Behind The Scenes On Making An Ugly Christmas Sweater

Hey Cuties,

I am sharing another one of my fun DIY Ugly Christmas Sweaters. If you didn’t know the official Ugly Christmas Sweater Day is Friday, December 21st so you still have a few days left. Over the weekend we went to the Ugly Christmas Sweater Brunch hosted by District MotherHued. I already had mine, but LittleCuteLips needed hers. She outgrew the one she had.

I was trying to come up with a theme for LittleCuteLips Ugly Sweater and nothing was sticking. I browsed Pinterest and Google and I just didn’t find the inspiration I was looking for. Although I had no idea what I was looking for. I ended up finding some Holiday Sheets you can print and color. I settled out on some woodland animals and went with that.

Making An Ugly Christmas Sweater

This is us, now I will tell you how we got here!

Making An Ugly Christmas Sweater

I started out with a picture and cut out the three characters. Then placed them on the sweatshirt [$4.87 from WalMart] for positioning. Then I began to outline each character.

Making An Ugly Christmas Sweater

I didn’t do too shabby with the tracing, then I slowly cut up the picture to make sure I had the other parts correct. I didn’t include every single detail, but I still kept it similar.

Making An Ugly Christmas Sweater

Although I used these characters I still didn’t have a plan. So I started adding color with puff paint, and I added puff balls to the hats of each character. My girlfriend said the bear in the middle looked like Biggie Smalls. After that, we decided to give all of them rap names. L to R: Puff Bunny, Biggie + Foxxy  To be true to the clique Foxxy should really be Lil’ Them. Anyway… I cut up some cheap party necklace beads and glued them to the collar. I also glued them around the wrist.

Making An Ugly Christmas Sweater

I was going to write under the characters and then I didn’t like the way it was looking. So I abandoned that idea and started creating Christmas balls to fill the space, then I added in other Christmas things like a gingerbread man, candy, and gifts.  I used the extra puff balls I had and added them to the rest of the sweatshirt.

Then I began making circles on the body and sleeves of the shirt.  I had no design in mind, I was just flowing with it. The only thing I purchased outside of the shirt was a pack of puff paint. I have some in a box somewhere but I had no time to dig for it.  I took on this project after 8 PM the night before our morning event.

Making An Ugly Christmas Sweater

After feasting on her waffle with strawberries LittleCuteLips was ready to get into the arts and crafts District MotherHued had for the kids.  She is like her mother and can’t ever say no to arts and crafts.

Making An Ugly Christmas Sweater

Let her do it they say. It is great for creativity they say. Then she hands it to me to hold while it takes hours to dry. *rolls eyes* Then I walk around the rest of the time holding her painted ornament. *sigh*

Making An Ugly Christmas Sweater

Then she moved on to decorating a cookie.

Making An Ugly Christmas Sweater

Then Santa rolled up on the scene, LittleCuteLips told me he was a bit skinny. I laughed and told her we are skinny too. She isn’t the hugging type, but she gave Santa a high five.

Making An Ugly Christmas Sweater

Where there is Santa, there is Mrs. Claus. She is more her speed so LittleCuteLips went over to speak. Mrs. Claus gave her a cute puzzle of a Black Santa and we snapped a picture. Baby Claus wanted to know why LittleCuteLips was so close to her Mom.  Our Mommy + Me day ended with a nap in the car and lunch.

Do yall get into the ugly Christmas sweater’s? Chat with me in the comments below or FBIG, and Twitter.




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  1. Stacie

    Mimi, your creativity just doesn’t stop! You ladies are too cute. Merry Kissmas to you! 😉

  2. Sheena Steward

    She said she didn’t have time to hug skinny Santa lol. Your sweaters turned out great and you had some valuable mommy daughter time. She’s adorable ❤️

  3. ShaBree Henry

    You do such a great job at this! I don’t think I’ll have the patience. Lol. I love how it came out.

  4. Tomiko Harvey

    WOW! yall did an excellent job. I can’t even imagine making those sweaters as I failed horribly with the cookies. Yall did an amazing job. I gotta step my game up next year

  5. Kendro

    The little one is a cutie and you are so gorgeous! And the sweater is so cute! That’s such a creative idea to make your own ugly (but very cute haha) sweater for the holiday season!


  6. Leslie h

    I am so doing this next year. So creative and fun. Something the entire family can get in on.

  7. Tysheira

    Mimi your posts are always so creative! I really love your work. I’m taking tips for sure.

  8. Nadalie Bardo

    This is such a fun craft for the holiday season. I would totally host a design your own ugly sweater party!

  9. Elle

    You did a fantastic job. I like all of the accessories and details they really help take the “Ugly Sweater” to a whole new level.

  10. Kiwi

    Girl you are super creative and makes me inspired to keep doing DIYs too. Next year I want to host a DIY ugly sweater party and do some similar things like you did so thanks for these beautiful ugly sweaters.

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