Do You Know How To Get On TV?

Hey Cuties, I am always asked, "How did I get on TV?" My experiences are rather different from one another.  However, there is more than one way to skin a cat. I'm sharing what has successfully worked for me. This doesn't mean a different path won't get you the same results.

Do You Know How To Decorate The Table For Easter?

Hey Cuties, Today is another big day; did you see me on ABC 7/ News channel 8 this morning? I was on at 9:15 this morning talking about DIY Easter Crafts. My Segment included: A TuTu Easter Basket, Easter Bunny T-Shirt, Jelly Bean Topiary Tree, Easter Mason Jars, and a Chocolate Bunny Treat. All crafts are less than $20 and require no prior crafting skills. I've become a regular on the news and I love sharing my creativity with the world. They need to give me a permanent gig.

This is the Cutest Truffula Tree Shirt From The Lorax

Hey Cuties, Today is Dr. Seuss Birthday, also known as National Read Across America Day. It is an annual event created by the National Education Association to promote reading. A lot of the schools have kids dress as their favorite Dr. Seuss character or a character from their favorite book. I will be reading a couple of Dr. Seuss books to LittleCuteLips and her daycare class. I also picked up a couple of goodies for them.  The first National Read Across America Day was held on March 2 in 1998.

Do you believe in the magic of the Tooth fairy?

LittleCuteLips hasn't been five a month yet we are dealing with five year old things. Some of these things a bit more exciting than others.  Friday she had her 5 year old well visit followed by a dental cleaning.  She has been complaining about her gum in the back, and it was just what I thought. She has an adult tooth coming in. Although I'd told her that was probably the reason for the discomfort it didn't hit me until the dentist said it. EXCUSE ME SIR, YOU DON'T KNOW MY LIFE! Okay, he totally does but what I heard was my baby isn't a baby anymore. Because he is a smarty pants he told me her first tooth was loose.

After The Women’s March What Happens Now?

Hey Cuties, This was a long politically charged weekend and I have the joy of living in the DC Metro area. We had thousands of folks in town for the Inauguration on Friday and millions on Saturday for the Women’s March.  I made Friday and anti-political day — I just didn’t want to deal with it. Babe and I dropped the kids off and set out on a Day Date. We went to see the new movie, Sleepless with Jaime Fox. I wasn’t familiar with this movie but Babe usually has good recommendations, so I rolled with it. We followed that up with lunch, scooped up LittleCuteLips and then cheered the Man-Child on at his basketball game. Although, we ushered in a new administration on Friday, I focused on those that mean the most to me because of my sanity.

Do You Know How Easy It Is To Make This DIY Collar?

Hey Cuties, I've been getting my DIY on as of late; my crafting mojo is in overdrive right now and I'm going to ride the wave. With that said this is another craft, I've been wanting to do for a long time.  Pinterest will make you feel like you can make anything.  You don't need any prior craft abilities to make this collar. Fashion week is starting and I will be rocking my own looks.