These blog post are about my adventures traveling to new or old places.

Will you experience the new Mitsubishi Outlander SEL?

Hey Cuties, I'm talking cars today and reminiscing a bit about my Cousin's Trip. You already know Key West was Bae because of this and this and this. I gave you tips on how to plan a cousin's trip, those tips can be used for planning any type of group trip. What we didn't talk about was six grown women, five days and luggage. *Cue up Erykah Badu's Bag Lady*. Prior to our trip we talked about doing carry on only. Some were down and others simply couldn't understand how to do that while traveling for five days. 

#FatSnacks Friday: Key West, Florida

Hey Cuties, I am still talking Key West on this #FatSnacks Friday because Key West was so lit. I've recapped what we did on our Cousin's Trip, I shared our incredible dessert experience in Key West and now *drum roll* the incredible hella fat and delicious eats from Key West. Sit back, loosen your buckle, untie the drawstring on those sweat pants and prepare to salivate. You should probably eat while you read so you feel better about what you are going to see. I'm only telling you because I care.

5 Reasons Why Our Cousin’s Trip Was Bae

Hey Cuties, I had a nice five-day vacation with my sister and cousins in Key West, Florida. This was our 2nd Cousin's Trip; we had our first Cousin's Trip in Williamsburg, VA back in 2004. Yes, it took us 12 years to get together again. I come from a family of girls, I am one of twelve grand-kids and of that twelve, nine of us are girls. Of that nine, seven of us make up the core grand-kids. By that I mean we are all 35+ and we grew up like sisters. The others are just as important but they are much younger. Can you imagine the hand me down rotation in a family of girls? Items frequently entered and exited a home twice. Before this trip, I didn't think this was going to be as good as it was. We all chipped in when it came to planning the road trip from start to finish. As there was a lot of us, we thought the best idea would be to hire a van, where we were then able to consider getting an any driver policy, in case we were going to take it in turns driving. This was the best move we made, as it allowed each one of us to rest as one drove. There's so much to tell you, but I am so happy with all the memories we made during this trip.

National Civil Rights Museum : The Lorraine Motel #StJudeBlogTour

Hey Cuties, Prior to leaving for the St. Jude Blog Tour in Memphis I had one mission and several anxieties.  My mission was to visit the now iconic Lorraine Motel where Martin Luther King, Jr. was shot.  I'd been to Memphis many years ago but didn't have a chance to go. This time I was going to make it my mission although our days were full sunrise to sunset.  After receiving the agenda I was thrilled to see they were taking us there for a tour. SCORE!!! Now one might wonder why in the world St. Jude would take us to the National Civil Rights Museum. Stick with me and I will spill the tea. Look for the , this is Day one of the #StJudeBlogTour

What I Learned from Traveling Alone

Hey Cuties, I had an amazing three days with St. Jude Research Hospital in Memphis, Tennessee.  I met a lot of dope people and we are forever bonded by our experience.  I will be sharing my experience in bits and pieces but know that it was incredible. It was also monumental one for me for a different reason. As much as I travel, as many places as I go this was the very first time I've traveled alone. I talked about doing so last year and ended up traveling with my cousin. It was an adventure, but a necessary journey.

Last Week Of Summer Fun

Hey Cuties, The family and I have been enjoying our staycation during the last week of summer.  It has been hell hot in the DC area lately so we've been keeping cool. I had some pre-planned activities but with the extreme temps I didn't want everyone to be miserable; So I had to come up with some things on the fly.

Local Things To Do with Groupon

Hey Cuties,

The calendar has pressed the wrap it up button on summer and I'm both annoyed and a bit excited. School starts in exactly twelve days and the family and I are soaking up the last of summer with a bit of a staycation. stay·ca·tionˌ (noun) a vacation spent at home and involving day trips to local attractions. I would love to say we are sleeping in late but we've got to get back in school mode. That means early mornings and days of fun things to do. Maybe we can squeeze in afternoon naps. I'm sure we will be worn out from all of the fun.

New Orleans Music & Culture

Hey Cuties,

While hanging out in the bayou {New Orleans} one of the things that attracted me to the city the most was the culture.  According to Merriam-Webster culture is defined as:  cul·ture: the beliefs, customs, arts, etc., of a particular society, group, place, or time - : a particular society that has its own beliefs, ways of life, art, etc.  New Orleans is a place that has its own particular way and I dig it. There was an air of freedom of expression that I hadn't experience anywhere else to date.  The biggest draw for me was the local music and traditions. I was a lover of the show Treme which was based in New Orleans post Katrina. You already know that I love food but Babe has been talking about the Second Line since I met him. I had no idea what it was until I saw it on the show.

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