The Washington DC Kite Festival Is A Must

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The family and I have been taken advantage of every nice day that Spring has given us. Last weekend throngs of people flocked to the DC Tidal Basin to get a glimpse of the ever-popular Cherry Blossoms. It would be a lie to say, tourist because this is one of the things that the locals absolutely adore.

Every year the Cherry Blossom Kite Festival takes place down on the Mall. There are a series of events to celebrate the Cherry Blossom season, the Kite Festival is our favorite.

Washington DC Kite Festival

Kite flying isn’t my thing but taking pictures is so I play to my strength and don’t stray from my ministry. I am always on the hunt for the coolest kites.

Washington DC Kite Festival

I look for bold vibrant colors, creativity, and personality.

Washington DC Kite Festival

Babe and The Manchild take this kite flying business seriously, this is clearly their ministry. Apparently, your stance and technique counts because they are in the same position. Babe is in black and The Manchild is in gray, they are damn near the same size and height. I will harp on that in another post. Stay focused!

Washington DC Kite Festival

LittleCuteLips and Babe tag teamed on her kite this year. We lucked up on some fun kites from Costco for $15, they come in a nice storage box too. The temps were comfy, the sun was out and the windy was ready.

Washington DC Kite Festival

This shot doesn’t even begin to capture how packed it was out there.

Washington DC Kite Festival

This legit looked like a bird int he sky, but it’s just a dope kite.

Washington DC Kite Festival

More people among the beautiful Cherry Blossoms. It was like rush hour out here, there were so many people. Kites were getting tangled up. Kites were legit falling from the sky on to unsuspecting folks head. It was wild yet funny I can’t lie. I laughed at a few.

Washington DC Kite Festival

The ManChild got his kite up!

Washington DC Kite Festival

This komodo dragon kite was so damn DOPE! The colors, the realness, it looked so cool in the sky.

Washington DC Kite Festival

I saw this Rev., Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. kite right before we declared we were leaving.

Washington DC Kite Festival

Above all else it is a great family day for us. Earlier this morning she had a Soccer Game, we grabbed grub and hit downtown. After hours of fun we went more grub and hit the outlets. I’m so thankful that we genuinely enjoy one anothers company most of the time. I’m not going to fake for yall.


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  1. Stacie

    Wow, look at those cool kites! These are much more creative than the ones I remember as a kid. That would have been fun to participate in.

  2. Tomiko Harvey

    Ok! This looks amazing and I havent flown a kite in years. In fact you have inspired me and I am going to buy some today and see if we can go to the park and fly some this weekend. My daughter would love this

  3. Kim

    My daughter would have loved this. Me too. The kites are beautiful. It reminds me of one of my favorite books, Kite Runner.

  4. Nika

    I lived in DC for three years and loved the Cherry Blossom Festival. These photos bring back a lot of amazing memories for me. Looking forward to bringing the kids to DC for the festival one day.

  5. Nanekia

    I can’t wait until we finally get some nice weather here. This will be so cool to try, I haven’t flown a kite in years. Amazing colors and so much fun!

  6. Brittany

    Looks very fun! I wanted to go that day but I figured it will be too many people around to fly my kite. Love the MLK kite!

  7. Stevie

    I had no idea this was a thing and I live right in MD! Smh I’m going to have to take my Godson one year!

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