Month: July 2018


Sunflowers Are All The Rage Have You Seen Them?

Hey Cuties, The family and I went on an adventure Sunday afternoon to Ladybugs Alive. Spoiler alert, this trip involved no ladybugs. Ladybugs Alive it a Sunflower Field in Southern Maryland, more specifically Chaptico, MD.  Last year folks were posting all of these beautiful pictures of sunflowers and I had the jelly. During this time last year we had a heavy rain season, the one day we headed it out it began to pour so we turned back around. 

5 Ways To Cut Down On Bullying

Hey Cuties, July has arrived and we are seven months into the year. I'm so freaking excited about life right now you have no idea. We have moved to a very relaxed daily schedule. I'm still cooking but not on a consistent basis, although I just shared a bomb recipe. LittleCuteLips participated in her first Martial Arts Tournament and it wrapped up our sports season.

Try Before You Buy 4th Of July Crafts

Hey Cuties, The United States is gearing up for hamburgers, hot dogs, beer, cookouts, and fireworks for the 4th of July. Will you be hosting or attending? I'm attending but I have some easy DIY decor ideas for those of you that are hosting. As well as some easy DIY treats that you can make if you are hosting or just attending. You should not show up empty-handed.