DIY Halloween Costume

You See This Absolutely Adorable DIY Princess Tiana Costume?

Hey Cuties, I had an amazing weekend, Saturday I hung out with family and friends. Sunday I didn't leave home and I was okay with it. I watched a bit of the Washington vs. Baltimore game in London. I did laundry, repaired my kitchen, downloaded a ton of pictures, did my daughters hair and a few other things. On top of that I still have a bunch of things I didn't get to. When are they going to make the weekend three days?

DIY Clown Halloween Costume {WBALTV 11}

Hey Cuties,

I hope you had a dope weekend. Mine was busy but a lot of fun. We did a Trick or Treat event at the National Harbor with the littlest Cutie on Saturday followed by a Halloween Housewarming. On Sunday I graced the studio of WBALTV in Baltimore, MD. My segment was on *drum roll* DIY Halloween Costumes.  I had a blast, I need to get my face on TV more often, I felt right at home.

DIY Snail Costume

Hey Cuties, We are pressing the wrap it up button on September and October arrives in a few short days. HELLO LIBRA SEASON!!! #1018 Okay, so I get a bit excited about my birthday month but this excitement is for Halloween. I don't decorate our home and I don't enjoy the scary creepy things about Halloween. Why, you ask because I'm scary as he!!. What I do enjoy is the adorable little kiddies that ring my doorbell dressed in their uber cute costumes. A lot of parents buy costumes and that is totally okay if you are feeling a bit crafty I am going to show you how to make a snail costume.