These blog post share more about me as a person. Personal feelings, life lessons, reflection, etc.

Cancer changes things…

Cancer changes things

I don’t typically blog about my personal life but I felt led to do so… On January 20th my life was forever changed… my mother was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. During the car ride back home, I put on my brave face and tried not to act differently; when in reality our lives were forever changed. Changed because this is something we need to fight aggressively. Changed because this will always be a concern with my mom; changed because my sister and I need to be sure to get breast exams much earlier as we might be a little more susceptible to breast cancer.

My 12 Days before Christmas

12/13/10: On the 12th day before Christmas my true love gave to me... FRIENDSHIP!
For some reason today I've been exceptionally emotional, which so isn't my thing. I chatted with my Godson's mother and wow. We've been friends for over 15 years.  We've grown together, apart, individually, and together again. We went from walking to the bus stop together every day in HS, to getting married around the same time, to moving around with our spouses, to now being settled in life and motherhood. We've evolved so much as individuals but have never lost our friendship. We are friends for life and that won't ever change. Friends are the sisters God forgot to give us.

What you won’t do for love…

I spoke with a girlfriend today and our discussion turned to relationships. We began to discuss what we (people) want vs. what you (people) accept. What makes us happy? How do we get our wants out of life without settling? This logic expands across a variety of subjects but ours was concentrated on relationships.
Are we settling if we put our wants on hold for someone else; or are we compromising? How does one determine what is a compromise and what is giving up on what you want?
Our discussion gave me pause and sent my mind racing all over the place.  Nobody is perfect but do you settle for 8 out of 10? If so which 8 out of 10 do you go for? Do you marry 8 out of 10, or do you search for 9 out of 10 and hope you are lucky enough to find that 10 out of 10? In life we (people) tend to have this “grass is greener” type of mentality. As we get older we learn to realize that all that glitters isn’t exactly gold.

You can get the finger!

I was on a quest to find some super cute aqua socks. I began to Google search to find something cute and stylish. You know how I do! In my search I came across Vibram Five Fingers they are shoes that look like toe socks. Sweet I know, so I find a City Sports (2 blocks from my job) that sells them. I go in and check them out. What do I see a PINK PAIR! I immediately try them on and OMG it was heaven right here on earth. I purchased them and the craze began. I rocked them in Target and people would stop and ask me questions. Others would just point and talk about them amongst themselves. It's really funny to see how people respond to them. The comfort is amazing; it really does feel like you are barefoot. You have a thin piece of rubber under the bottom and even that's designed really cute like. I wear toe socks in the winter so I had no problems adjusting to my toes being separated; for others that might take some getting used to. I can't wait to sport them on the beach.

What will you leave behind?

Today I attended the memorial service for Mr. Paul S. Devrouax Jr. he was a principal in Devrouax & Purnell, one of Washington's largest black-owned architecture firms. He and his partner, Marshall Purnell, designed the Frank D. Reeves Municipal Center, the first major building to rise on U Street in decades. It was at the vanguard of an entire neighborhood's revival... For more than 30 years, Paul S. Devrouax Jr. helped weave the urban fabric of Washington. He and his firm worked on some of the region's largest and most significant buildings, including the Walter E. Washington Convention Center, the Pepco building, what is now Verizon Center and the Freddie Mac headquarters in McLean. Along with HOK Sport of Kansas City, Devrouax & Purnell designed Washington's Nationals Park, which opened in 2008.

Synchronize the time…

Where did all my time go? I'm putting an A.P.B out on the time, most importantly MY time. I have been a mom for 5 years + 10 months of pregnancy. I have been a significant other since age 16 (with a 2 year break in there). I have worked a 9 to 5 since age 18. I am a homeowner (read maid) I run a successful business {Life Inspired Professional Services (LIPS) for over 1 year now. Not to mention a great friend, daughter, sister, auntie and a host of other titles.

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