District MotherHued Momsgiving Recap

Hey Cuties,

Last week District MotherHued squad up for a Momsgiving.  The co-founders Nikki and Simona took time off to live their best life after hosting the Mommy En Blanc in August.  However, they are back in stride again and we were excited about this event.

District Motherhued Momsgiving

Co-Founders Nikki + Simona

While on break Nikki found out she is expecting a baby girl, and Simona said I Do. So major! We celebrated and shared virtually but there is nothing like a meetup.

District Motherhued Momsgiving

Mom does all things…

In recent years Friendsgiving has become a big thing; but the way District Motherhued is set up we had a Momsgiving, because we are the DMV Mom Tribe.  Friendsgiving = friends + Thanksgiving.  A blend of the two around a large meal eaten with friends near or on Thanksgiving.  According to Google, it dates back to 2007 on Twitter.

The weather was funky that day and I wasn’t sure if I was still going to go. Earlier that day I attended a funeral, my neighbor’s son died at the age of 29. The service was beautiful, but it gave me PTSD the minute I walked in and I felt like I was standing the podium of my cousins funeral again. I pushed passed my own trauma in support of my neighbor, my heart hurt for her.  I went back home all in my feelings and kept going back and forth on if I would attend. I was playing photographer that night so I had to keep my word.

District Motherhued Momsgiving

The only picture of me from the night was a pre-game selfie

I’m so thankful I did, sometimes God puts us right where we need to be even though we don’t know how much we need it. That was one of those moments for me. I needed to be loved on by women who had their own trials and tribulations in life. Women who keep going despite adversity while shouldering their families. I needed to be around people who would get me even though they had no idea what I had going on within.  They made me laugh, they celebrated me and we celebrated each other.

District Motherhued Momsgiving

The details…

60 melanated Mom’s mostly millennial but certainly others mixed in the bunch came together for a night of giving thanks.

District MotherHued Momsgiving

Ariel gave us a word of prayer over the people and the food.  She is on fire for the lord.

District MotherHued Momsgiving

The food was for the soul.

After our family-style Thanksgiving dinner, each woman in attendance stood up and said what they were thankful for and what they were celebrating. One by one until everyone was done. It was a safe space and we held nothing back.

District MotherHued Momsgiving

Mom friends are the life jacket that keeps your head above water.   It takes a bit of vulnerability and courage to make friends in adulthood but you want to know the best part about having mom friends? Sharing in the struggle with empathy, support, transparency, and belly laughs. Tonight was good for the soul! – happilykia

District MotherHued Momsgiving

Mini Sweet Potatoe Pie

We had to have dessert, and these mini sweet potato pies were cute and delicious. Thanks, queenbeeconcierge

District MotherHued Momsgiving

It isn’t a District MotherHued event unless there is a photo booth.  Looking good Moms.

District MotherHued Momsgiving

Cheers to God being in the neighborhood, oh and #RiceTheDuck

District MotherHued Momsgiving

We chatted, we ate, we shared, we laughed, and we grew the tribe.

District MotherHued Momsgiving

No matter what hand you are dealt there is always something to be thankful for.

I am thankful for the continued support of District MotherHued, they provide a safe space for Moms of color!



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Lifestyle Media Correspondent MimiCuteLips recaps District MotherHued's Momsgiving event at Hill Center in DC. #DistrictMotherHued #DMVMomTribe #Momsgiving

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  1. Leslie

    That plate with the mac and cheese looked amazing as well as everyone who attended. Such a great way to celebrate us Moms..doers of all things!

  2. Dana Emerson

    It’s always great when you have a good crowd of people creating amazing energy. It looks like the vibes and the food were on point! Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. Elle

    I’m so happy to hear about Nikki, congratulations to her. It looks like the event turned out to be very lovely,

  4. Katherine G

    I’m so jealous. I wish I had a tribe like this. It looks like so much fun. I know I need to put myself out there more in order to get this kind of connection with people. I’m hoping to do it more in the coming months and year. I enjoyed reading this. Looks like everyone had an amazing time. The food looks yummy.

  5. Nadalie Bardo

    Oh my I just love the idea of “momsgiving”! Such an amazing way to cherish our mothers.

  6. Sheena Steward

    Everything about this was awesome!!!!! I’m with you God knew you needed this and I’m so happy you decided to go after attending the funeral. Continued prayers for you. I wonder if they have one of these in Nashville. I’m not a mom yet but if not I feel like someone should start one. This really blessed me. I love to see women coming together. ❤️

  7. Francesca Murray

    That’s such a sweet concept, Momsgiving! I like it! The photo of all of you ladies together warms my heart. I’m so glad you were able to go and get the comfort that you needed. I’m sure there was a lot of love in the room!

    • MimiCuteLips

      There was more love in the room than I expected. That alone was comforting. We know how to have each other’s back even when we don’t know how much they need it.

  8. Katherine G

    Looks like you all had an amazing time. I love how you all come together and embrace each other. Makes me wish I had a group of people to do this with.

  9. Kim

    This looked like a fun event. A room full of beautiful women too. I want to host a Friendsgiving next year.

  10. Monique

    Momsgiving is a great idea! And what a turn out! The group sounds like an amazing group of women.

  11. Nanekia Ansari

    First sending you virtual hugs!! You’ve had a lot going on. Secondly I need this event in my life. We didn’t celebrate Friendsgiving this year and I missed it. All that energy and mom love in one room looks amazing!

    • MimiCuteLips

      That, your virtual hug was appreciated for sure. This to shall pass, I’m just going to keep going. Girl, the energy was so good. Women support women, black women support black women. We can’t trust anyone else to do what we do for one another.

  12. Jaye

    I love this idea of a momsgiving and just having a community of where black moms could come together. When my kid was little our life was a constant blur of living and I would have loved to have had a network.

  13. Vany

    That is such a wonderful and uplifting event. Moms definitely need events like this where they can escape catering to everyone for a few and just have some chill time. I applaud this.

  14. Stacie

    Aw, cute. I love the idea of a momsgiving. We do so much it would be nice to do something just for us.

  15. Tresean

    This is a really great concept! I’d never heard of it before but, it’s definitely something I would do to celebrate my mom.

  16. ShaBree Henry

    I love the idea of MomsGiving! So cool. Looks like a fun time.

  17. KiSheyna Durham

    Look at all of you beautiful mamas! I love it and cute concept of a Momsgiving you all deserve it!

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