These post are kid friendly activities, stories about my own two children or kid related topics.

Are You In On The Beyblade Burst Evolution?

Hey Cuties, The kids and I had a bit of fun with today's post. They received some fun goodies from Hasbro right before our Spring snow storm. We enjoyed our first full day of Spring with about 4 inches of snow on the ground. It only lasted a day and mostly melted the day after. Nevertheless, the kids had something to keep them busy while they were on the inside.  Hello, peace of mind.

Black Mermaid Decal

Hey Cuties, It is officially summer vacation in the MimiCuteLips household. I  have a Kindergartner and an Eighth Grader. I'm probably more excited about this break than they are. Hello staying up late, not checking homework and relaxing a bit more.  You know I love a good DIY but the Manchild suggested I do a DIT. What is that you ask? Do it Together. 12-year-olds are amusing.  With his idea in mind LittleCuteLips and I did a DIT project.

Do Your Kids Know How To Fight Allergies?

Hey Cuties, We are in the last week of these April showers that are making way for May flowers. While I'm thrilled about the consistently warm temperatures the children and I are knee deep in allergy suffrage.  Myself and the man-child are allergic to trees, weeds, and grass. I don't know what LittleCuteLips allergy triggers are but I know they are seasonal.  This means we need to be earth friendly while fighting nature, sounds crazy, right?

Did You Contribute To The Earth For Earth Day?

Hey Cuties, Spring Break is over and it is back to our regular scheduled routine. We finished our break with an Earth Day bang of sorts. On Saturday is rained all day long, it was chilly out and the day was better suited for Netflix, snacks and a blanket. Due to all of the rain, LittleCuteLips and Babe didn't get to work on their gardening project as planned. Did you contribute to the Earth, for Earth day?

This Boy Grew His Hair, Cut His Hair & Donated His Hair

Hey Cuties, I'm back home from Key West & Miami; I still have unpacking to do and pictures to sort and so we will dish on that later in the week. Instead, I have a story to share with you; one day I'm on social media like always and I come across a dope story about a little boy.  When you see stories, they are just that stories. You don't know the person, and you don't have a connection to the story; you just read maybe share and you keep it pushing. Well, this time, was different. I knew this kid, I knew his parents and have known them for some time.

St. Jude Target House #StJudeBlogTour

Hey Cuties, It is another week upon us and fall officially begins on Thursday. *tosses fall foliage* fall is my favorite season, I love fall fashion, and I turn a year older. It also kicks of the holiday season in my world; yay for nice things. We are still in September and that means it is still Childhood Cancer Awareness Month & Sickle Cell Awareness Month. As your St. Jude Cutie, I'm continuing to spread the word. Today I'm sharing the details of the St. Jude Target House. Do you know that is even a thing? Don't worry; I didn't either until I went for a visit. 

St. Jude Children's Research Hospital Tour -  The Civil Rights Museum - Memphis Eats