SMALLFOOT Review [No Spoilers]

Hey Cuties,

The weekend is upon us and I have the perfect activity for you. Go see SMALLFOOT it is in theaters, Friday, September 28th. Children are not a requirement to see the movie. It is funny, it has a great storyline, it talks about honesty, you laugh, you dance, oh and there is some dope girl power happening.  

john wall smallfoot screening

On Friday, John Wall, NBA player for the Washington Wizards and his John Wall Foundation hosted a SMALLFOOT movie screening for the city youth. The kids gathered at the Regal Gallery Place Theater. They had snacks in hand, they were excited to see the movie and to get a glimpse of John Wall himself. Here is a little bit of John Wall’s story, it will help put things in perspective for you.

John Wall rubs his scraggly beard and hops on the pool table in the players’ lounge of the Verizon Center, his languid, 6-foot-4, frame unfolding as he leans back. “Shoot,” he says.  All right. Where would you be if the NBA never worked out for you — the money, the fame, the whole package? “I’d probably be in the streets or in jail,” he responds, emotionless.  The 24-year-old All-Star point guard sits upright and thinks on it some more.

“A lot of people in the league will say that. But this really was my escape,” he explains. “Without basketball, that’s where I was going. No sense lyin’ about it or comin’ up with somethin’ that sounds good. I was going down the same road as my dad.”

john wall smallfoot screening

When you get out and you make it, you give back and that is what John does. If you live in the DC area you’ve probably heard about the donations he has made, or the backpack drives he has hosted, or various ways he remains active in his community via his foundation. Your circumstances don’t have to determine your outcome in life.

john wall smallfoot screening

Photo Credit: Ned Dishman

Before we left, the kids and I took this dope picture with John.

Community is a strong theme in SMALLFOOT so it was fitting that John was doing just that.

john wall smallfoot screening smallfoot cast

Photo Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

The cast was perfect: Common: Stonekeeper, LeBron James: Gwangi, Zendaya: Meechee, Yara Shahidi: Brenda, James Corden: Percy, Channing Tatum: Migo, Jimmy Tatro: Thorp, Danny Devito: Dorgle, Gina Rodriguez: Kolka

smallfoot movie #SMALLFOOT

On Monday, the family and I went to see a screening of SMALLFOOT. Shoutout to April, she and her son enjoyed a pair of the free screening passes I gave away.

We all enjoyed the movie, here are some of our thoughts:

  • LittleCuteLips and I danced a bit, the music was good.
  • We all laughed out loud several times.
  • There is a great example of Girl Power in the movie and our girls need to see that.
  • There is a recurring theme of community and the importance of having one another’s back.
  • They teach us the importance of knowing our history, even if it is not pretty.
  • Then they teach us to come together.

It is animated, and it is so freaking funny, yet it touches on things that are going on today. They are not overt, and the movie is not heavy by any means.



Lifestyle Media Correspondent MimiCuteLips shares a review of the new Warner Bros movie SMALLFOOT + John Wall's SMALLFOOT movie screening event. #SMALLFOOT

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  1. Tomiko Harvey

    I havent heard of this movie and that is strange because my daughter normally keeps me up to date on new movies coming out and she hasnt said anything about this movie either. I am going to ask her tomorrow and since fall break is next week we now have at least one thing to do

  2. Monique Tillman

    The cast of this movie is everything. I was debating on taking my son to see this movie. He is 2 and did good with his first movie theater experience. This may be a good movie to take him to.

  3. Kim

    My 7-year-old enjoyed Smallfoot. As an adult, I liked the messages in it. Great review without spoilers.

  4. Tanay

    Me and rj loved smallfoot! I love that it has so many messages and that depending on your age you get something different out of it. It really is a movie for all ages.

  5. Kita

    We went to see Small Foot this weekend. It was funny and had so many good lessons for the whole family.

  6. Ola

    Boy, I used to be in the know about all these kids movies. I’ve never heard of this one before. But I’m sure my little nieces and nephews would enjoy it.

  7. Elle

    The movie looks really interesting. I’m glad that came out with a fall family movie that the entire family can be excited about.

  8. Kiwi

    I did a review on SmallFoot too. So cool your kids got to meet John Wall and great non-spoiler review I would see this again it had a wonderful message for kid and adults!

    • MimiCuteLips

      I read it, you and your niece had a good time. I love that another celeb used their foundation to provide a screening. I too loved the message in the movie.

  9. Tysheira

    You seem like the coolest mom ever !!! I love reading your blogs, they are so full of adventure and fun. An introvert like me need that sometimes !

  10. Tiffany Haywood

    This is right at the top of our Must See list! I fell in love with it during the first preview and once my Kiddies saw Zendaya they were in!

  11. Kasi M Perkins

    Sounds like a great movie that kids and adults can all take away something from. That’s so cool that John Wall hosted the screening for kids. Knowing his story, and that he grew up in my hometown makes me love him even more.

  12. Felecia Monique

    Ooo this looks like a good move. I wonder if my 11 year old would enjoy it

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