You Better Go See Bad Boys Ride Or Die

If there is one thing you should know about me is that I’m going to be a Bad Boys fan for life. I’m talking about ride or die just like they are. As long as Martin Lawrence (Marcus Burnett) and Will Smith (Mike Lowrey) are making these movies I will watch them. Sign me up for the Bad Boys of Shady Pines and all of that.

This week we attended an advance screening of Bad Boys Ride or Die. This is the 4th installment of the Bad Boys franchise. If you’ve not seen any of the movies I recommend watching them in order before going to see the 4th installment. No matter what go see Bad Boys Ride or Die it is far superior than Bad Boys 3.

Here is a little backstory on the movies

  • Bad Boys (1995) Michael Bay 1hr 59m
  • Bad Boys II (2003) Michael Bay 2hr 27m
  • Bad Boys for Life (2020) Adil El Arbi Bilall Fallah 2hr 4m
  • Bad Boys: Ride or Die (2024) Adil El Arbi Bilall Fallah 1hr 50m

This spoiler-free review starts at 14:25

Go see Bad Boys Ride or Die exclusively in theaters on June 7th. Do yourself a favor and go see this movie. It gives us the action that we’ve come to know and love in the Bad Boys franchise. Marcus and Mike are back at it and they keep us laughing. It is the perfect movie to go see with your Bestie aka your ride or die. I saw it with both of mine, my husbae and bestie Te Espi.

go see bad boys ride or die

If I had to rank the Bad Boy franchise in order based on my favorites it would look something like this:

  • Bad Boys 2
  • Bady Boys 4
  • Bad Boys 1
  • Bad Boys 3
go see bad boys ride or die

It was fitting that I wear my Will Smith t-shirt to the screening. I’ve been a Will fan since Fresh Prince of Bel Air, I ain’t new to this!

Which Bad Boys movie is your favorite and how many times have you watched it?

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