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I told you about my girl Danni Starr a week or so ago. We chatted in a coffee shop about her new book Empathy and Eyebrows before it came out. Now the book it out and honey, the people are weighing in on it.  Danni has topped some of the Amazon Charts (make sure you leave a review when you purchase.) She is now taking her show on the road and doing  Pop Up Book Stops.

danni starr new book

Danni had a book launch event and I had to miss it because it was on Babe’s birthday.  So, I was thrilled when she said she would be doing Pop Up Book Stop. Even better when I found out it would take place in my old stomping grounds. The very place I grew up in and 15 minutes from my current home.

danni starr new book

This isn’t an RSVP type of event, it is more “Gorilla Style”. You put the information out there and see who shows up.  This was the first one and we had a nice size group. Danni wanted an up close and personal type of feel and that is exactly what we got. We had an open conversation, she shared about the book, the process and some of the feedback she has received. Then she took questions.

danni starr new book

Danni selected two essays (read chapters) from the book and read them to us. It was a real old school type of vibe and I loved that.  We pulled up a piece of carpet and pillows and sat Indian Style.

danni starr new book

We were focused like school children with books open and following along.

After reading Danni did more questions, it was real kitchen table talk. We laughed, we shared and we were encouraged. Listen every event doesn’t have to be let me get super cute, stand here and hold up the wall. Don’t get me wrong, I like those events too but I LOVE these type of events just the same.

danni starr new book

Because we are women who juggle life wearing several hats Danni’s baby girl affectionately known as Smooch joined her in her chair. She took the book and acted as if she was reading it then apparently she got to a part so funny she covered her face and tossed her head back with laughter. That is how you know a book is good girl, make sure you get you a copy of Empathy and Eyebrows so you can have the same experience as Smooch.

danni starr new book

After all the fun we’ve had Danni sold books, autographed books and took pictures with everyone. I have the Kindle version so no autographed needed for me. However, I wanted a hug and a picture because we are such kindred spirits. I love to support women living, dreaming, doing and making ish happen.

danni starr new book

My childhood friend Erin met me there. I hadn’t seen her in years but I love her to pieces. It was nice to get all caught up enjoy the event at the same time. We became friends at the age of 11 years old in the 6th grade. I value my friendships and although I’m closer to some than others I appreciate Erin’s genuine spirit.

danni starr new book

Villa Alena Moscato & Peach (Semi-Sweet)

The napkins they had were super cute. They all had cute little sayings on them. This wine though, this wine was so damn good I took a picture of the bottle.  I love wine and I don’t get all fancy with it but I love a Moscato and this Villa Alena Moscato & Peach was pure satisfaction.

I did a lot of video and I was going to share it with you. Then I decided I didn’t want to give it away. I want you to check out Danni at her Pop Up Book Stops so you can have an authentic experience.


danni starr new book

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  1. Crystal Nicole

    This seems like such a good time! I definitely have to check the book out. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Sheena Steward

    The title is so good. It’s very intriguing. I love the support. As creatives we need to support one another. Heads to Amazon!!!

  3. Marliceia

    This looks like it was a very fun event. I love how intimate the setting was. I think that really creates a connection with your readers. I am going to check out her book. Glad I visited your blog.

  4. Kita

    Really love the title of her book. I will check to see if her book pop up will be coming to Atlanta.

  5. Stacie

    Fun! I’m glad you got the chance to meet Danni. I bet it was fun seeing your longtime friend as well.

  6. Kiwi

    Dani is so cute. I followed her years ago on Bridezilla but realized she was in media so I continued to follow her. I am so happy she is librated, happier and at more peace and so happy for the release of her book!

  7. Kasi

    Looks like a great event! The book sounds good, I listen to her on the radio, so it’ll be interesting to read more about her story!

  8. Felecia Monique

    Danni is so dope! I’m sorry I missed this!

  9. Joanna

    Sounds like a really cool event. I love laid back events. I feel more comfortable. Do you know if the tour is only in the DC area or is she visiting other states?

  10. Jeanette

    I love to read it and I love to hear about people who come out from a hardship on the other side with a better frame of mind and willing to share what they went through to others.

  11. Tiffany H.

    I like this pop up event, it looked super comfortable, chill and intimate. Well book signings are cool it doesn’t allow for much intimacy that is sometimes is greatly needed. Great interpretation of her daughter laughing at the book.

  12. Diana Villa

    Sounds like a great book, I need to check it out 😀

  13. ricci

    What a cool pop up shop! I am brow obsessed so I would love to go to one of these!!

  14. Farrah Less G.

    Very catchy event banner as my friends saying Eyebrow is Life. It took me a lot of practice to get the perfect eyebrow. I would love to go this kind of event someday.

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