These blog post share more about me as a person. Personal feelings, life lessons, reflection, etc.

This body in a 2 piece #MySwimsuitStyle

Calling all Summer Ready Cuties!

Every year we say we are going to work on our summer bodies. We are going to do this by summer. Look like that by summer. Now let's be real, some of us just say it out of habit. Some of us actually take action and others of us pray without taking action. As Mom's this list is ten times longer. We are worried about our stretch marks, the extra weight we've gained. The girls don't quite sit up like they used to. We would feel cuter if... We would look better if. Bump all of that embrace YOU as YOU are at this very moment.

Anxiety is that you?

Hey Cuties,

I’ve been in Miami for a few days enjoying some much needed R&R with my Cuties.  I’m constantly on the go at home so much I didn’t realize how exhausted my body really was.  The older I get the more I really learn who I am and the things that make me Mi.  I own them all.

411 on Allergy Testing

Hey Cuties!

I posted a pic on FB & IG of my arm during my allergy testing. I got a lot of questions on both so I decided to share the full experience.  After suffering from allergies for 14 years I decided to go and get an allergy test. I didn't do much research {by design} and I wasn't sure what I was in for. Nevertheless I needed it done, wanted it done and I was getting it done. That attitude would serve me well during the process.

Dreams Came True in 2014

2014 is coming to a close and like many of you I'm reflecting on my year. I did a lot of cool things, I went a lot of cool places, I forced myself outside of my comfort zone and it all paid off. Sometimes the payoff didn't come until down the road and other times the payoff was simply personal growth. Either way I was receptive to it.

Earlier this year I attended the Newsbabes Bash event last minute and I had the time of my life. I went alone and met almost all of my favorite news reporters. They were all really nice and it was for a great cause; Jim Vance was my favorite for sure. Full story HERE

I am thankful 3

I am thankful for

The four of us celebrated Thanksgiving at home and in our pajamas for the first time. We are always on the go and hardly have time to just lay around and do nothing. This year we did just that and I'm thankful for it. Now I'm what I call a new age gal, I don't do the old school cooking and such. I can only make a couple of things from scratch and I don't own a sifter or a rolling pin.

NYC, Motown the Musical & 60

October kicks of a heavy birthday season in my immediate family. This year we've had three monumental birthdays in a month's time. Can you see my money blowing in the wind? I turned 35 in October and my family gave me the best surprise birthday party ever. A month later my first born turned 10 and we gave him a Minecraft birthday party. Three days later my Mommy turned 60. Well we had to "turn up" just the same for her. My sister and I decided to whisk Mommy away to NYC for two days and see Motown on Broadway. Mommy loves the oldies and so do I.

First Time Mom – 10th Anniversary

I was 24, I was a girls girls. I was out partying five days a week. I'm talking life of the party, if the doors were open I was there. I had a job I liked, I made pretty good money, and I had a little car and a new apartment. Life was moving fast... I had been single for the first time in my adult life for two years. I was living it up and all about making up for lost time. I met this little cutie pie and I started spending a lot of my time with him. Little by little I was spending less time being the footloose and fancy free party girl and getting to know this cutie. As life would have it this cutie pie and I would collaborate on one of my greatest projects to date. On, Wednesday, November 17, 2004 we would welcome our son, Nasir Robinson to the world. I was a first time mom, now what?