Happy New Year 2011 (1)
Thanks for stopping by and checking out what I have to say from time to time. I really appreciate that and hope you return in the New Year and maybe bring a friend along with ya.
This year I don't really have any resolutions.  2010 as a great year for me, I achieved my main goal for the year (June) and that was monumental. We are talking life changing and long lasting. (Insert check mark here). This year I have two main goals, both stored in my mind though. I won't write them down nor will I share them. HOWEVER when they happen I will blog about it. ;) I will also reference this post when I do. hahahaha Yall know I keep it real and I'm a lady of my word.

My 12 Days before Christmas

12/13/10: On the 12th day before Christmas my true love gave to me... FRIENDSHIP!
For some reason today I've been exceptionally emotional, which so isn't my thing. I chatted with my Godson's mother and wow. We've been friends for over 15 years.  We've grown together, apart, individually, and together again. We went from walking to the bus stop together every day in HS, to getting married around the same time, to moving around with our spouses, to now being settled in life and motherhood. We've evolved so much as individuals but have never lost our friendship. We are friends for life and that won't ever change. Friends are the sisters God forgot to give us.

Seasons of Love

The holiday time is upon us and like clock work there is a commercial on TV that plays Seasons of Love. I totally love this song. It takes me to another place and I get all gay over it.  I had my Babe download the musical RENT on my Zune (mp3 player) just so I could sing along and cry with such excitement like the maniac that I am. I could just listen to this song over and over again. So I had to share it with yall. Listen to this YouTube clip compliments of OfficialSeanMatthews

2010 Year In Review

MimiCuteLips is a girl of many faces. My hairstyle changes depending on the direction of the wind, sun, cloud, sale, pump, purse, earring, WHATEVER! So here is my Year (Hair) in Review.
Perm w/ long bang piece Jan. 1, 2010

What you won’t do for love…

I spoke with a girlfriend today and our discussion turned to relationships. We began to discuss what we (people) want vs. what you (people) accept. What makes us happy? How do we get our wants out of life without settling? This logic expands across a variety of subjects but ours was concentrated on relationships.
Are we settling if we put our wants on hold for someone else; or are we compromising? How does one determine what is a compromise and what is giving up on what you want?
Our discussion gave me pause and sent my mind racing all over the place.  Nobody is perfect but do you settle for 8 out of 10? If so which 8 out of 10 do you go for? Do you marry 8 out of 10, or do you search for 9 out of 10 and hope you are lucky enough to find that 10 out of 10? In life we (people) tend to have this “grass is greener” type of mentality. As we get older we learn to realize that all that glitters isn’t exactly gold.

DIY Costume “MimiMouse”

Hey Cuties,

I don't typically dress up for Halloween but this year my niece (5 years old) was having a Birthday Halloween Party. She requested everyone come dressed in costumes. I knew right away I wanted to go as Minnie Mouse but this also means I need a Mickey Mouse. We will get to that part later. In July of this year, we took our son to Disney World. You know, where the magic happens. While there I got some ears for myself and my son. You can't go without getting the ears.

The Vintage Pearl

I've been meaning to write this particular blog for some time but realized I hadn't taken the pictures that I needed to do it justice. I've finally gotten my act together and so here it is. One day back in March/April I was reading one of my favorite mommy blogs Mom2y6pack and she mentioned another mommy blog that makes jewelry. TheVintagePearl was the name and the blog was very cute but the jewelry was even better. I browsed the entire site and immediately thought this was the answer to my mom's Mother's Day gift. I love anything customized/personalized and my mom has been wanting something like this for some time. My first order was a necklace for my mother. It was two hollow circles one slightly larger than the other. On the big outer ring was mine and my sisters first name. On the inner hollow circle were the names of my niece and my son. I was pumped up about my order yet nervous at the same time. I hadn't thought of a plan b gift if this didn't work out. Rest assure I received it a few weeks later and it was a beauty. It came in a little small draw string mesh bag with a tiny silver cleaning cloth. The package was really cute and simply most importantly it was gift ready. LOVE IT!