to have mom and dad there.

  19. Kim

    Yay for Kindergarten. I can understand her nervousness. A new environment with new kids. We were there with our daughter just last year. I think we were more nervous than she was. It seems like everything went well.

  20. Ty

    Awww…I remember those days. I had tears reading this because I totally understand the emotion. She was a brave big girl and she made it through the day. The first day of kindergarten was the hardest for me, too.

  21. Jennifer

    I remember those days. Oh my heart broke as I watched her walk into her classroom. Now — my baby girl is 19 and all grown. Time goes by super fast!

  22. juliet

    Wow, this article really puts things into perspective. I remember my first day of kindergarten really well. I wasn’t too thrilled to go and my mom was even less so haha

  23. Jenny

    She’s so adorable. I’d probably be doing the same thing, stalking the bus to make sure she got on the right one. hehe. I don’t know how I am going to handle my daughter starting school; it’ll be an emotional one for sure.

  24. Shannon Gurnee

    Yay for Kindergarten! I remember being nervous when my oldest went and then was happy, but sad that he did just fine without me. 🙂

  25. Carissa

    Aww this made me tear up while I read it! I said it before I was the same way, excitement usually would turn into tears so I totally understand. Yes, I totally stalk the school bus too on the first day, because Emma talks when she wants to so I needed to make sure she got on and off her bus and with the right teachers.

  26. Aisha Adams

    She is adorable! The first day of kindergarten is a special time. Yasss…Stalk that after-care van. I love it. She is lucky to have such a caring mom.

  27. Tiffany H.

    Girl you are on it! LOL I would have never though to do it but it is a great idea.You always want to make sure they are safe and properly cared for. It was only the first day (that day is always the hardest), by the end of the month, you feelings may be hurt because she will quickly wave by as she enter the class to talk with her friends and learn for the day. LOL

  28. Toni

    Omg she’s so cute! Girl there is nothing like having to not pay for daycare ever again.

    I always feel a bit of anxiety with my babies. I have two girls, 13 & 8. You want to cry, but you need to be strong. Your worried about how the day will go and hope they are adjusting well. My youngest cried when she had to go and take her placement test. But after that she was ok.

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