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I am back to talk about another one of my favorite shows, The Resident. They done pulled a Grey’s Anatomy on me and they created an episode for the culture. The episode is titled If Not Now, When? and is inspired by the true story of Charles Johnson and his wife Kira Dixon Johnson. Stream this episode HERE!

The Resident is a provocative medical drama that follows a group of doctors at Chastain Memorial Hospital, as they face personal and professional challenges on a daily basis. It airs on Monday’s at 8 PM ET.  Episode Description: Devon worries about a mother’s unaddressed complaints after she gives birth; Conrad is forced to explain to Nic that Jessie’s condition is getting worse; The Raptor, Mina and Kit are quick to treat a mother and son with serious injuries in the ER.



This episode gave me chills, in the moment of watching my heart hurt for the mother and the husband. The feelings and emotions were very real. Growing up I always heard that childbirth is when a woman is as closest to death. That took on a new meaning once I became an adult and found out that expectant Mom’s in the United States just aren’t safe. Which is crazy,  because we are so advanced and leaps and bounds ahead of other countries yet we continue to fail in this particular area.


This episode was based on Kira Johnson who tragically lost her life after a routine c-section at Cedars Sinai April 12, 2016. Kira was allowed to bleed internally for more than 10 hours before the medical staff at Cedars Sinai took action. Since her death her husband Charles S. Johnson, IV has been fighting to make sure this never happens to another mother. More women die in the United States each year than in any other civilized country in the world. Kira was the daughter-in-law to TV Judge Glenda Hatchett.  HER CAUSE OF DEATH WAS 100% PREVENTABLE!


Kira Dixon Johnson shortly after giving birth to Langston Johnson. Photo Credit: Charles Johnson



This episode gave a voice to the voiceless. I felt seen, I felt like we as black women mattered if only for a brief moment. Often times we don’t have someone to advocate for us when we advocate for ourselves a lot of times our concerns are dismissed altogether or simply not taken seriously. This episode made me proud, they handled it with delicate gloves, yet they were bold and raw how what our experiences are like and how they differ from other women. Kira’s husbands Charles was left to raise two little boys on his own. He had to tell his 18-month-old son that his mommy is never coming home. As a mother of two, my heart hurt for them and my eyes filled with tears. As a woman, my heart hurt for them and my eyes filled with tears. As a human, my heart hurt for them and my eyes filled with tears. I am thankful that I had two very successful and healthy deliveries but I realize that isn’t everyone’s story.

We become really brave when brave is the only choice we have.
The Resident is a good show in and of its self however you can watch this episode without context. It can stand on its own, and it is equally moving. I am thankful that these Networks are not afraid to have tough conversations, to put the truth on front street. We can’t fix it until we first acknowledge there is a problem.


Charles Johnson with the cast of The Resident

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  1. Kiwi

    Girl I just saw the episode yesterday and cried my eyes out. I am an aspiring doula and i heard of Kira Nixon Johnsons story months ago and it really hurt me what happened to her. All black mamas matter and it is sad in 2019 we even have to make this clear so more medical malpractice or traumatizing birthing experiences or death stops happening to US!

    • MimiCuteLips

      OMG I could so see you being a doula. Like that is so your speed, you would be incredible. Girl there is no way you can NOT cry watching this episode. In 2019 we are still being ignored, it hurts.

  2. Elle Cole

    I’ve personally never heard of the show, but after reading, “I felt like we as black women mattered if only for a brief moment.” I was sold. I definitely want to watch a few episodes.

  3. Nika

    I’m so happy that they shed light on such an important topic. We need more cultural sensitivity in healthcare, because far too many women and black women are being ignored when it comes to their health and wellness. Being heard can save lives and having doctors and healthcare professionals who listen and are culturally sensitive makes a huge difference

  4. Kasi

    I read this story about Kira Johnson when it happened, and was heartbroken as well. So glad that The Resident took on this story for an episode and help raise awareness about maternal mortality.

  5. Monique Tillman

    I’m definitely going to go watch this episode. It’s about time a show has talked about black women issues with childbirth and how they are often looked over by their doctors. Glad they made this episode.

  6. Carissa

    I’ve never seen this show but I remember reading Kira’s story! Heartbreaking on all levels, and left me with how could this happen! Cesareans are so routine, but sometimes with routine…you dont pay attention to detail! So Sad!

    • MimiCuteLips

      Yes, they push c-sections at times when they aren’t needed. There is more money in this procedure, and they are not being careful.

  7. Kendro

    This is so important especially with how many Black women receive poor care from doctors and nurses in so many hospitals! Definitely interested in this show.

    • MimiCuteLips

      Yes! While I had two very healthy pregnancies and delivers a lot of women like me aren’t. We need to talk about that.

  8. Francesca Murray

    I can’t believe I’ve never seen this show! I can’t believe more women die in the United States each year than in any other civilized country in the world. What a way to raise awareness of such a serious issue!

    • MimiCuteLips

      Girl, the show is incredible. It is still rather new-ish but its good. We usually think the US is so advanced, so cutting edge. Well they are but they are also racist and quite prejudice.

  9. Afro Muslimah

    This is such an important issue!! It truly upsets me, that this is a problem with modern medical technology, and that it’s not more talked about!

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