10 Wedding Planning Tips That Will Make You Stress Free

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This morning I shared wedding planning tips with the fine folks over at ABC 7/News Channel. I planned our wedding in 30 days and now I’m an expert. *curtsy* so why not dish about it on TV.  These tips are geared toward the non-traditional bride and a bride on a budget. Legit you an apply a good amount of these tips to your situation no matter what type of bride you are.

Wedding Planning Tips for the Bride – Good Morning Washington Segment

The Tips

Tip #1 Know what your non-negotiables are. 

Split your paper into three columns, the first column is your “must have items”, your second column is your “nice to have items”, and the last column is your budget. And start writing those things down, also factor in your partners request on said list. This is a working list so you will add and remove things from column to column or off the list altogether.

Tip #2 The Guest List

This list should be built by the two people getting married. Don’t feel obligated to invite your Mom’s friend that you met that one time when you were seven. Each guest come with the price, the price you will pay to feed them at your reception should you have one. They also play a part in your venue selection.

Tip #3 The Venue

If you don’t want to spend a lot for your muffler you have options that are inexpensive to flat out free. Parks are a great option, if you keep it small you don’t need a permit. The beach is also a beautiful backdrop that doesn’t cost you anything. The Courthouse is also an option, it only cost us $25, and I found one with a cute chapel, thanks internet. If you want a fancier place pick a Friday evening, that is cheaper than Saturday at 1 PM, and don’t rule out Sunday either. Factor in the time of the year, get a discount based on the time of the year.

Glued pearls onto a wooden letter.

Tip #4 It is okay to DIY

Not everyone is a crafter and I get that. However, don’t be afraid to DIY. If your DIY is going to cost more than just buying it, then just buy it. Etsy is a great option, they have dope custom pieces and they make for great keepsakes. Etsy is where you pay someone else to DIY it for you. Expensive doesn’t mean cheap in quality.

Etsy Purchase

Tip #5 Decor

Flowers aren’t the only option anymore. Folks are doing balloons now and they get elaborate. That might be cheaper than flowers, even fake flowers can get pricey. Paper lanterns are another option that is less pricey. Hello, Pinterest has everything you could want and dream up for ideas. Wood is another popular one too especially if you have a theme. Also, see my DIY tip.

Photo Credit: D. Todd

Tip #6 Photography + Videography 

This should be a non-negotiable for everyone. This is a day you can never duplicate. Spend the money to capture the essence of your day. Don’t let your friend do it unless they are professional photographers and you’ve seen their work. YOU CAN’T GET THIS DAY BACK! I repeat there are no do-overs. I swear by my photographer he was at the top of the list. The date would have to change if he wasn’t available to shoot for us. Period!

Tip #7 Your Shoe Game!

For your big day, I suggest having shoe options. If you want something hella fly and sexy for your ceremony go for it. But, remember to keep that ceremony short or your feet will be hurting. One of the more recent things to do is wear sneakers. Converse, Chuck Taylor are by far the most popular. Don’t be basic and just stop there get a pair of custom converse. Have a one of a kind pair of shoes created just for your big day. They are hella, comfy, hella cute, and they are yet another dope keepsake.

My Bridal Chuck’s with my wedding date on the back.

Tip #8 Party Favors

Party Favors can be a money pit, and your guest may leave them on the tables. Candy bars have become popular for quite some time now. You can buy lbs of candy on Amazon, Oriental Trading and other candy sites in your bridal colors. They are guaranteed to be gone by the end of the reception.

Tip #9 Look like a Mofo Million Bucks

But don’t spend even close to that.  Gowns are expensive if that is what you want than considering consignment shops and estate sales. You can look like a million bucks for less than $200. I did it. Usually, a bride wears her dress once and it sets in the closet for years. No, your daughter doesn’t want your old dress either.  Do you want to spend thousands for one day? For your gown, you adore sitting in the closet for years. Your daughter doesn’t want to wear it.

Tip #10 Wedding Cake

Skip the traditional cake option and go with cupcakes.  I went with these custom cookies that were fresh and delicious. My cookie lady designed them based on my color scheme and decorated them with whatever I wanted. I’m all about a personal touch. Donut walls are really popular right now, that is another option. Some of the displays are really dope too. Check them out on Pinterest.

I always have an amazing time with the Good Morning Washington Squad, this time was no different. I also get to meet other dope people who have segments before and after me. I’m always growing my village and I love that.

What are some of your wedding planning tips? Chat with me in the comments below or FBIG, and Twitter.




After planning my wedding in 30 days I learned some things. Here are the top 10 wedding planning tip all brides should consider. As seen on GMW. #GMW

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Mimi Robinson is the Lifestyle Media Correspondent and editor behind MimiCuteLips®. She is a wife and mother of two. You can find Mimi working media at your favorite events, traveling and trying out new adventures, or working on a dope DIY project.

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  1. Kita Bryant

    You did that! I say I will never get married again but if I do I am using these tips.

  2. Holly

    Love the tips. My favorite is making a list with the 3 different columns. That is a great one. I love your converses. They look great! You looked fab on your wedding.

    • MimiCuteLips

      Yes, it helps to know what you want and don’t want. It is easy to get caught up in the moment and buy stuff you don’t even care about because it is pretty.

  3. Kiwi

    Oh you are so cute. I am so happy you were able to share some of your own easy wedding decor and planning tips on Good Morning Washington! Congrats!

  4. Tomiko

    I had a courthouse wedding also, very small list of people, had my reception in the backyard because we had just purchased our home.. these are great tips because I can’t imagine still having to pay for a wedding because I took out a loan

    • MimiCuteLips

      Folks are going in debt taking out loans for 4 hours. That is the average length of time for a wedding and reception. We had a new home built last year. I’d rather spend money on continuing to furnish and decorate our new home. That is going to last far longer than 4 hours of time.

      Yet we still make it special and magical.

  5. Nadalie Bardo

    Such a great segment Mimi! Great tips about shopping consignment – there are such great gowns and pieces out there for a fraction of their price tag.

  6. Kendra

    This is so dope! Congrats! Great tips also. Very cool to be hands on with your own wedding.

  7. Nadalie Bardo

    Such fantastic tips, you make saving money for your wedding a no brainer! Just sent to my friend who’s getting married in a month.

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