10 Tips When You Need To Design A Craft Room

Hey Cuties,

This one was a long time coming for me, I have wanted a Craft Room for at least 10 years.  Now I finally have one, I was determined to decorate it the way that I wanted. I wanted it to reflect my personal style, I wanted it to also be an office and a lounge Mom-Cave type of deal. I managed to culminate all of those things into my Craft Room. I can’t say that it is 100% finished but it is at least 90% for sure.

Let me start this off by saying the pictures don’t do my craft room justice. So I had to include a video.

Presented for your viewing pleasure is my hella dope DIY Craft Room Reveal.


I wanted my craft room to reflect my personality. I needed it to be cute but functional for me that means a lot of storage. I also wanted it to give off a vibe when you walk in. This is a happy place, a creative space, a self-care room if you will.


I got this picture from Brothas N Sistas, this is a black-owned company. They are called Repetition and retail for $50. I got them on a sale for $35. I got the picture frame from Michael’s and spray painted it gold.


Minitone’s by Oh So Paper [This picture is from the Oh So Paper office]

This super cute Minitone [I have the pink one] is one of my favorite pieces in my craft room. It comes from Oh So Paper which is a black woman-owned company. This was a splurge piece, it cost me $60, but I don’t think she is selling them anymore.


This 4 x 4 Ikea Kallax shelf retails for $109, I got it off Craigslist for $20 -or $25 bucks. These baskets were re-purposed, but I originally purchased them from Ikea for $12.99 each for LittleCuteLips nursery.  All of the wooden letters come from Michael’s, but I already owned them.


When I saw this I had to have it because lips and eyelashes. I don’t know what it was designed for, but I use it for decor and to store extra business cards. I got it from Target. Behind it is some of my book collection. I have a variety of books but most of them are by dope black folks.


I wanted my shelf to be cute and functional. This Scentsy Eiffel Tower is from my bestie, she made sure my room smells good. The Day Dream sign was a Target find. The Lip/Heart/Lash boxes are from Michael’s Spring collection. I got each one for 30% off. The Hello sign is from Michael’s and I got that for free. The Pink Mirror is a Target find. The “Live Simply. Be Grateful. Laugh Lots” sign is from the St. Jude gift shop. Each purchase is a donation!


  1. Decide on your color scheme or theme before you get started.
  2. Create a private Pinterest board for inspiration.
  3. Re-purpose items you already have in your home.
  4. Get bargains at Craigslist + Yard Sales + Estate Sales + Thrift Stores
  5. Don’t spend a lot for your muffler, if you are going to spend save it for your big specialty items.
  6. If they don’t have it make it, you can DIY things.
  7. Use coupons when you shop regular stores. The craft stores always have available coupons.
  8. Shop small businesses, they have a lot of unique and custom pieces.
  9. Make it multi-functional, when you aren’t crafting you can use it as your chill room.
  10. Have fun with it, it is okay if it takes some time.


My desk was another Craigslist find for $35, the chair was $10. The cushion is from Ikea, it is the URSPRUNGLIG floor cushion for $20. I wanted a gallery wall, I still need to find one more piece to round it all out. The Glam Office sign + Gold Mirror+ Gold Basket are from Michael’s spring collection which is 30% off. I actually got the gold basket for free. The MimiCuteLips signed I already owned, it is an old sign originally made my Vista Print. I just framed it up. I want the gallery wall to be organized chaos. I love the way it turned out.


This dope satin scarf is from UNWRP, they are a black woman owned luxury stationery company. This satin scarf is one of their reusable gift wraps, it was too cute for that so I purchased a frame and spray painted it gold. It is the perfect vibe and empowerment for my Craft Room. I purchased it from the Sistahs In Business Expo in NJ last spring.


I got this picture from Brothas N Sistas, as referenced above. She is called Space Girl and retails for $40. I got her on a sale so I paid $28 for her. I got the picture frame from Amazon for $19 and I spray painted it gold, it was originally white.


Canvas On The Cheap sent me these complimentary prints. Thanks for keeping me cute. #AD

Although this is my Craft Room and Home Office, I also wanted to lounge a bit. I already owned this Ikea Klippan Loveseat so I repurposed it. However, I originally purchased it from Craigslist like 14 years ago. It retails for $250, but I think I paid $150 for it. These pillows were the perfect way to give it some style. The Lips Pillow I purchased last year from a Pinterest add, it was $10 – $15. The sneaker was gifted to me by The Style Medic. The Lips pillow was a part of a limited Collection at Ikea last year. The Rosie the Riveter Inspired pillow is another purchase from Oh So Paper, I don’t think they offer it anymore. I got it during a holiday sale.

The pictures are canvas prints, I am a canvas print junkie. I have a ton of them in my home. I got these from Canvas On The Cheap, the price is low, but the quality is so bomb. Tell them Mimi sent you, that way they give you the royal treatment.

That concludes my Craft Room Reveal I hope you love it as much as I loved putting it together. When I decide how to get the closet set up I will come back and share that too.

Do you have a special/favorite place in your home? Chat with me in the comments below or FBIG, and Twitter.

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