Let Me Show You How To Be A Thankful Jive Turkey

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I am still trying to get my life together before the year ends so I can sashay into 2018 with my ish together. While Thanksgiving is about the grub after the grub is time for fun. In years past, we have done post-dinner family crafting and it has been a lot of fun. Some of the kids are getting bigger so they may rather spend their time on their mobile device.  I have a fun thankful jive turkey to make with the little’s after dinner.

This was featured of ABC 7 / News Channel 8

thankful turkey

Supplies: a box, construction paper or card stock, tape and or glue.
Don’t feel obligated to go for the traditional fall colors when making your jive turkey. Use what you have.

thankful turkey

This box was on its way to recycling so I saved it and cut off the bottom portion.

thankful turkey

I used brown cardstock and wrapped the box as if it was a Christmas present.

thankful turkey

My daughter is five and she is not here for my desire to perfect crafts. With that in mind, I slapped a piece of tape on the bottom. You can use glue if you want a cleaner look

thankful turkey

Now that my box is complete, it was time to work on my jive turkey. To make the turkey Google a turkey template and rock with the one you like the most.  Cut out the shape on the coordinating color of paper. Glue or tape it together.

Eyes: You can use paper if you have some googly eyes in your crafting stash you can use those as well.  I believe in using what I already had, so these eyes are leftover candies for decorating cupcakes. Once your turkey is all together tape or glue it to the inside of your box.  My jive turkey it a bit bougie so he has on a bow tie.

thankful turkey

I used a scrap piece of paper and cut out a square for my message.  I used a fun pair of scissors to make the shape a bit more decorative. Then I added on the hands; you know because turkeys have hands and what not.

thankful turkey

Feathers: I cut strips of paper into rectangles, then clipped the corners off to make them feather like. Then write things your kids are thankful for on each feather.

thankful turkey

Once you have everything written down fan your feathers out and secure them to the back of the box.

thankful turkey

You can stop here or you can continue to write down things you are thankful for and place them in your jive turkey box. Once your box is filled sit down and read some of them out loud.

I will share this Thankful Turkey, the Gratitude Jar and more on my news segment. Tune in and or set your DVR.

What are you thankful for? Chat with me in the comments below or FBIG, and Twitter.



Lifestyle Media Correspondent MimiCuteLips gives a tutorial on how to make a thankful turkey craft. This item was featured on Good Morning Washington, Ch. 8

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Mimi Robinson is the Lifestyle Media Correspondent and editor behind MimiCuteLips®. She is a wife and mother of two. You can find Mimi working media at your favorite events, traveling and trying out new adventures, or working on a dope DIY project.

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  1. Sheena Steward

    This is too cute. Last year my husband and I made turkeys out of construction paper. We dressed them in clothes lol. I love listing things you’re grateful for. Congrats on the news segment.

  2. Kita

    How cute is this? I’ll have the littles makes these for our Thanksgiving table.

  3. EG III

    I love this idea. Not only the creativity of the jive turkey itself, but also the inclusion on an area to write down things to be thankful for.

  4. Nanekia Ansari

    Love this! We usually have all the kids over and do a movie day, think we may add a craft this year that we can add to the tree.

  5. Cinquanta Cox-Smith

    This is an amazing DIY! I’m gonns have to try this with the little ones. Super cute!

  6. Terri

    This is so cute! I can’t till my one year old is old enough to do crafts like this.

  7. Stacie

    Another cute creation Mimi. I haven’t heard jive turkey in a long time. It’s a cool way to encourage kids to be thankful.

  8. Atiya

    That is a cute idea to try with my grandson.
    I actually want an oatmeal cake now with some strawberry milk.

  9. Stacie @ Divine Lifestyle

    OMG, you made a jive turkey. That is SO awesome! I have to make this. I love the messaging behind it, too.

  10. Danielle

    I have to do this with the kids! It’s important to teach the kids to be thankful. We’ll be thankful, but we won’t take any lip, jive turkey! Gosh, I love it.

  11. Shellz

    Love your Creation!! It’s so simple and gives the kiddos something to enjoy other than food! 😂

  12. Claudia Krusch

    This is a great craft idea to do with the kids. I will have to get the supplies i need to make this on the weekend.

  13. Carol Cassara

    That turkey craft idea is really awesome and perfect for the occasion! It’s a great way to make the kids think about the things that they’re thankful for.

  14. Ashleigh Owens

    This is such a cute idea! This would be something fun to do with a group of kids and inexpensive too because you can use items you already have around the house.

  15. Ruth I.

    This is so cute and creative! I am thankful for my family, I am grateful that they are a part of me.

  16. Kasi

    This is so cute, you’re so crafty! I’m thankful for family, friends, and the many opportunities God has been blessing me with lately.

  17. Kiwi

    congrats again for your TV show apperance. I love this cute DIy for the holidays you made it look simple!

  18. Melissa Dixon

    That is such a cute idea. I love using things that would normally go in the trash and making them into something useable, this is fantastic!

  19. Lisa Marie Heath

    What a cute idea! I’ll have to make one of these with my son this year for Thanksgiving! And I love the name for it lol

  20. Crystal Nicole

    Not jive turkey LOL! I’m thankful for family, support, life, and working taste buds that will allow me to eat this good food on Thursday. Amen!

  21. Angie Golish

    This is soooo cute. It’d be a lot of fun to make with the boys.

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