LittleCuteLips LOL Surprise! Unboxing

Hey Cuties,

If your kids are anything like mine then they love to watch YouTube like it is TV. My teenager watches regular YouTube, my seven-year-old watches Kids YouTube. Either way, they are both guilty of watching people play with toys or games that they themselves actually own. WHY!

LOL Surprise Unboxing

LittleCuteLips has been obsessing over these LOL Surprise Dolls. If you have a young daughter, granddaughter, God Daughter, or niece you might be familiar with them. Let me give you the quick break down on them.

They come in a ball.

You have no idea which doll is on the inside.

You unwrap about three to four layers of paper just to get to the ball.

Then you open about four sections on said ball.

Each section holds an item that must be opened individually.

That is how you discover what LOL Surprise Doll you have.

Oh, and they have clues along the way that require you to decode with a magnifier.

LOL Surprise Unboxing

My child watches others go thru this process over and over again to discover the mystery doll inside. For Christmas, she got three LOL Surprise Dolls. Then she used a gift card she got for Christmas to purchase two more. She is hooked, and I’m a tad sucked in as well.  I recently let her purchase another LOL Surprise Doll,  LOL Surprise Pet, and the LOL Surprise Charm Fizz. This one goes in the water and dissolves like a bath bomb to discover what is inside. *insert eye roll*

I also noticed that the LOL Surprise Doll Unboxing videos lack diversity. THERE ARE NO BROWN GIRLS! So I let her create her own. It was fun doing this with her.  I know she will want to do more, plus it is a great way for her to work on her presentation skills and get comfortable speaking on camera. There is a lesson to be had in all of this fun.

LOL Surprise Unboxing

If you know what I’m talking about then allow me to welcome you to the LOL Surprise Doll Mom Support Group. We meet weekly at the local Target.

LittleCuteLips would love your support please give her video a thumbs up and even leave a comment if you’re fancy.

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LittleCuteLips, daughter of Lifestyle Media Correspondent MimiCuteLips shares a LOL Surprise Unboxing video, they are the new craze and the girls are hooked. #LolSurprise #LolSurpriseUnboxing #unboxingvideo

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Mimi Robinson is the Lifestyle Media Correspondent and editor behind MimiCuteLips®. She is a wife and mother of two. You can find Mimi working media at your favorite events, traveling and trying out new adventures, or working on a dope DIY project.

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  1. Terri

    My little one is only 2 and not into youtube, but I’ve definitley heard about these LOL toys. It’s amazing how all kids are mesmerized by them.

  2. Kim

    My daughter was into LOL Surprises last year. I remember Christmas 2017 trying to find that big ball. I never found it, but my mom did. She had fun opening them and seeing if she got any rare ones. These are cute.

  3. Kendro

    There are new toys for the kiddies every couple of years lol! I remember a few years ago the craze was Shopkins toys. These are so cute. So great she was able to make her own brown skinned dolls!

  4. Carissa

    How Cute! We didnt do many for Christmas but Emma’s birthday is next month so I am planning on picking up a couple for her. And you are totally right about it not being any Brown Girls doing the videos because I was searching for ones to see what’s inside before I bought it and it was actually hard to find good videos!

  5. Kasi Perkins

    She is too cute and did a great job! I had never heard of these LOL Surprise Dolls before this, I see why little girls would love them.

  6. Tiffany Haywood

    Last Christmas we got the Super Big LOL Ball and that thing took forever to open but was full of so many surprises. My baby Girlies loved it! I think LOL Surprise Balls are perfect rewards for a good grade or accomplishment.

    • MimiCuteLips

      OMG! LittleCuteLips keeps asking for the really big one. I like the ideas of using them as a reward. She is an awesome student and report cards come out next week.

  7. Stephanie Hicks

    My daughter used to have toys like this. She also watches Youtube and occasionally will watch the unboxing of toys. What’s up with that? I would be so jealous at that age that someone got something that I didn’t. These kids now are amazed and impressed by things like this. Guess things do change with each generation.

  8. Nika

    My six year old stepdaughter LOVES the Lol dolls. It’s very popular with her and her friends. Yes to your daughter practicing her presentation & speaking skills. Never too young to start

  9. Elle

    My girls won’t play with little action figures, but they do like to display them on a shelf. This was my first time hearing about this set and they are very cute. Your daughter looks like she likes them.

  10. Brittany

    This is super cute and your daughter is adorable. I do find it interesting that your daughter watches other kids on YouTube doing the same thing. Times have certainly changed.

  11. Monique

    Though they’ve long outgrown them, my daughters were CRAZY about LPS, and they rules our lives for several years. LOL. So cute. Maybe I’ll get one for my biggest baby to take to college in the fall.

  12. Kiwi

    These LOL dolls remind me of Polly Pockets from back in my 90s kids day.I think the LOL Surprises are super adorable and I better Little Cutelips will have a growing collection soon.

  13. Tanay Michele

    Lawd these kids and their surprise toys. RJ is into all kind of surprise eggs. Usually monster ones. Ryan (the millionaire kid from YouTube) has his own line of surprise toys.

  14. The Misunderstood Afro Muslimah

    Thank you for now giving me a gift idea for my Goddaughter, because I had no clue! I think it’s so adorable, she’s not really a girly girl, so I hope she likes it!

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