Do It Yourself (DIY) projects include tutorials and how to content. They include links and or names where you can locate the items/crafts/supplies used.

Do You Know How Easy It Is To Make This DIY Collar?

Hey Cuties, I've been getting my DIY on as of late; my crafting mojo is in overdrive right now and I'm going to ride the wave. With that said this is another craft, I've been wanting to do for a long time.  Pinterest will make you feel like you can make anything.  You don't need any prior craft abilities to make this collar. Fashion week is starting and I will be rocking my own looks.

Did You See this DIY Shopkins Party?

Hey Cuties, Last week was a busy one for me; LittleCuteLips turned 5 on Thursday and Babe and I spent the day with her. We went to see the movie Trolls which was really cute; Justin Timberlake did all of the music. Saturday was the big day, we entertained family and friends in our home. I DIY'd 80% of the party and I was so please with the outcome.

Do You Know How to Create Exclusive Faux Fur Sneakers?

Hey Cuties, I'm on a serious fashion kick right now. Not just fashion but DIY fashion, I love making things my own. The Golden Globes were on over the weekend and the fashion was killer. New York Fashion Week is coming up and I've got ideas, some are new ideas and others are ideas I've been holding onto in my mind. I'm oozing with creativity and I want to get it all out. 

How to Make Fun DIY Christmas Ornaments

Hey Cuties, We are four days away from Christmas; have you found your cheer? Have you finished shopping? Have you hung your stockings? Have you not bothered to pull out any decorations and just plan to lie around in your pajamas? No judgement, I believe in spending the holidays the way you want. I also realize that the holiday time can be a very sad and stressful time of the year. If you are missing a special someone I send you my love. If this is your first Christmas without said love one, I send you my love and I suggest doing something that honors them or something the both of you loved to do. 

Get the kids in on the Ugly Christmas Sweater Trend

Hey Cuties, We are sixteen days out from Christmas and the holiday preparations are still underway. Did you know that it was an official Ugly Christmas Sweater Day? Me either. It takes place on the third Friday of December. This year it is Friday, December 16th a week from today. In honor of such a day, I will be on Good Morning Washington on ABC7 - News Channel 8 giving tips on how to make your own DIY Ugly Christmas Sweater. I showed you an adult DIY, now I have a kid DIY for you.

This Is How You Add Epic Style To Your Camo jacket

Hey Cuties, I've been having a fit to do a DIY camo jacket and I'm finally ready to share. I started back it back in May. Yes, you read that correctly; I started six months ago.  I've been excited about it all this time. I started it in the spring but summer was approaching so it didn't seem to fit. Not to mention I wanted it "just right" or at least close to the vision I had come up with in my head. I'm finally 100% complete with it and I adore it. Just in time for the fall/winter season. I didn't even know camo was going to be a popular fall trend. Winning!

No Questions Asked, Slay Your Guest With This DIY Jeopardy Game

Hey Cuties, MimiCuteLips is a safe place every day, but it is especially safe today. Feel free to disconnect from social media, the television and do something that makes you smile. I've decided to focus on my dreams and doing what I need to do to be steps closer to making them happen. I'm watching Christmas movies on Netflix all day while sipping my hot tea. Find your joy!  I told you how epic our game night was so I'm sharing the details on how I made our Battle of the Sexes Jeopardy Game Board.

You See This Absolutely Adorable DIY Princess Tiana Costume?

Hey Cuties, I had an amazing weekend, Saturday I hung out with family and friends. Sunday I didn't leave home and I was okay with it. I watched a bit of the Washington vs. Baltimore game in London. I did laundry, repaired my kitchen, downloaded a ton of pictures, did my daughters hair and a few other things. On top of that I still have a bunch of things I didn't get to. When are they going to make the weekend three days?