Gratitude Is Inexpensive Don’t Be Fooled

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Thanksgiving is next week and I’m not sure how it got here so fast. This year Thanksgiving is going to be a bit low key, read local.  As much as I love hanging out with our extended family I was not feeling the long drive south this year. I know some folks dread spending time with their family and especially there in-laws. That is not my story, our families are a good time.

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Thanksgiving is like the super bowl of food. With my affinity for #FatSnacks, this is like the Olympics for me. I train all year long for this marathon experience.  We do an organized potluck of sorts, we all bring something. Ideally, the person that makes the best *insert dish name here* makes that and brings that to dinner. In my family we always want my Mom to bring the mac & cheese. My sister has to always bring the rice Krispy treats, homemade only. No occasion is quite the same without those two elements.

I’m not a cooker, I’m more of an eater. No surprise there, I can cook I just don’t enjoy it at all. I will contribute sweet potato pies, that is usually my thing and some wine. The new peach wine I’m in love with to be exact.

While I’m thrilled about eating all of the things I have to count my blessings. It is easy to dwell on what we want and need but don’t have. I’m trying to channel some good juju and celebrate the things I do have. We had epic hurricanes this year and I know the folks in Puerto Rico wished they had a home to have Thanksgiving in. I know the folks in the Caribbean are still trying to get some basic needs met. That isn’t my story so I’m thankful for running water, electricity and a solid roof over my head.

I got this mason jar from my Mom’s house because I will always shop her home like its the store. I’m thankful for her and that she always allows me to do so. At 38 I will legit grocery shop in her fridge like I don’t grocery shop myself.  I created these cards in Canva, you can make your own or you can just cut up strips of paper. Each day try and write down something you are thankful for. It could be something big or simple as the cute guy that held the door open for you.

I will be sharing this easy DIY and others on Good Morning Washington this Friday, November 17th on News Channel 8 in the DC area. If you are outside of that market no worries, I always post the clip on YouTube and the MimiCuteLips page on FB.


Gratitude Jar Good Morning Washington

Tune in and watch me live.

Lifestyle Media Correspondent MimiCuteLips is sharing this easy DIY gratitude jar. As seen on ABC 7 News Channel 8 Good Morning Washington.

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  1. Crystal Nicole

    I love this idea! I always bring my taste buds for thanksgiving 😂. That’s it.

  2. Lia World Traveler

    This is right on time. I think about gratitude all the time not just during the holidays because it is a practice that keeps you humble and appreciative of the blessings you have in life. Good reminder.

  3. adriana

    I totally love this idea! Perfect timing too – I think it’s so important especially this time of year to remember exactly all there is to be grateful for. Great post!

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