Month: January 2019

The Hate U Give Review

Hey Cuties, I am handing in my late pass because I was tardy to watching The Hate U Give. I had every intention of watching and it just did not happen. More importantly, I wanted to watch it with Babe and the Man-child. If you didn't get a chance to watch don't worry. The Hate U Give is out on DVD January 22, 2019. Babe and I settled on the sofa this good Martin Luther King Jr. day and finally watched.

Enter To Win 4 Tickets To Monster Jam

Hey Cuties,

Monster Jam is coming back to the DMV area this month and we are excited. We took the kids once about five years ago and had a good time. LittleCuteLips was too small to really enjoy what was happening, but now she can. I am excited about our family date, but we aren't just soaking up all the fun. We want you to join us for a day of action.

The Upside Film Review

Hey Cuties, Wednesday night my crew and the 30+ persons I invited to an advanced screening of The Upside had an epic night. The theater was packed! Shoutout to everyone who came out, some I got to see and chat with and others I did not. Either way, I appreciate you. This movie is legit Kevin Hart's best work. I've seen almost all of his movies.

My Word For The Year Is Foundation

Hey Cuties, We are six days into 2019, are you feeling the pressure? Does it feel like everyone already has it all figured out even though we are only six days in? I don't have it figured out, but I have an idea of how I would like for it to play out. I have 359 more days to figure it out, and so do you.
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