These blog post are about my adventures traveling to new or old places.

Big Wheeling it with a GMC Yukon Denali

Hey Cuties,

I was riding around and getting it for a full week thanks to the dope folks at GMC. Yes they gave me a GMC Yukon, Denali fully loaded and sent me on my way. This truck made me feel like I was in charge, like seriously I had a big ego, a real big ego. It was like driving a new age spaceship. I know I've seen this in a movie somewhere.


Happy Good Friday Cuties, If you haven't picked up all of your Easter goodies click HERE and HERE for last minute ideas. We had a family filled Easter last year, I've not made any legit plans for this year so I guess we will wing it. What I am sure about is this #FATSNACKS FRIDAY!!!!! When I say I hope you've had a meal or are presently munching while you read. I'm looking out for your best interest. I want you to have nice things. If not, you will be 1. Hungry 2. Angry 3. Hangry. I'm just saying, it's a thing look it up!

Couples Weekend Turn Up

Hey Cuties, On Monday I promised to tell you about my adventurous weekend, well like to hear about it hear it goes. Over the weekend we set out for our second annual couple's trip. We headed back up the Blue Ridge Mountains to the Wintergreen Resort. We had some unfinished business from last year.  Same great destination, same beautiful house but a slight remix of couples. I must be honest, I was unsure if this trip would be as great as the last. No shade! You change one thing, you change everything.

2016 Kia Sorento SX V6 Car Review

Hey Cuties,

I hope you're off to a dope week thus far. If not, fix it, turn it around, and make lemonade out of your lemons. It is raining animals from the sky in the DC area but I've got on my cute Converse Rubber sneakers so I'm good. Our commute home this evening will be nasty. I need folks to drive like they have some sense. I was given this 2016 Kia Sorento SX V6 to test drive for a week. You know I had to share my opinions with my crew.   You already know...

Happy New Year : MimiCutelips 2015 Year in Review

Hey Cuties,

We are down to the last day of 2015, Happy New Year! I appreciate you for rocking with me. I hope I've shared something that connected with you one way or another.  I read all your comments and I try to reply to each of them. I don't take your time for granted, you could be anywhere in the world but I appreciate that you come here to chat with me. This year has been major in a rather low key kind of way. Sometimes it takes some reflecting to realize just how far you've come. That applies across the board in life, when we are in the thick of things it's hard to realize the how far we've come. 2015 was a year of preparation for me and let me tell you MIMICUTELIPS IS READY HONEY!

2015 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport

Hey Cuties,

I've been meaning to share this nice set of wheels with you. I'm a Mom on the go, I'm picking up the kids, dropping them off, taking them to sports you know, the usual mom taxi life. This also includes my frequent runs to Target, the craft stores and Costco; those are more so for me than the kids. Shout out to the folks at DriveShop for allowing my family and I seven sweet days to test drive the 2015 Mitsubishi, Outlander Sport.

Christmas in New York

Hey Cuties,

How was the weekend? Are you still shopping, just starting or flat out over the holidays? Have you put in your vacation leave for the rest of the year? I'm counting down my last few days in the office until the New Year. Last week I hit up New York to check out some eats, shopping and the beautiful holiday decor. I typically go in the warmer months but the holiday decor is really something to experience.

Miami #FatSnacks

Hey Cuties,

I'm back talking about one of my absolute loves #FatSnacks. Food, grub, la comida, aliments, sustenance, provisions, rations, three hots whatever you call it. Food is very near and dear to my heart as I frequently talk about it on the blog. In particular food with parents gives me the greatest job. This is part III, the final installment of the Miami series. You can catch up here Part I & Part II

Happy Birthday MimiCuteLips

Hey Cuties,

As promised this is part two of my three part Miami recap. The first part was the SOAR Retreat, that was the reason for my trip to Miami. This part is about the celebration that took place while we were there. On our third day {10.18.} I turned 36 years old so I extended my trip a bit to celebrate. You know I love all things Miami, I went earlier this year and shared all of the deliciousness that took place.