#FatSnacks Friday Quick and Easy Yummy House Salad

Hey Cuties,

Happy #FatSnacks Friday, it has been a minute I know. This is our first one of 2018 and you might think it’s super lame but it isn’t. Summer bodies are made in the winter although I’m not working on my summer body. I totally should be looking towards summer but whatever; I just like food that tastes amazing in my mouth. This is also a great meal when you don’t know what to cook, don’t feel like cooking, or are like me and your kid has late-night sports during the work week.

easy house salad

The family and I have been hooked on salads, we change them up a little but it is our thing and we like them. Babe and LittleCuteLips love my salads so much they refuse to make them themselves. Now I don’t expect the 6-year-old to make her own but Babe has no excuse. According to them, I make them in a way that they can’t. They must think I’m stupid because it is only salad and no magic is included but I let them live and I make their salads. The Manchild doesn’t like his food to touch so he only eats the lettuce and doesn’t like salad dressing. He makes his own rabbit food.

easy house salad

Step 1: Lettuce – You can get any kind you want. I get a few different types, whatever I’m feeling or what is on sale and or in stock. Because I’m OCD I cut up everything, I firmly believe that everything tastes better when you cut it up into bite-size pieces.

easy house salad

Step #2: Mixed broccoli Slaw – This provides a nice crunch, it is broccoli, carrots and red cabbage shredded. It comes in a bag and you take a handful out and keep it moving.

easy house salad

Step #3: Broccoli – This is my favorite vegetable so it has to go in my salad. I cut off the bush part and toss the stems or you can freeze them and use them for another recipe.

easy house salad

Step #4: Tomatoes – LittleCuteLips and I love tomatoes but the boys not so much so I don’t put them in Babe’s salad. This particular time I purchase some already cut from the salad bar. Sometimes I just buy tomatoes and cut them up myself.

easy house salad

Step #5: Cheese – I love shredded cheddar cheese so that is what I go with. You can use any cheese of your choice but cheddar makes it better.

easy house salad

Step #6: Boiled Eggs – This one I make at home, buying it from the salad bar is expensive because the weight is heavy. LittleCuteLips doesn’t like the yoke in hers.

easy house salad

Step #7: Bacon – Bacon makes everything better, this time I used bacon bits. Other times I fry up bacon in the pan.

easy house salad

Step #8: Croutons – I love them and LittleCuteLips does too. Sometimes they are a little rough on the roof of your mouth.

easy house salad

Before I started making the salad I fried up some chicken tenders. If I want to take the lazy way out then I get a rotisserie chicken because it is already cooked and only cost $4.99

easy house salad

Step #9: Chicken – I sliced up the chicken tenders and put them on top. Adding chicken makes our salad filling and that is what we are always going for.

The salad also packs up nicely for lunch, I make them in mason jars. That makes it easy to transport.

Lifestyle Media Correspondent MimiCuteLips shares her signature easy house salad. You can add the meat of your choice to make it a bit more hearty. Chicken House Salad.

What is your favorite type of salad? Chat with me in the comments below or FB, IG, and Twitter.

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  1. Ok now I’m wanting a salad! Lol When I was pregnant I always craved spinach, broccoli, and cucumbers w/ranch dressing and sunflower seeds! My mouth is actually watering just thinking about it! Lol

  2. Okay so this looks DELICIOUS!!!!! Can be tweeked to make it healthier too- LOVE it! Definitely sharing this with my mum ?

  3. That’s a nice salad! I like all the different components you put in there. I usually don’t put too much on a salad unless it’s taco salad, but this sounds delicious.

  4. I love love love a good salad. Everything looks so fresh in the pictures. I’ve always wanted to try the mason jar salad. Is it all that people rave it to be?

  5. Great easy way to make a house salad. I would love to make this with my own homemade salad dressing!

  6. This is your healthiest fat snack yet. LOL. Looks really good. I am all about my salads with all the fixings.

  7. Oooh this salad looks sooo good! I love a good house salad with plenty of ingredients that’ll keep me feeling full for longer than an hour lol

  8. This salad looks so yummy. When I make my own salad it’s usually the same bland salad. Chicken, cheese, salad dressing, bacon bits, and salad. You have inspired me to go beyond that so I might try a few different things.

  9. I love the many layers of this salad. While I’m no salad expert, I need much more than just lettuce so it has to be layered up!

  10. I have been trying so hard to eat more salads and this one is right up my alley! It’s simple to make and sounds delish!

  11. That actually looks like a filling salad! I was have a problem just eating salad for lunch because I’m usually starving still after. I think I need to make one like this and that would feel me for the afternoon. It looks good.

  12. What a great salad! I love how you did the post too with the layers. I think I have all of these ingredients here and can make this tomorrow! Thanks for the recipe.

  13. This looks like a delicious and filling salad. I like to put chicken on my salad for extra protein too.

  14. I love salads that are easy to do and the dressing is vinaigrette. I find this the healthiest and flavorful too despite its simplicity.

  15. My goal this year is to have a healthy lifestyle and Indeed this is such a healthy snack. Advantage is that it is also very easy to make. Yay! Thanks for this.

  16. I love salads because they’re so easy to put together, they’re filling and you won’t feel bad about eating them afterwards. It’s definitely something that I enjoy especially during lunch time. This one’s a must try! SO simple but really good!

  17. Now this is a delicious sounding salad. I love that it is easy to make as well, sometimes that’s all you want something quick and reasonably healthy to throw together.

  18. I love salads! Especially salads with a hard boiled egg in top. This is such a wonderful healthy snack or meal. That would totally fill me up.

  19. I am such a huge fan of easy, healthy snacks and never thought of eating a salad as one. I always have these ingredients in stock in my house. Thanks for the idea.

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