Kush Is Where You Need To Be This #Fatsnacks Friday

Hey Cuties,

Another Friday has rolled around and guess what, I've got another #FatSnacks Friday post for you.  Leave the screen open and run and get a snack, the bigger the better but make it fast. Okay, time is up, you should be good to go now. I shared our family vacation in Miami and then our Artsy time in Wynwood. After getting our art on we stayed in Wynwood and got some grub from Kush.

Did You Know They Are Putting North Cap On The Map?

Hey Cuties, Last week I spent my Thursday listening to live music and eating everything in view. I was out on the town by myself, by town I mean North Capitol Main Street in Washington, DC. I was in heaven I mean, I was at the Taste of North Capitol. I wasn't sure what it would look like, but man it was cool. The weather was perfect, it had the perfect breeze in the air.

Sons of Essex is One of the Most Popular Spots on the Lower East Side

Hey Cuties, I didn't get to eat nearly as much as I would like while in New York.  There are some basics that you must do like eat a New York slice of pizza (I had 3), street meat, a dirty dog, and pretzels but they aren't share-worthy.  With that said, I've got our first #FatSnacks post of 2017. I didn't select this spot but it was delicious and ripe for people watching.