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We are three days out from Thanksgiving and the lines in the grocery stores were crazy this weekend. I hope you have all of your fixings together. Me, I don’t plan to do much so I picked up two bottles of wine and some sweet potatoes for pie. After dinner we craft so I’ve got another fun option to keep the kids out of your hair.

This was featured of ABC 7 / News Channel 8

You know I believe in an easy and affordable DIY; this is exactly that.  Supplies: Construction Paper

DIY Hand TurkeyI started with a template of a turkey which looks like a snow man. You can Google a template or draw one yourself. You can select any color sheets to use or just let the kids pick what they want.

DIY Hand Turkey Once you decided on the colors, trace your little’s hand.

DIY Hand Turkey

Not bad, depending on your kids age they may not sit still. Don’t worry it will still turn out cute.

DIY Hand Turkey

You can trace the hand once and cut it out and use it as a template for all the others. Or you can trace on each sheet.

DIY Hand Turkey

Now you have to work on your turkey. I free handed the extra pieces since you kind of can’t go wrong. Let the kids have creative control.

DIY Hand Turkey

I fanned out three of the hands and secured them to back of my turkey. You can use tape or glue. Repeat the process on the other side.

DIY Hand TurkeyLastly I added a little note card that says “Hands Down you’re the best around. I’m thankful for you.” You can keep this of give it to someone you’re thankful for.




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