These blog post are about my adventures traveling to new or old places.

Tech & Travel at the Willard InterContinental #TNTDC

Hey Cuties, I think I told you my week was full and we have a road trip coming up for the weekend. Followed up with Father's Day; I hope you make time to celebrate the Father in your life. I took the kid's card shopping last week so they are ready. They spend a large amount of time in the card section selecting the right one. This just lets me know that I'm raising them right. I'm so particular about my cards, and they are the same way. Monday I hung out at the famous Willard InterContinental on Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington, DC.

Six Flags SUPERMAN Ride of Steel Virtual Reality Coaster Recap

Hey Cuties, Friday is here and let me tell you, I've got the laughter you're in need of. Gut busting laughter even. A couple days ago I attended my first media event with Six Flags. They were debuting their new SUPERMAN Ride of Steel Virtual Reality Coaster. Don't be misled by the name this is an actual roller coaster you ride, so it is reality + virtual reality. This is not a simulator what so ever. Full Disclosure:  I've not been on a roller coaster in 15 years, FIFTEEN YEARS!

Saving Coins with Groupon Coupons

Hey Cuties, Today is all about deals, deals, deals. Spring is here and I want to shop for new clothes.  I'm planning a few trips for the family. I've already given my limbs to pay for summer camp. I've donated my body to science so I could pay for the braces my man-child now has in his mouth. This means I am desperately holding on to the last couple of coins I have. 
Ten Management Tips for the Busy Woman. 2016 Mazda CX 3 Grand Touring Car Review #DriveMazda

Ten Management Tips for the Busy Woman {Mazda CX 3 Grand Touring}

Hey Cuties, How are ya? I've been busy the last half of the month, and May is shaping up to be even crazier. This is the life we live and we don't mind; it isn't always this way. As the kids get older they have more activities than we do. People frequently ask HOW DO YOU DO IT ALL? The short answer is I don't; if I'm amazing at one thing something somewhere is suffering. I'm certain that my floor boards are dusty, the ceiling fans too, and several other things. I'm going to get a Groupon for that... more on that in another post.

Big Wheeling it with a GMC Yukon Denali

Hey Cuties,

I was riding around and getting it for a full week thanks to the dope folks at GMC. Yes they gave me a GMC Yukon, Denali fully loaded and sent me on my way. This truck made me feel like I was in charge, like seriously I had a big ego, a real big ego. It was like driving a new age spaceship. I know I've seen this in a movie somewhere.


Happy Good Friday Cuties, If you haven't picked up all of your Easter goodies click HERE and HERE for last minute ideas. We had a family filled Easter last year, I've not made any legit plans for this year so I guess we will wing it. What I am sure about is this #FATSNACKS FRIDAY!!!!! When I say I hope you've had a meal or are presently munching while you read. I'm looking out for your best interest. I want you to have nice things. If not, you will be 1. Hungry 2. Angry 3. Hangry. I'm just saying, it's a thing look it up!

Couples Weekend Turn Up

Hey Cuties, On Monday I promised to tell you about my adventurous weekend, well like to hear about it hear it goes. Over the weekend we set out for our second annual couple's trip. We headed back up the Blue Ridge Mountains to the Wintergreen Resort. We had some unfinished business from last year.  Same great destination, same beautiful house but a slight remix of couples. I must be honest, I was unsure if this trip would be as great as the last. No shade! You change one thing, you change everything.

2016 Kia Sorento SX V6 Car Review

Hey Cuties,

I hope you're off to a dope week thus far. If not, fix it, turn it around, and make lemonade out of your lemons. It is raining animals from the sky in the DC area but I've got on my cute Converse Rubber sneakers so I'm good. Our commute home this evening will be nasty. I need folks to drive like they have some sense. I was given this 2016 Kia Sorento SX V6 to test drive for a week. You know I had to share my opinions with my crew.   You already know...