Do It Yourself (DIY) projects include tutorials and how to content. They include links and or names where you can locate the items/crafts/supplies used.

What You See Will Make You Adore Fall Headbands

Hey Cuties, We've arrived to another Hump Day Wednesday. I am co-hosting a Game Night with Babe this weekend so I'm working on some party details. I will recap for you on Monday. Babe has a solar return tomorrow so I need to make sure the kids and I shower him with lots of things that will annoy him love. LittleCuteLips took her Halloween costume for a test run at an event last Saturday and I need to make some adjustments to that. I woke up to 32-degree temperatures y'all. Mother Nature done straight up punched us in the guts. I need to get our fall lives together. The kids didn't wear hats, I didn't have on tights, a mess. LittleCuteLips has been fussing about her hair accessories because she is a girl and that is what we do. Some of her hair bows need repairing {read glue gun fixing} and she keeps asking for headbands.

DIY Spanish Flashcards

Hey Cuties, We are in our third week of school and slowly adjusting. My son is in seventh grade and a legit middle school-er.  Do you remember your first day? Do you remember the chaos, the feeling the panic and the fact that your parents no longer escort you in?

DIY Kids Calendar #LittleCuteLips

Hey Cuties, We are coming off a viciously hot weekend in the DMV area; temps in the high 90's feeling like 115. The kids and I kept cool at the pool on Saturday and on Sunday My Girl aka LittleCuteLips worked on a fun project for her.  She knows her days of the week but she doesn't have a concept of time. If I tell her something is happening in two weeks she asks me how long that is every single day.   If I tell her two weeks is fourteen days, that doesn't make things any clearer.  Although she knows her days of the week she has to sing the song to remember the correct order sometimes.

DIY Jewelry Organizer

Happy Monday Cuties, I've been working on a closet DIY for almost a week now. I won't be selfish and take all of the credit because Babe totally helped me out. Like helped me out so much this should maybe be his DIY. I was more of the designer and foreman and he did all the work although I located and purchased the materials.  What kind of work? Team work. {Quick, what show is that from?} When we purchased our home six years ago Babe hooked us all the way up. He customized our closets to our liking and I loved it. He gave me what I asked for and it was cool; until it wasn't.

#FatSnacks Friday: Cupcakes In Ice Cream Cones

Happy Fat Snacks Friday Cuties, It is our favorite day of the week at because *insert dramatic drum roll* IT IS FAT SNACKS FRIDAY! I've had this one on my virtual agenda for almost a year. July is National Ice Cream Month so this was sort of perfect. These are faux ice cream but it totally counts. Did you know that you could bake cupcakes in ice cream cones? Prior to this I so didn't know that was even a thing. Listen I've got levels to all of this fatness.

DIY Father’s Day Canvas

Hey Cuties, June is here and that means graduations, weddings and Father's Day. We will be celebrating all of those this month with family and friends. My boy is up next, middle school here he comes. At the same time I'm getting ready for Father's Day. Men get a bad rap; some deserve it and others not so much. Mother's Day is like a week-long event and Father's Day is like a ten minute event. For the past 12 years I've made sure Father's Day was a big deal in our home; even when Babe only wanted to work in the garage. I couldn't do it without him and I want him to know he is needed, wanted and appreciated.

DIY Easter Bunny Shirt

Hey Cuties, I hope you've sprung forward and started your Sunday on time. Now Monday is here and I will need at least a week to adjust to the time. Despite the time struggle I am happy to have more hours of daylight. Spring break and Easter are only two weeks away. So I will be sharing a couple of Easter/Spring related DIY's.

Dr. Seuss Snacks for Dr. Seuss Read Across America Day

Happy Leap Day Cuties, Shout out to those born on February 29th, your next turn up is in four years so make today count. Today we are getting ready for Dr. Seuss Day. Wednesday, March 2nd Dr. Seuss Day and everyone is invited to celebrate. Everyone should know who Dr. Seuss is no matter your age. Just in case you just landed on Earth today Theodor Seuss Geisel aka Dr. Seuss was a writer and illustrator known for his popular Dr. Seuss children's books.  This day is filled with all things Dr. Seuss and reading, yes Read Across America.

#FATSNACKS FRIDAY: BBQ Chicken Pinwheels

Hey Cuties, Welcome to our first official #FATSNACKS FRIDAY! Every Friday I will be sharing my affinity for all things #FATSNACKS here on the blog. You already know I loves the food; if you're new around here allow me to get you caught up.  What are #FATSNACKS: food that provides an eruption of deliciousness in your mouth.  Don't get confused because the word "fat" is in the mix, this doesn't have to be an unhealthy item. A lot of times they are but it isn't a requirement. I know you've eaten something so good you just knew it would give you an extra 10 pounds. That my friend is a #FATSNACK. I believe in saying it with my chest, so...