#FatSnacks Friday Wine Ice Cubes


Happy #FatSnacks Friday Cuties! I am half way to New York for a little fun and #FatSnacks in the Big Apple. {Follow me on Snap Chat mimicutelips & IG to keep up with me this weekend.} You know I love that city like a fat kid loves cake. Plus, I did a seven year stint their as a child. Peep my past NYC Eats post here and here. In the name of a great weekend I'm sharing some wine ice cubes I made for my Mother's Day Tea Party. If your new here, then this graphic will explain what #FatSnacks is all about.
Runway Moms for a Cause 2016 Recap. Fashion event for a cause. #RunwayMoms

Strut a Cat Walk Check! Runway Moms for a Cause Recap

Hey Cuties, I survived a booked weekend and I enjoyed every minute of it. I kicked the weekend off at the Runway Moms for a Cause charity fashion show. I gave you the details back in March and the time has finally arrived. I followed up all of this glam with a Mud Run, stay tuned for the recap on Wednesday.  I have always been a model in my own mind; I'm a lot of things in my own mind. I did beauty pageants as a teen but they weren't enjoyable.  I did some faux modeling in my early 20's and that is it. Now at an amazing 36 my dreams have been solidified and I'm giving it all to you in one dose.
Monumental Moments, Kia Optima Car Review

Tips for Capturing Monumental Moments in a Kia Optima SXL

Hey Cuties, I've always been the picture taker, but with so much growth and change I'm really trying to make sure I capture the monumental moments.  I have a crazy busy weekend that I can't wait to share next week. The Runway Moms for a Cause event is this evening. Insert dramatic runway walk with killer turn.  On Saturday I will be doing the Dirty Girls Mud Run, I hope the weather gets the memo, so far it doesn't look like it.  You can follow my activities on SnapChat {mimicutelips} and Instagram.
Mother's Day Tea Party 2016

Mother’s Day Tea Party {Gold, Black & White Theme}

Hey Cuties, I told you I spent my Mother's Day doing much of nothing. The truth is on Saturday I had turned up so much I was exhausted.  I hosted my annual Mother's Day Tea Party; that night Babe and I turned up with Fantasia & Anthony Hamilton.  Back to my tea party; the entire time I was planning it I was excited about spilling the tea post party. I changed things all the way up this year and I was proud of my creativity. I need to work on sponsorship and out sourcing for the next one.  I hosted my first Mother's Day Tea back in 2010, we had so much fun we decided I would do this every year.  So in 2011 I hosted my second Mother's Day Tea.  
Super League- Minecraft Game Event Recap

Super League Minecraft Game Event Recap

Hey Cuties, How was the weekend? Did you get and give all the Mother's Day love you desired? I didn't want to do anything but parenting has no days off. My daughter didn't get the "Don't ask Mommy, ask Daddy for everything today" memo. On Saturday I hosted a Mother's Day Tea; it was an annual thing but I fell off the past four years. At my daughters request and a little pushing from the ladies in the family I got that old thing back. The Tea Party is for the mothers and daughters in my family as well as close friends. It is the reverse He-Man Woman Haters Club (c) Little Rascals, so Babe and the Man-child went to the Super League Minecraft Gaming event.
Shonda Rhimes + The cast of Scandal + MimiCuteLips + DC = A Scandal-ous Event Recap

Shonda Rhimes + The cast of Scandal + MimiCuteLips + DC

Hey Cuties, I have been bubbling over with excitement since Thursday; it seems the Universe and I have gotten our two step in sync. There is no secret that #TGIT trends every Thursday night as the work of the extremely talented Shonda Rhimes takes over the ABC Network. #Goals 8PM: Grey's Anatomy 9PM: Scandal 10PM: How to get Away with Murder. This WOMAN, this BLACK WOMAN is ruling a major network in a major time slot and killing the ratings. Let that sink in for a moment. There is no doubt that girls can't run the world.
Saving Coins with Groupon Coupons

Saving Coins with Groupon Coupons

Hey Cuties, Today is all about deals, deals, deals. Spring is here and I want to shop for new clothes.  I'm planning a few trips for the family. I've already given my limbs to pay for summer camp. I've donated my body to science so I could pay for the braces my man-child now has in his mouth. This means I am desperately holding on to the last couple of coins I have. 
Astro Doughnut & Fried Chicken - Home of the doughnuts fried chicken sandwich

#FATSNACKS FRIDAY: Astro Doughnuts & Fried Chicken

Hey Cuties, Friday was so kind to grace us with its presence and so I am so graciously blessing you with another #FatSnacks Friday.  Yesterday was Take Your Child to Work Day and I brought my girl with me. She has no idea what I or my agency does but she had a great time. That is all that matters, when I went to work with my Mom as a kid I had no idea what her job was about either.  I left out of that joint with money, food, office supplies and a lot of great memories.  In honor of the day I took my girl out to a new spot for lunch. It was so bomb I had to feature it on #FatSnacks Friday.
Ten Management Tips for the Busy Woman. 2016 Mazda CX 3 Grand Touring Car Review #DriveMazda

Ten Management Tips for the Busy Woman {Mazda CX 3 Grand Touring}

Hey Cuties, How are ya? I've been busy the last half of the month, and May is shaping up to be even crazier. This is the life we live and we don't mind; it isn't always this way. As the kids get older they have more activities than we do. People frequently ask HOW DO YOU DO IT ALL? The short answer is I don't; if I'm amazing at one thing something somewhere is suffering. I'm certain that my floor boards are dusty, the ceiling fans too, and several other things. I'm going to get a Groupon for that... more on that in another post.