The Truth About MimiCuteLips In 5 Fascinating Facts

Hey Cuties, One of the things I want to do this year on MimiCuteLips.com is to share more of me. More of who I am as a person, what I've experienced in life and how I got to be the dope ass chick that you know me as today. I'm so fascinated by people's stories, I like to know the who, what, when, where and why. So it's only fair that I share some of that myself.

#FatSnacks Friday Quick and Easy Yummy House Salad

Hey Cuties, Happy #FatSnacks Friday, it has been a minute I know. This is our first one of 2018 and you might think its super lame but it isn't. Summer bodies are made in the winter although I'm not actually working on my summer body.  I totally should but whateve; I just like food that tastes amazing in my mouth. This is also a great meal when you don't know what to cook, don't feel like cooking and or you are like me and your kid has late night sports during the work week.

5 Things You Need To Consider Before Going To Therapy

Hey Cuties, You already know my word for the year is intentional, although it is my word for 2018 I began being intentional at the end of 2017. I saw a therapist for the first time; actually for the second time in my life. My Mom took me to one when I was really young, she thought something was wrong with me and was looking for a fix. As it turns out, nothing was wrong, I was just a busybody and needed to be kept busy. Ha! I have no recollection of this but the story makes me giggle.

Have You Seen All This Black Magic On My TV?

Hey Cuties, I've long shared my love for TV and the abundance of time I spend watching it. Well, the winter break is over and some of my old faithful shows have returned. OH MY GOSH did you see Grey's Anatomy last week? Shut yo mouth! It was so freaking good. I can't wait for this weeks episode. The Post winter break also introduced us to a few new shows. Hello, I've got new love drugs to share.

What New Thing Are You Learning This Year?

Hey Cuties, In my quest to be intentional in 2018 I am changing things up a bit around MimiCuteLips Land. I'm going to do a two post a week format and do more YouTube videos. That means subscribe if you haven't. Don't worry you can always chat it up with me on social media. Instagram is my favorite, but you can find me on Twitter and Facebook as well. Oh, and if you subscribe to my newsletter you get Cutie Mail every Friday. Eeeek!

My Kid Forced Me To Conquer My Fear Of Ice Skating

Hey Cuties, Friday was a special day in the MimiCuteLips household. "My Girl", aka LittleCuteLips turned 6 years old. She had been counting down for a week and was super excited.  Although she is the baby of the family she is also the old lady of the family. She knows what she wants and she isn't afraid to tell you. Birthdays are a big deal to her, she believes they should all be a major over the top celebration. Oh, and she doesn't' really want me to plan them for her. She wants full creative control.

Oprah Told Me To Conquer The World And Speak My Truth

Hey Cuties, On Sunday, I watched the Golden Globes, now usually I'm only here for the red carpet but this time I watched almost all of it. I was excited about This Is Us and Sterling K Brown. I also wanted to see how Issa Rae did with her nomination and a few others. In true fashion, Auntie Oprah took the stage and set my whole entire soul on fire.  I'm all about being intentional.

I Died Laughing At The 85 South Show

Hey Cuties, Are you bundled up for the arctic blast we’ve been experiencing? We’ve had high’s in the single digits. Charleston, SC got 4 inches of snow, that is the most they have had in 30+ years. Oh, and Tallahassee, FL got snow as well. Some folks are pretending that Global Warming isn’t a thing because it gets cold but ummm… these are receipts. I’m just saying.

The Word For My Year Is Intentional

Hey Cuties, We've survived the first five days of the year and I'm sure you've done your reflection on the previous year. You've given thought to your hopes and dreams for the new year. You've put some goals in place, maybe even made a vision board.  If you are like me you have plans to work on the vision board, but don't worry you have time.