These post are kid friendly activities, stories about my own two children or kid related topics.

St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital Tour #StJudeBlogTour

Hey Cuties, I'm so excited to share this post with you; two weeks ago I spent an incredible three days with St. Jude. I told you about Day 1: Our tour of the National Civil Rights Museum. Then I shared my beloved Memphis #FatSnacks. Today I'm sharing Day 2: Our day at the St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. Just in time for September, Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

DIY Kids Calendar #LittleCuteLips

Hey Cuties, We are coming off a viciously hot weekend in the DMV area; temps in the high 90's feeling like 115. The kids and I kept cool at the pool on Saturday and on Sunday My Girl aka LittleCuteLips worked on a fun project for her.  She knows her days of the week but she doesn't have a concept of time. If I tell her something is happening in two weeks she asks me how long that is every single day.   If I tell her two weeks is fourteen days, that doesn't make things any clearer.  Although she knows her days of the week she has to sing the song to remember the correct order sometimes.

Natural Hairstyles for Kids. Vol. II

Hey Cuties, Today we're talking hair; in particular we're talking hairstyles. Last year I wrote a post titled Natural Hairstyles for Kids, to date it is my most popular blog post ever.  We are less than a month out from the first day of school so I thought it was a good time to roll out a part II of that post. This time I've included a bonus wash day hack that will ease the hair washing process.

Six Flags America Splashwater Falls, Hurricane Harbor

Hey Cuties, This weekend was a hot one, I'm talking hot for no reason hot. The dope folks at Six Flags invited us out for a day of fun at their Splashwater Falls inside Hurricane Harbor and a Crab Feast. Yes, they gave us complimentary entrance into the park and then fed us. It doesn't get any better than this. I shared my roller coaster experience and y'all laughed at me. From here on out it is all water park all the time.

Tech & Travel at the Willard InterContinental #TNTDC

Hey Cuties, I think I told you my week was full and we have a road trip coming up for the weekend. Followed up with Father's Day; I hope you make time to celebrate the Father in your life. I took the kid's card shopping last week so they are ready. They spend a large amount of time in the card section selecting the right one. This just lets me know that I'm raising them right. I'm so particular about my cards, and they are the same way. Monday I hung out at the famous Willard InterContinental on Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington, DC.

Richard Wright Black Tie Gala Recap

Hey Cuties, Last Saturday I got all cute and stepped out on the town solo. You know I do that from time to time, it builds character. That night I attended the Richard Wright 5th Annual Black Tie Gala at the Warner Theater in Washington, DC.  This was a fundraising event for the Richard Wright Public Charter School for Journalism and Media Arts. I so wish they were around when I was in High School, the name alone has MimiCuteLips written all over it.  One of the several celebrity hosts was none other than the extremely fine and talented Omari Hardwick who just so happens to be the star of the hit show POWER on Starz; more on that in a bit.

DIY Father’s Day Canvas

Hey Cuties, June is here and that means graduations, weddings and Father's Day. We will be celebrating all of those this month with family and friends. My boy is up next, middle school here he comes. At the same time I'm getting ready for Father's Day. Men get a bad rap; some deserve it and others not so much. Mother's Day is like a week-long event and Father's Day is like a ten minute event. For the past 12 years I've made sure Father's Day was a big deal in our home; even when Babe only wanted to work in the garage. I couldn't do it without him and I want him to know he is needed, wanted and appreciated.

When the kid becomes the Teacher and the Parent is the student

Hey Cuties, I struggled with what I was going to write about today. It was Thursday morning and I had zero thoughts. I was talking to my fellow Bloggy Boo's about having to pass up on an opportunity this week in the name of not being a wack parent. I told them the story as it was and how I'd come to my resolve around the situation. In return the first message I received from one of them was "Mimi, I couldn't finish listening to your message because I started tearing up."

Story Time with Peter and the Wolf in Hollywood App

Hey Cuties, I've been on the go like crazy, I have so much I want to share. I just need to wrangle all of these thoughts and such in my head and put them into words. The kids and I have been checking out a new app geared towards kids. Originally I thought I would check it out with the four-year-old but the eleven-year-old joined in as well. They fuss so much it is so sweet when they get along; I must capture the moments as they seem so rare. You know the sibling rivalry thing is real at all ages I swear.

Tips for Capturing Monumental Moments in a Kia Optima SXL

Hey Cuties, I've always been the picture taker, but with so much growth and change I'm really trying to make sure I capture the monumental moments.  I have a crazy busy weekend that I can't wait to share next week. The Runway Moms for a Cause event is this evening. Insert dramatic runway walk with killer turn.  On Saturday I will be doing the Dirty Girls Mud Run, I hope the weather gets the memo, so far it doesn't look like it.  You can follow my activities on SnapChat {mimicutelips} and Instagram.