Are You Celebrating National Handbag Day?

Hey Cuties,

Happy National Handbag Day! This the day that the Lord has made, we shall rejoice and be glad in it. I have been a handbag girl since I was very young. You probably have been too. So I’m sure you won’t need telling that taking care of your handbag, especially if it’s leather, is absolutely essential Much like LittleCuteLips, I drug around my first-hand bag around age five. I am true to this, not new to this. Over the years my style of handbag choice has evolved due to lifestyle, children, and money.

As a teenager, I carried around a very modest cross-body bag. I loved getting a new handbag, the joy of removing the stuffing and deciding on where I want to put each of my items was euphoric. Legit if they could bottle that feeling up I would buy it. I would proudly carry around my new handbag and I was so pressed to show it off to my friends at church and school. I did not have much but I always had a planner, lip gloss, napkins, pen and notepad, candy, and maybe a few non-important things.

National Handbag Day

Gucci [Gucci]

I fell in love with this hot pink patent leather Gucci top handle handbag while on vacation. I wanted it bad y’all, but left the store empty-handed. A couple months later Babe would gift it to me for my birthday wrapped inside of a plastic Target bag. A PLASTIC TARGET BAG! He gave it to me while we were sitting in Red Robin. I burst out laughing so hard, who does that?

National Handbag Day

Last week I posted about needing to downsize my handbag. I am guilty as charge a lot of you were in the same boat. The conversation lasted all day long.

National Handbag DayApparently, I was not the only one, some folks carried luggage like me and others only kept things in their pockets. HOW SWAY! The full thread is HERE!

National Handbag Day

B. Makowsky [TJMaxx]

This one of my favorite cross-body bags. I usually only rock these when I am out for the day or evening and only need the bare essentials.

National Handbag Day

Rebecca Minkoff [TJMaxx]

This is my absolute favorite cross-body, I fell in love with the shape. I love that it looks like an old-school camera bag.

National Handbag Day

Louis Vuitton – Speedy 40 [Louis Vuitton]

This is one of my larger bags, people refer to it as luggage but I do not. It can hold all of the things and I love that. However, the shoulder strap is thin and it does not distribute said weight easily. That means I usually carry it by the top handles.

national handbag day

Louis Vuitton – Palermo PM [Louis Vuitton]

This one I might legit consider luggage although it is a handbag. I travel with this one a lot, but I also use it for daily use all the time. It can hold my tablet, shoes, lunch, my big camera and my regular purse items. That is why I love it so much, it can hold E V E R Y T H I N G! Except for the weight of it all digs into my shoulder. Ouch!

National Handbag Day

Fossil [Fossil]

I loved the pop of color with this one. I saw it in New York while on vacation and Babe got it for me for my Birthday or Mother’s Day. One of the two, anyway it is smaller than the Louis bags and so I figured this was better and safer. I mostly carry it by the top handles, but the shoulder strap is mildly helpful.

National Handbag Day

Coach [Coach]

I have a very extensive collection of handbags, but I have relegated myself to this one for daily use. I have been using this Coach purse for a week and I am not missing anything that I used to carry around. My shoulder is not hurting, and I didn’t even stuff this purse full. I didn’t think I could do it, but so far so good.


What does your handbag situation look like? Chat with me in the comments below or FB, IG, and Twitter.


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  1. Tomiko

    How did I not know it was national handbag day! Why do you have all of the bags? Your bags are too cute. I just purchased me another Tory Burch bag

  2. Stacie

    Girl, your handbag game is on point! I don’t have many designer bags except for a few coaches. I have more everyday bags and if they’re cute I buy them.

  3. Monique Tillman

    I need to get my handbag game up, lol. Your bags are beautiful. Didn’t know there was such a thing, but this is pretty cool.

  4. Tanay

    I do big crossbody or bookbags only! But that’s because … two toddlers… I need both my hands and a few extra. I can’t wait until I can carry cute bags again though.

    • MimiCuteLips

      I feel you on, when you have small kids hands free is the only way to go. I this have huge cute bags, but I’ve gone back to cross body.

  5. Ramona

    I love handbags. I am currently carrying a COACH crossbody bag. I have it stuffed full, but I like that crossbody strap. It’s my everyday purse.

  6. Janelle M

    Aww, you’re so fly Mimi Cute Lips. No, I missed National Handbag Day. I didn’t catch it until way later on that day. By then, the day was darn near over. SAD. I know next year to pay attention.

  7. Kiwi

    wow there was a day for everything seriously lol! You have a lot of color coordinated purses love it!

  8. Kim

    Had I known about it I would have celebrated for sure. I have a lot of bags too.

  9. Toiia L. Rukuni

    I am a huge fan of handbags! I love handbags and shoes for every outfit! The older that I get the bigger my handbag lol!

  10. Holly

    You have some great handbags. Didn’t even know about this day, but I am not surprised. I have become more fond of crossbodies so I don’t have to hold things in my hands lol.

  11. Nanekia Ansari

    I feel like I need to but more handbags! LIKE RIGHT NOW!!! I need to COORDINATE! Thanks for sharing.

  12. RoGina

    I’ve been trying to adult better by getting purses and handbags, instead of still using diaper bags. My son is 3, it may be time to upgrade.

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