PVA Code Of Honor Quad Rugby Tournament Is One Of The Best Things I’ve Ever Seen

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Last weekend the family and I set out to watch a Rugby match.  The day prior Babe and I were watching our local news channel and they featured the Paralyzed Veterans of America who were tearing up the court and crashing into one another at full speed. We’ve never seen a Rugby game in person, and this was next level. During the news segment, they mentioned that they were in town for the weekend and it was free. So we went, it shocking, it was high impact, it was filled with energy and we were yelling like it was a football game. We were greatly entertained and inspired.

The Code of Honor Quad Rugby Invitational took place at the St. James in Virginia. This facility on its own was incredible. It is a sports person dream, they have space to do every single sport you can think of at one time. Legit the facility is outstanding.

PVA Quad Rugby

 When we arrived, they had this Fallen Heroes Memorial. It is a 6 x 28 US flag constructed by veteran volunteers from6,940 dog tags with names of those who have fallen in the War on Terror. It travels to special locations, it is a way of honoring fallen heroes and gold star families.

PVA Quad Rugby

After peaking around the facility a bit we made our way to the court where the game was taking place. I had this cute bunch take a picture.

About the Event:

The Code of Honor Quad Rugby Invitational brings together national league wheelchair rugby teams from across the country to compete in a 3-day tournament. A wheelchair rugby skills clinic is held prior to the start of the tournament to introduce new and potential players to the sport and helped seasoned players sharpen their skills.

About the Paralyzed Veterans of America:

Paralyzed Veterans of America, a congressionally chartered veterans service organization founded in 1946, has developed a unique expertise on a wide variety of issues involving the special needs of our members – veterans of the armed forces who have experienced spinal cord injury or dysfunction.

PVA Quad Rugby

The veterans play in modified wheelchairs, there are some slight variations of the chairs based on your position in the game.

PVA Quad Rugby

This was a bracket-style tournament, we arrived to see four teams play. It was two on two on side by side courts playing simultaneously. We had a perfect seat in the middle so we could watch and cheer for both games.

PVA Quad Rugby

When they come to play, they hold nothing back.

I can show you pictures but I had to show you a video. You have to see how hard they go.

PVA Quad Rugby

Watching these vets go at it let me know that I don’t stand a chance. Whatever strength I believe I have, is not good enough.

PVA Quad Rugby

This wheelchair Rugby is not just for the men, it is for the women as well. They competed just as aggressively as the men. It was dope to see them hold their own.

PVA Quad Rugby

LittleCuteLips and I took a potty break and while she was handling her business. I was taking full advantage of the quality lighting and getting my selfie on.

PVA Quad Rugby

Every time the team would take a break this little boy would hop in his Dad’s lap for a joy ride. His Dad would ride him around slowly crashing into others. The little boys face would light up every single time. It was so sweet to watch and reminded me of something my kids would do if this were their dad.

PVA Quad Rugby

We came, we saw, we cheered and we enjoyed the hockey level action. This was not only a great for us to support these Veterans, none of which we knew. It was also a reminder to push beyond your circumstances. Sometimes things happen in life beyond our control, but they don’t have to stifle us and the things we want to do. You just need to figure out how to make it work. This was a great introduction to the Rugby game. We still don’t know the rules, but we figured out a few things.

Lifestyle Media Correspondent MimiCuteLips and her family supported PVA Quad Rugby at the POV Code of Honor Quad Rugby Tournament. #PVAunstoppABLE #PVACodeOfHonor

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  1. Stacie Branson

    Wow! What an inspiring sport to watch! I’m sure you and your family were touched by their courage and athletic abilities.

  2. Kiwi

    Wow this is amazing I love this! What an incredible outing to honor and still show the strength of the paralyzed vets.

  3. Bernetta Knighten

    This looks cool and a fun family event! It’s definitely an event that will inspire you to do your best no matter what your circumstance.

  4. Kita Allen

    This would give me so much inspiration to get out there and do it and win because no matter the difficulties you gotta play to win the game. Great event.

  5. Elle

    Your pictures and recap are great. I loved how the pictures were really up close and personal.

  6. Tomiko Harvey

    What an awesome event! Amazing that these men and women play sports and not allow their circumstance to get them down. We can do whatever we put our mind too

  7. Essence Sylvia Smith

    In college I always admired the male and women rugby players. Rugby is a tough sport. I couldn’t imagine doing it in a wheelchair. These individuals are so strong and it seems like a great event! I hope you and your family enjoyed.

  8. Nika

    Wow what a great cause and looks like a fun family-friendly event. I liked how you found out about it and decided to give it a try. Nice way to have an open mind and experience something new

  9. Carissa

    What a fun event! I know your family will definitely remember attending this event! I love giving children all experiences! It also shows that nothing is out of reach!

  10. Jonna

    It just amazes me all of the things made available to those with disabilities. This looks like a fun event to watch them compete and have fun.

  11. Stevie

    Awe this is a beautiful event. Thanks for bringing this event to light!

  12. Nadalie Bardo

    Rugby is one of those sports I’ve never really gotten into. And honestly, don’t know much about other than there are is crazy love and whole culture around it. Looks like a great sport and an amazing event!

  13. Terri

    This looks like so much fun! Definitely an inspiration to watch

  14. ShaBree Henry

    Wow! This is such an inspiring sport to have watched. I wish that more opportunities were available in more communities.

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