Month: February 2018


What Does Black Panther Mean To Me?

Hey Cuties, Black Panther opened up to record numbers this weekend. The numbers are still rolling in but they are at 218 million. Without a final count, it is in the 5 top opening weekends of all time. We are not surprised and if you are I'm judging the shit out of you. I saw the movie for a second time yesterday with the family. My son is a huge Marvel fan so this was his glory moment. LittleCuteLips (6) was on the fence but began to get excited about I got her dressed; she said she loved the movie and giggled a lot.

Ruth Carter Will Blow Your Mind With Her Black Panther Designs

Hey Cuties, Black Panther week continues, I hope you enjoyed my interview with Marvel Black Panther Director, Ryan Coogler.  While watching the movie I was obsessing over the costumes and looks so I had to chat with Costume Designer Ruth Carter. This lady here is an unsung hero let me tell you. I also chatted with Black Panther, Producer Nate Moore. Squeal! Listen everyone on this movie that I've met are simply amazing. Maybe its the creativity we have in common but they were so freaking humble. Let's get into it.

Black Panther Is Amazing and Wakanda Is The New Zamunda

Hey Cuties, I had an epic Black Panther weekend although the movie doesn't open until this Friday, February 16th. I'm sharing it all, but no spoilers I promise. I attended a press screening for Marvel's Black Panther movie. Full Disclosure, I'm not a superhero fan and this was the first Marvel movie I've ever seen. Despite all of those things, it was fan-freaking-tastic.

The Truth About MimiCuteLips In 5 Fascinating Facts

Hey Cuties, One of the things I want to do this year on is to share more of me. More of who I am as a person, what I've experienced in life and how I got to be the dope ass chick that you know me as today. I'm so fascinated by people's stories, I like to know the who, what, when, where and why. So it's only fair that I share some of that myself.

#FatSnacks Friday Quick and Easy Yummy House Salad

Hey Cuties, Happy #FatSnacks Friday, it has been a minute I know. This is our first one of 2018 and you might think its super lame but it isn't. Summer bodies are made in the winter although I'm not actually working on my summer body.  I totally should but whateve; I just like food that tastes amazing in my mouth. This is also a great meal when you don't know what to cook, don't feel like cooking and or you are like me and your kid has late night sports during the work week.