It’s here Netflix and XFINITY X1 have Netflix and chilled

Hey Cuties, There is no turning back now; we are officially full steam ahead into the Christmas holiday. That means a variety of things to some and nothing at all to others. Before I became a Mom Christmas had all but died in my world. People weren't just vying to buy grown adults presents so it was no longer on my radar. After having a baby something about motherhood changed Christmas for me. I now saw Christmas through my kid's eyes.

Harrison Blake Apparel Is Guaranteed Sexy For Your Man

Hey Cuties, I am full steam ahead into the holiday season; I told you I started shopping months ago. Every year you have that someone that is hard to shop for and it's usually the men in our lives. Although they may be hard to shop for I don't believe in crappy gifts. Babe has never gotten soap on a rope or any of the other thoughtless gifts people give men. This year I'm throwing you a lifeline, I've got the gift for the men in your life. Not only is it an excellent gift choice, it can be a gift that keeps on giving.

Pajama Jammy Jam

Hey Cuties,

I've been catching up on Netflix, clearing off my DVR and watching old movies. You know, all the important things you do while staycating. I was out of breath after watching House Party when I realized I hadn't shared my Pajama Jammy Jam with you. You can't watch this movie and not bust out some old school moves. I always wanted to be Sharane, don't judge me.   We had so much going on in December I didn't get a chance to recap it all. I have two more days left in the year and I plan to get caught up.

I Hate You So Much Right Now #YouDeserveBetter

Hey Cuties, Friday is here and the work week for most is coming to a close in a few hours. Are you doing anything fun this weekend? We are taking the little one to see the Christmas lights at the Zoo. We've never been before but The Style Medic suggested it. Plus, FREE! I've had a busy week, but it was productive. My allergies have been on 5,000 thanks to the 60+ temps.  It is a trade off and I am willing to suck it up, even if I sound funny due to my congestion.


This week's theme is right on time, we are finally getting a taste of spring-like temps in the DC area.   Project 52 Photo Challenge is in week 14 and this week's theme is Easter.  We are fresh off Easter and had a great time with the family. I've been waiting to share but held out for today.