Rule of Thirds #OurProject52

Week eleven of Our Project 52 is here and I wasn't feeling it. This week's theme is Rule of Thirds, if you are a camera enthusiast/avid photog then you are in the know already. For me, I was tardy to this party but thanks to modern conveniences and all things YouTube I've since arrived.

Now that I'm all knowledgeable and stuff I started using the grid on my iPhone camera. I had no idea what it was for prior to this week. Don't judge me monkey.

Review: LuLaRoe Leggings & Pencil Skirt

I can't shop for myself and LittleCuteLips in the same store often, that just isn't a thing that happens. Enter LuLaRoe, they are a fun mobile pop-up boutique offering trendy fashion for women and girls of all shapes and sizes. I hope you read that as mother daughter cuteness, because I totally did.  They have clothes for women from size 0 to 24!

blue jeans

Blue #OurProject52


One of my favorite things in the world are blue jeans. I'm such a t-shirt and blue jean girl. Most people put on all black when they step out but not me. I put on blue jeans, a funky tee and some heels; add a blazer, subtract a tee and add a tank top. I'm all about mixing and matching it up. Blue jeans are a year around thing, can't go wrong with that.