These blog post share more about me as a person. Personal feelings, life lessons, reflection, etc.

Summer Outtakes Behind the Scenes

Hey Cuties, Happy Labor Day to ya.  I've been soaking up this long weekend by doing a lot of nothing. The Manchild completed his first week of 8th grade and LittleCuteLips starts Kindergarten on Wednesday. I picked up some last minute school supplies and today is wash day. I shared a lot of post about the dope things we did this summer. There are some things I didn't quite include.

Dear Dad, I Have Daddy Issues

Hey Cuties, Last weekend the family and I took a road trip to North Carolina. I wasn’t sure if this was a trip I wanted to take; I hadn’t been there in eleven years. The last time I went it was out of obligation a bit. I had been a year prior to bury my uncle and I was about six month pregnant with my first child. The family was so excited to see me and excited to see that I was going to be a Mom. So I returned a year later with my eleven month old son for a visit.

Dear Son, I want you to know…

Hey Cuties, I've gotten a bit personal today; I've been all in my feelings about parenting. My son is wrapping up his last two months of elementary school and I feel some type of way. I'm far too young {36} to have a middle school child. It seemed like this phase was light years away, yet we are here. I'm sharing a love letter to my son, my first born.