Do You Know How To Get On TV?

Hey Cuties,

I am always asked, “How did I get on TV?” My experiences are rather different from one another. However, there is more than one way to skin a cat. I’m sharing what has successfully worked for me. This doesn’t mean a different path won’t get you the same results.

how to get on TV

I’ve been on TV representing MimiCuteLips five times. Oddly enough every time I was on it was DIY related. I keep telling y’all I’m a Craft Queen.

TIP 1: I recommend starting locally, becoming a hometown hero then work your way up. The tips I share can be applied to major networks as well.

TIP 2: Follow the local networks on social media. If you have a favorite news anchor engage with them on social media


TIP 3: Find out who the show producers are and pitch to them. If you aren’t sure, go to the channel’s website and contact a local anchor via email. Their contact information is public.

I reached out to one of my local anchors regarding a segment I would be perfect for. She told me who to contact and it worked out. My sneaker business was featured on Fox 5 DC in the “Laura Likes Segment”.

TIP 4: Pitch your segment idea. In any other setting, I fear pitching but when it comes to this I have it down.

Pitch ideas relevant to the season, this time of the year Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, graduation, wedding season, summer activities, summer camps, and ways to travel on a budget. They are all great ideas to pitch.

Don’t forget about special awareness months like Autism Awareness Month, Breast Cancer Awareness, Earth Day, World Aids Day, Black History Month, and Shop Small Business. Those are just to get your wheels turning a bit.


TIP 5: Think Outside of the box.

I pitched a Valentine’s Day segment but it was for Men. Largely Valentine’s Day is geared toward women Making men the focus it made it different than the other pitches they probably received. I had great gift items for men. I had three items you can purchase and three items you can DIY.

TIP 6: Get Sponsors (After your segment has been confirmed.)

In my first news segment, it was sponsored. A company sent me their product and I had to work it into the segment. When I did my Valentine’s Day segment I reached out to brands that I knew and loved. Some I had a relationship with and some I didn’t.

I sent them an email introducing myself, I told them I was going to be on a major TV network talking about gift ideas for men. I told them I was a fan and a customer to some and I would like to feature their products for my segment. I told them when I needed the products and how I would return the favor. I mentioned the brand and its website in my segment. I wrote a corresponding blog post and shared their products and links and I put them on my marketing materials. I have a media kit although they didn’t ask for it, you should have one too.

how to get on tv

TIP: 7 Promote Promote Promote

Create graphics announcing your TV appearance. If you have sponsors list their logos on there as well. When you post on your social media tag those brands. Show them you are worth their investment. A lot of times they will also share the information with their followers. To increase your chances of getting their attention, you could also use hashtags to try and make your posts get more likes and engagement.

how to get on TV

TIP 8: Be Prepared

Be confident in what you have to say. Create note cards for yourself with your bullet points. Pick your outfit our days in advance, jewel colors are king so go for bold solid colors. They look amazing on TV. Figure out how you want to display your items.

TIP 9: Have Fun

Relax, don’t get on TV (Live TV) in my case, and look constipated. That isn’t the look you want to go for. Practice what you want to say or talk in front of a camera. Put your phone on video mode and do a test shot to see how you do. Take note of your posture, your pronunciation, and if you look/feel comfortable in front of the camera. Don’t come up with a script but focus on the bullet points you want to reference.

How to get on TV
Babe was my +1

TIP 10: Bring a +1

Bring someone with you to help you bring in your items. They will help ease your mind and capture the behind the scene moments. Have them take a picture before you go live, post it to social media (tag your news channel and sponsors) and remind folks to tune in NOW. Have them capture a little video of you as well.

April: DIY Easter

February: Valentine’s Gift Ideas for Men

December: National Ugly Sweater Day


Do you have tips to add? Chat with me in the comment below or FB, IG or Twitter.

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  1. These are awesome tips! It takes some major work to get on television, but it can definitely be worth it. It’s VERY good for brand recognition of the blog at the least. At most, it can land you some great partnerships down the line.

  2. Fantastic tips! You look so natural on the telly. I am so shy and would stutter as is my nature :-). I like the reaching out to the brands part before going on..great idea and win-win situation.

  3. That’s great!! I think it’s awesome you were able to get a segment. I used to direct newscasts back in the day. Congrats to you and you’ve given me some ideas to learn thinking outside the box in terms of business.

  4. These are VERY good tips. Anyone who wants to get on TV should follow them. I used to be in marketing and have been on-air for things other than my blog. I actually considered doing exactly what you have done but decided against it. I do not have the energy any longer and with medical issues, I could not be reliable. Kudos to you!!! You did it the right way.
    I do agree, others may make it through a different path, but your way is tried and true!

    1. Thanks Joely. Sometimes we think things are so hard to go. The truth is a lot of times people just don’t know how.

      Hope your health gets better.

  5. It is so exciting to be on TV. Five times is fantastic. You looks amazing in these photos.

  6. I haven’t done a TV segment yet, but I was thinking of doing a few later this year. This was a great reminder to get the ball rolling now.

  7. So many awesome tips! I can see myself needing them someday too, since I am not the type that enjoys being in the spotlight, but could never turn down such an excellent opportunity either.

  8. Oh wow! This is amazing. You’re doing such good things in life! Thank you for sharing YOUR tips on how to get on TV! <3

  9. How much fun would it be to on a tv program?! I always love little segments like these! You’re such a natural in front of the camera .. I think I’d have to pretend there were no cameras and I was talking to a friend.

  10. Congrats on all of your appearances on tv! I’ve been on our news a few times talking about local deals in the area. So much fun!

  11. This was so helpful Mimi! I so took all this down to practice! Thank you for sharing, they are all important points. There was not just one I liked, they were all helpful tips 🙂
    This was packed with value!

  12. This was a helpful post because this is something I really want to do. Definitely applying these tips (and the ones you texted me *wink*)

  13. Mimi! i could just hug you. This was so right on time. I’ve recently had an opportunity fall into my lap and a sponsor step up to back me. I was telling a friend that I thought this would be something really great to share on a news segment and while I can pitch for a trip or a hotel or an activity I had no clue how to get myself on the news! I’ve bookmarked and pinned this. I’m going to get my pitch together this week.
    Question: How far in advance do they plan their segments? Like when you pitch for a holiday how far in advance are pitching them?

    1. Oh Lauren, this is the universe telling you it is your time. I need tips on pitching a trip or hotel. I try to pitch at least a month out, I want them to have me on their radar before someone else.

  14. Wow! What an amazing experience for you and you’re such a natural on TV. Looks like you’re born to be on TV. 🙂 Thanks for the tips!

  15. That’s a great tips! For addition, Build your theatre resume and get headshots done. In order to walk into any audition big or small, you need a resume and head-shots.

  16. You do well on TV. Thank you for the tips, I can use them for when I work up the nerve to get myself on there one day

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