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The Peabody Ducks Will Make You Fall In Love

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Back in August, I had the pleasure of going back to Memphis, Tennesse to hang out with my favorite movers in this world, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.  As amazing as they are, our hotel was competing for best in show.  The Peabody Ducks Memphis, TN.

This time around we stayed at The Peabody Memphis. I knew right away this was a different hotel than the one we had the last time. Yet, I thought nothing of it.  My room was bomb, I’m talking apartment like with bomb nightstands that lit up when my feet went near them.

The Peabody Ducks Memphis TN

As dope as that was that was nothing compared to The Peabody Ducks which are totally a thing you must experience. I noticed a heavy duck theme in the hotel. Ducks were embroidered on my pillow case. They had a rubber ducky and duck shaped soap but I thought nothing of it. It is just a theme right? Wrong!

The Peabody Ducks Memphis TN

We arrived back at our hotel to find ducks living their best life in the lobby fountain.  At that time I had no idea just how good that duck life was.  They were splashing around, playing and one clearly was not listening. He was either the toddler or the teenager of the bunch.

The Peabody Ducks Memphis TN

Then this overly dressed fellow (The Duck Master) showed up with a red carpet and the voice of a TV game show host. He declared and decreed a bunch of stuff. Ultimately he was the one in charge of this show I had a front-row view for. He also had this young fellow assisting him as Master for the day.

The Peabody Ducks Memphis TN

Listen, Linda, these ducks are somebody. They have their own elevator sign, AND the elevator is locked during their march and is only used by the ducks. Can you imagine you have been punked by some ducks? Hahahaha I was in awe of the seriousness of all of this.

The Peabody Ducks Memphis TN

Everyone meets in the lobby. The adult’s jockey for good position while the kids get a front row show on the red carpet.

The Peabody Ducks Memphis TN

They put on a cute little show. They turn around so you can get the best picture possible. This is such a well-oiled machine. Shocking, but a very cute march nevertheless.

The Peabody Ducks Memphis TN

And just like that they walk onto their reserved elevator and left us with our mouths open. It is hard to process what we just watched. The lobby was packed out.

The Peabody Ducks Memphis TN

Because of everything St. Jude does more than meets the eye. As the Duck Master gets ready for the Duck March he gives a special spiel about St. Jude Children’s Research what they do, why they are so dope, and they encourage you to make a donation into these boxes around the hotel.

The Legend of the Ducks

How did the tradition of the ducks in The Peabody fountain begin? Back in the 1930s Frank Schutt, General Manager of The Peabody, and a friend, Chip Barwick, returned from a weekend hunting trip to Arkansas. The men had a little too much Tennessee sippin’ whiskey, and thought it would be funny to place some of their live duck decoys (it was legal then for hunters to use live decoys) in the beautiful Peabody fountain. Three small English call ducks were selected as “guinea pigs,” and the reaction was nothing short of enthusiastic. Thus began a Peabody tradition which was to become internationally famous.®

In 1940, Bellman Edward Pembroke, a former circus animal trainer, offered to help with delivering the ducks to the fountain each day and taught them the now-famous Peabody Duck March. Mr. Pembroke became The Peabody Duckmaster, serving in that capacity for 50 years until his retirement in 1991.

Nearly 90 years after the inaugural march, ducks still visit the lobby fountain at 11 a.m. and 5 p.m. each day.

The Peabody Ducks Memphis TN

If the show is not enough you can go up to the roof of The Peabody and visit the ducks in their home.

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  1. Ra'Nesha

    I love reading your blog I always learn something new. This pretty awesome I would love to experience it all in person.

    • MimiCuteLips

      Thanks! It was so cute and so crazy at the same time. I was pressed to see these ducks folks had been talking about. I believe in “getting the experience” when I visit places.

  2. Victoria

    Oh wow, this is so cute and jaw-dropping. I have never heard of anything like this before, however, it is very interesting.

  3. Kim

    I love that you continue to work with St. Jude to bring all that they do to the forefront. I’d love to be one of those ducks to have my own elevator lol Now that is special.

  4. Kita

    I love that you are still working with St. Jude. They do such amazing work. That duck show is super cute. I am sure the kids loved it.

  5. Stacie

    Wow! I’ve never seen such a thing. Those ducks sure get the royal treatment don’t they! Still, I bet it’s alot of fun for the kids.

  6. Olena

    Wow. The history behind the ducks in this hotel is amazing and to see them live and up close would have been priceless. They are so cute!

    • MimiCuteLips

      I cracked up laughing at the history. That was the craziest story ever, but I love that they have kept it going all these years.

  7. Sheena Steward

    Growing up in West TN i going to see the ducks were definitely one of the things we did when I was younger. When Randall and his biological father went to see the dudes on This Is Us it was so moving. I think this place will always have a special place in my heart.

  8. ChiChi

    Heeeeey lady! So happy to back to your blog again. I loved this post and learned something new. Will have to check the ducks out next time I make it to the Tennessee.

  9. Toiia L. Rukuni

    This is such a cute blog post. I am in love with those little ducks I can imagine that it was cute and crazy all at the same time.

  10. Arnitris Strong

    Oh my goodness, I have to put this on my bucket list. I have a little bit of an obsession with birds that swim. Thank you for sharing!

  11. Nicole Vick

    Wow! I need to know how to live how these ducks live! Lol! They have their own elevator! That’s crazy!

    • MimiCuteLips

      Yes! I’ve never seen anything like that. The elevator was temporarily shut off to the people for the ducks. Twice a day this occurs.

  12. Kita

    The Peabody Ducks are so cute. I am sure they helped to light up the day of all the kids and adults too.

  13. Nicole

    I love St. Jude’s — it’s my charity of choice to donate to every chance I get. I also used to work in Memphis, Tennesse and traveled there for work each week for about six months straight and stayed in a hotel at the time. I kept meaning to go see those ducks but never day. I so regret that!

  14. Kim

    How awesome is this? To be a Peabody duck is the life. Since I was a kid, I’ve loved St. Jude because of what they do for sick kids.

  15. Kiwi

    So the ducks really run things there huh? This is just too cute for words I love it red carpet treatment for them!

  16. Nicole of NLLMag

    It sounds so exciting that I wish I could be there. My little one would’ve lived the show.

  17. Bernetta Knighten

    I just love St. Jude and everything that they stand for. I love that they have kept the tradition of the Duck March after all of these years! I think my children would love to attend something like this. I know I would.

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