Girls Night In #WIDOWSMovie Viewing Party

Hey Cuties,

I kicked off the weekend with a Girl’s Night In and I was so excited about it. I needed this more than the girls, this furlough life was exhausting me. So with the extra time on my hands, I planned a little fun that included watching the WIDOWS movie. The movie came out in theaters back in November and I told you how much I loved it.

My great friends over at Twentieth Century Fox sent me a free digital copy of their film WIDOWS. This was in celebration of the digital release that took place on Tuesday, January 22nd. They also gave me a party pack to get the festivities going.

WIDOWS Digital Release WIDOWS viewing party

With the weather being so dag on cold I know the best fun is taking place on the inside these days. So I invited the girls over, I wanted it to be a small intimate group. I started with the invite which I thought was festively cute.

WIDOWS Digital Release WIDOWS viewing party

We had everything we needed WIDOWS + Cocktails + Food + Snacks and a sh!t tone of laughter. We commentated the movie like it was a NFL Game on Sunday. We were so loud and so amused and it was just what we needed. Family is bomb don’t get me wrong, but being around your girls is a totally different experience. Especially if they are black girls, we just do things differently. You know we magical AF. Must like the ladies in this dag on movie let me tell you. We can show you better than we can tell you.

WIDOWS Digital Release WIDOWS viewing party

The setup include wine glasses, face mask, and everything you need for a heist like gold coins, dollars, wine glasses, and jewels.

WIDOWS Digital Release WIDOWS viewing party

Lets talk about the details, we had sheet pan nachos for our mail meal. [Ingredients: Tortilla chips, cheese, black beans and chicken seasoned with taco sauce.] For toppings we had sour cream, pico de gallo, lime juice, and fresh guacamole. It was delicious. We washed it down with a bottle of Rose’, and Pink Moscato.

WIDOWS Digital Release WIDOWS viewing party

TheStyleMedic made some bomb pizza dip. It was cheesy deliciousness.

WIDOWS Digital Release WIDOWS viewing party

After all that eating we needed sweets, that included snicker doodle cookies, sugar cookies and brownies.

WIDOWS Digital Release WIDOWS viewing party

WIDOWS is available on digital download!

WIDOWS Digital Release WIDOWS viewing party

Because I love this movie so much, I am giving away one Digital Copy of WIDOWS movie [valued at $14.99]. The only catch is this is for Apple users only, sorry Android users. All you have to do is leave a comment and note that you are an Apple user to be entered into the giveaway.

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  1. Sheila

    I am an Apple user. What a cute girls night!! I’ve never heard of the movie but I’ll take your word for it!! Such a cute idea with the face masks too! I love A festive gathering!! Another cute idea for February is Galentines day if you’re in to that!

  2. Jaye

    I love a girls movie night and sounds like you ladies had a good time!

    I also loved Widows and am an Apple user and would love a copy.

  3. Eva

    Aw man! I’m an android user, but I love this whole girl’s night party business! I need to have one for some reason ASAP. I think I’ll just make up something and call my people. That food looked RIGHT!

  4. Kita Bryant

    Love this girls night in. I am actually getting with some widows myself to watch the movie and I will suggest some of these tips because we are just doing this randomly but we need to step it up to be nice.

  5. Monique

    I’m an Apple user, and this is a great idea for a winter’s evening. Can we win some of that food, too?

  6. Felecia Monique

    I looove gurls nights!!! This looks like fun.

  7. Leslie H.

    How Fun Mimi! Great idea for a Girls Night In where you can eat ,drink, be merry and magical! Looks like a good movie too.

  8. Kendro

    Looks like you guys had a ball! I need another girls night out with my good judies, especially in this winter weather! Widows was AMAZING! I definitely want to see it again.

  9. Carissa

    I’ve been wanting to see this! And how cute is this girls night! I need the recipe for the pizza dip, I think that would be a hit with my family! Oh and I am an APPLE USER!!!! Whoop Whoop!!!

  10. Stacie Branson

    Mimi, you sure know how to throw a party! You all looked like you had fun. I need to get back into hosting my parties soon. Haven’t seen Widows yet but I’d love to! 😉

  11. Stephanie Cooper

    This looks like it was a great time! Thanks for this post. You gave me some ideas for a much needed girls night with my friends.

  12. Antoinette

    I have been meaning to check this movie out. Looks like you all had a great time. I saved that pan nachos recipe. I will be using it this weekend lol.

  13. Nadalie Bardo

    How fun is this! It’s been ages since I’ve hosted a proper movie night, love that ya’ll did it right. I still have to watch Widows too.

  14. Nika

    Love the wine & face masks setup and those snicker doodle cookies look mouthwatering. Looks like a fun night in

  15. Kiwi

    I love your cute Widows party set up, the faux money was a cute touch. I had a Movies and Mimosas theme going on with my family and we plan to have one of these at least bi-monthly now!

  16. Kasi Perkins

    Looks and sounds like a great ladies night in! Love the cute decorations and the food looks tasty!

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