Welcome, I’m Mimi.

Mimi Robinson is a Lifestyle Media Correspondent, podcaster, content creator, and social media veteran in the Washington, DC area with 25+ years of connecting and building relationships online. She was blogging before it became an official term. She started in 2006 when she cut off her chemically straightened hair and chronicled her natural hair journey online. She began to build a community without knowing it. She shared hair tutorials, product reviews, and outfit of the day type of posts with her natural hair village.

“What is for me won’t miss me!”

In 2010 Mimi expanded beyond her natural hair journey and created what you know today as MimiCuteLips.com.  With 18 years in the blogging game, she has continued to foster a community of women. In 2015 Mimi began to work with brands, and quickly fell in love with all things media; she is a natural in front of the camera. In 2018 Mimi started Mimi Said What?!, a weekly podcast of unfiltered girlfriend chatter with a dose of TV & entertainment and a side of pop culture.  Mimi is a wife and a mother of two residing in Maryland.

brand ambassador + Influencer +
Media Correspondent + social media manager

For Hire

Mimi is a brand ambassador, social media influencer, social media manager and freelancer who likes working with brands. If you are looking for any of the following, or have a dope idea email [email protected].

  • Red Carpet/Event Media Coverage
  • Lifestyle TV/Radio segments
  • Event Hosting/Emcee
  • Event attendance w/ Event coverage
  • Speaking + Panel Discussions + Press Trips
  • Sponsored blog posts
  • Sponsored Social Media Campaigns (Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest)

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