My Kid Forced Me To Conquer My Fear Of Ice Skating

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Friday was a special day in the MimiCuteLips household. “My Girl”, aka LittleCuteLips turned 6 years old. She had been counting down for a week and was super excited.  Although she is the baby of the family she is also the old lady of the family. She knows what she wants and she isn’t afraid to tell you. Birthdays are a big deal to her, she believes they should all be a major over the top celebration. Oh, and she doesn’t’ really want me to plan them for her. She wants full creative control.

conquering the fear of ice skating

I believe in celebrating every birthday, but I don’t believe in having a big birthday party. I told you, those are reserved for the monumental ages. Last years Shopkins party at age 5 was the massive production she dreamed of and the over the top creativity I love to make happen. This year she had a two-day celebration, she had school and then went to parents night out. Parents Night out is hosted by her martial arts studio from 5 PM – 10 PM and the kids run around and play and eat pizza for dinner while parents get a break to do whatever. It is a welcome break.

conquering the fear of ice skating

Day 2 of her celebration included going ice skating and having lunch hibachi style.  She had never been ice skating before but really wanted to go. The Manchild had been once about seven years ago and Babe had been in his younger years. As for me, I had gone once around age 11 and it was a terrible experience. My big sister (6.5 years older) took me and I remember falling down on the ice and my clothes stuck to the ice a bit. I freaked out, she was no help and I hadn’t been again. Fast forward 27 years and here we are, I had the worse anxiety ever. My crew isn’t the type to let you not do something. The amount of trash talking I would have to endure for the rest of life wasn’t worth it.

conquering the fear of ice skating

So I sucked it up and got on the ice. This picture was taken after I had been out there a bit.  I let them all get out and do their thing. My son is like his Dad so he is a natural and almost everything. He was quickly whizzing by without a care. Me, oh I was holding on to the wall; body stiff as a board. My greatest fear was falling, why because last year I went snowboarding and ended up falling and slamming my head on an ice cold mountain.  They say if you can roller skate you can ice skate, I never believed that.  With so many others holding on to the wall for dear life, I had to speed up my progress. I took my time and slowly got the hang out it.  Did I mention that LittleCuteLips also quickly got the hang of things and was out there on her own. WHO ARE THESE KIDS! She wasn’t holding Dad’s hand and she was having a good time.

conquering the fear of ice skating

LittleCuteLips friend joined us on the ice and she was so afraid. She cried her first two full laps around, this was her first time. Babe helps everyone out especially when getting them to conquer a fear. LittleCuteLips was right there holding her friend’s other hand and coaching her every step of the way. It was so cute to see, her friend ended having a good time and began skating on her own without holding anyone’s hand.

A little taste of me on the ice.

conquering the fear of ice skating

I’ve always told myself I would never let fear cripple me or stop me from living. I’ve done a lot of adventurous things, and yes ice skating was an adventure for me but I’ve conquered them all and that always feels good. I was able to relax and that made the process a bit more enjoyable.

conquering the fear of ice skating

We aren’t going to discuss why my son looks like a big grown person in this picture with his cousin. I was so happy my cousin Faye joined us on the ice. She was a first timer as well, that totally made me feel better. We ice skated for 1 hour and 30 minutes and before our time was up she and I were doing a few Instastories on the ice, oh we got fancy a bit. We had a lot of family out with us, but we tried to be more in the moment so I didn’t get a ton of pictures.

conquering the fear of ice skating

Mommy and sister watched us on the ice

I’m proud to say we all conquered our fears and had a good time. We will do this one again.  After all that fun and anxiety our party of 16 hit up the hibachi place for a fun cooking show and amazing grub. LittleCuteLips said she had the perfect birthday.

Lifestyle Media Correspondent MimiCuteLips shares her experience of conquering the fear of ice skating after LittleCuteLips asks to go ice skating for her birthday.

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