Tips for an amazing Diner En Blanc Experience

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My weekend was full honey, so full I’m still trying to play catch up. On Saturday I attended Diner En Blanc and Sunday I was covering day two of the Ubiquitous Beauty & Health Expo. Both of them were equally amazing for a lot of different reasons.  I will share both of those recaps on the blog this week.  We are pressing the wrap it up button on August and about to usher in September. 

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Est. 2004

I attended Diner En Blanc for the first time last year. Babe and I managed it pretty well for first timers.  He wasn’t sold on the bring everything to have a good time concept.  This year I was content with sitting this one out but Babe wanted to go.  The guy who didn’t understand the experience wanted the experience again, so we went.  I was determined to travel a little smarter than we did last year. It wasn’t terrible but had plenty of room for improvement. Click HERE for my first Diner En Blanc. I explain what the concept is and where it came from.

What is required:

Your picnic meal

1 Table (Your table should be between 28″ and 32″ square.)

+ 2 Chairs (White chairs or white chair covers)

White tablecloth & 2 white cloth napkins

Festive table decor

2 white plates

2 sets of cutlery (no plastic)

2 wine glasses or champagne flutes

tips for diner en blanc 6

Mommy & Mi

This year Mommy was able to make it. She and her girlfriend has a good time.  This event is for anyone 21+ you will see a variety of people, a variety of ethnicities and backgrounds all having a good time in the same place. While wearing white.

What you also need: 

Bottle water – It is always hot here and fainting isn’t cute.

Cart with wheels – Because I want you to enjoy the experience start to finish

Trash Bags – Because you don’t have maid service here

Storage Bags – I used them to transport and pack up my plates. Once they get dirty putting them back in a storage bag keeps the mess to a minimum.

Wipes – Sanitation

Extra paper towels – You may have a spill and you don’t want to use your cloth napkin to clean it up.

Ice – Cold beverages

Ice packs – If you need or want to keep your items chilled.

tips for diner en blanc 11

Mi – Dress $30 H&M & Custom Converse

Video Recap

This year we ended up at Henry Bacon Ball Field, right across from the Lincoln Memorial. This was a nice little walk from the Metro, but totally worth it.






1. Set up your table display ahead of time: Do a test set up at home a few days before Diner En Blanc. Your table has to be no less than 28″ and no more than 32″ so that isn’t a lot of room to work with. You also need to make sure you have enough room for your plate after you’ve created your elaborate decor. They have a contest for the best display each year. People go all out too. I went for a less is more type of deal this year. Plus, my life was busy leading up to the event. Craft stores are perfect for this and don’t be afraid to borrow pieces. I got these letter’s for $.30 from Michael’s. I got the table cloth from JoAnn’s for $4.00. I had them cut me a yard of white fabric. The birdcage candle holders were cheap and I used a couple of coupons as well.

tips for diner en blanc

Table Prep.

2. Invest in a cart with wheels and test your packing & transport set up: You don’t know where you’re going or what the walking conditions are like. Our up escalator was broken at the train station. This means we had to carry our items up a broken escalator. Folks items were tipping over. Their packing set up was so wide that they had to walk up sideways. Pack UP not OUT. They over-packed and struggled hard.  I’m telling you because I care. The first year I packed our food and decor in a book bag and a picnic basket. They got real heavy after some time but still tolerable. People were banging up their heels, other folks heels and I would frequently hear glass crashing down to the ground. Don’t let that be you.


#1. Her chairs are heavy, go with light weight chairs. #2. He has the right idea. #3. He packed out {wide} instead of up, he will run over a few ankles. #4. Carrying heavy bags will get old really quick.

4. Be creative: This is a fun event, the more outside of the box the better. Wear that crazy hat or mask that you don’t think you will wear anywhere else. This is a great time to get your DIY on, if you are a creative like me then this is your time to shine. In 2015 my theme was pearls {jewels, sneakers and table decor} in 2016 it was diamonds {jewels & sneakers}

tips for diner en blanc 10

Diner En Blanc 2015

Fascinator: Borrowed Shirt: Target Tee Skirt: Tulle skirt aka tutu that I made.

On the way home people would stop me and say “Congratulations” to Babe and I. They thought we got married.  Nope, just Diner En Blanc.

tips for diner en blanc 16

DIY Hair Clip

I purchased this feather from Michael’s. I added rhinestone to it so it would fit my theme. Then I glued it onto a hair-clip and magic took place. It was the perfect way to accent my Mohawk.

5. Wear comfy shoes: Be cute, but be comfortable. You don’t know how long you will be walking. Now is not the time to strut the cat walk. For the past two years we’ve been in the grass, your heels are only going to sink anyway. This also goes back to the creative tips. I custom designed these myself.

Diner en Blanc Custom Kicks by Mimi

Custom Pearl Chucks for Diner En Blanc 2015

tips for diner en blanc 1

Custom Diamond Converse for Diner En Blanc 2016

I’m a Chuck Taylor type of girl anyway, so it was only right that I do it.

5. Pick a solid menu: Food is everything, but remember you will have to transport it.  This year I let Babe work the menu. We ate this last year. He did a great job. I packed our things in Tupperware and insulated lunch boxes we already owned. {Thanks kids.} This year we had salmon with a mango salsa paired with a green salad with lime vinaigrette dressing. We sipped on Country Time pink lemonade. To transport we put the powder in an empty water bottle. We had two bottles or water to pour into it and mix and serve.

tips for diner en blanc 4

DEB Dinner

We are big salmon eaters in our home. Like seriously we eat it once a week. Shout out to Capital City Mumbo sauce on our plate.

tips for diner en blanc 12

We are so cute.

We both changed up our look a bit for this year.

6. Wear white not cream: It is called blanc means white. It doesn’t mean tan, beige, cream or off white.  It looks dirty when you are among-st people wearing white.

tips for diner en blanc 13

Us and 3,500 of our closest friends

See how beautiful it is when everyone wears white? This is NOT the event to add a splash of color to your look. Save that for some other all white party.

tips for diner en blanc 5

Hands up now wave, wave, wave…

Once you arrive you immediately set up your table. Once everyone it all set up everyone raises their napkins in the air {this is why they need to be cloth} and swings them around in a circle like a helicopter. This signals the start of dinner. It looks cool too. Peep the video at the 1:00 minute mark.

tips for diner en blanc 9


After dinner I pack up things just a little bit. I leave my table set up and decor but I put away all of our dirty dishes, leftover food if there is any and drinking glass. The sun begins to set and trying and trying to pack in the dark isn’t a thing I want to do. After all of that you have a little more time until the Sparklers.

tips for diner en blanc 14

Natural beauty

This is my absolute favorite part of the night. Just look at this picture, you can see all of the lights in the background. Photo opportunities galore right now. This act signals the opening of the dance floor aka twerk time; our live band turns into a party rocking DJ.

tips for diner en blanc 8

Mommy and her girls

I can’t remember the last time the three of us got dressed up and took a picture.

tips for diner en blanc 7

Sisters & Beaus

Turn up, party of 4.


Find friends…

and snap pictures


Then dance the night away…

Tips for an amazing Diner En Blanc Experience

You have to be here to really get the feeling, but it is a really dope feeling.  Chat with me in the comment below or FB, IG or Twitter.


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Mimi Robinson is the Lifestyle Media Correspondent and editor behind MimiCuteLips®. She is a wife and mother of two. You can find Mimi working media at your favorite events, traveling and trying out new adventures, or working on a dope DIY project.

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  1. Alli Smith

    I remembering reading about this last year and thinking how fun this would be. I love seeing all the photos of everyone in white. We eat salmon at least once a week at my house too. And your custom kicks are always gorgeous. Great outfit too.

  2. Jenn @ EngineerMommy

    This is such a fun event. I’ve never been to a diner en blanc event, but I’d love to attend. The possibilities of networking with others are fabulous.

  3. Stacie

    Magical indeed! I would love to go to something like this! I remember your pics from last year. Everything is so stunning!

  4. Teresa

    I have never been to an event like this – BUT i find them fascinating. They look like so much fun and you just cemented that opinion for me. Glad you had a great time.

  5. Angelic Sinova

    I’ve never been to a Diner En Blanc event but it’s been on my bucket list for awhile now! It seems like such a fun event filled with yummy food and amazing people.

  6. Dee

    Wow! Everyone looks so awesome in their white outfits! I love beautiful it was and everyone seemed to be having a great time. The picture with the sparkles captures the vibe of your experience.

  7. lisa

    This looks like such a great time! I love the shoes and everything looks so clean and fresh and fabulous.

  8. Sarah

    What a great diner experience you had, that’s awesome. I love the white for dress and those shoes are pretty stylish.

  9. Jacqui @TradesofJacqui

    This looks like so much fun! I’ve never been to one and I think it would be a great experience! Great post

  10. Vera Sweeney

    I love those shoes!!! What a fun event to attend, I love all the white outfits!

  11. Liz Mays

    This year’s diner en blanc looked amazing. I like your tips and recommendations. Your custom shoes are the coolest!

  12. Allison Jones

    I am dying to go to Dinner En Blanc but I was in the last registration phase this year and it ended up selling out. I’m really going I’ll get to go next year and utilize all of your amazing tips.


  13. Annemarie LeBlanc

    That must be one fun event to attend. I’ve never been to one and I hope we could have something like that where I live!

  14. Eva

    Omigosh. I have to check this out next time!

  15. Jaime Nicole

    Wow that is some seriously awesome fashion! I love the bling on the custom kicks…so cute!

  16. Latoya @ Life and a Budget

    I obviously need to get out more. I’m officially on your list because I’m learning more than a few thangs from you, lol! Thanks for sharing this experience!

  17. Jenn

    Wow, what a cool experience. I love how beautiful everyone looks in your photos.

  18. Kim

    I really want to attend one of these. I always miss it. It’s a good look!

  19. Ty

    Thanks for the tips. I want to do this when it comes to LA. BTW…you look cute and I LOVE the Converse!!!

  20. Elle

    Looks like a grand occasion. I really like your table setting suggestions and tips. I may try your ideas for my birthday and have something similar.

  21. Inspiring Kitchen

    These are great tips. I love seeing those sneakers with rhinestones–so fab!

  22. Tiffany H

    Thanks love the detailed description. I heard about this last year and would like to go in LA this year. I will be coming back to this post if i have the opportunity to go this year.

  23. Marsha

    Wow that’s so pretty! I’ve never heard of Dinner en Blanc but it looks like a great time!

  24. Kirstin N. Fuller (the travelin diva)

    So wait…they don’t even provide the table and chairs? You really are just paying for the location, experience and bragging rights. Ok. I’ll try it at least once in my life time. Your setup looked amazing as always!

    • MimiCuteLips

      Kirstin, you can rent them if you want. Yes, the concept doesn’t sound appealing to some but once you are there the experience takes over.

  25. KenyaRae

    I remended your post about this last year. I seriously have to check if they have it on my area. When I checked last year they didn’t.

  26. Amanda Love

    I would love to experience this! Maybe next year would be just as awesome as this year’s! It’s really nice to see all the people come together and just have a good time over dinner. You all look fabulous and please, let compliment your shoes! Amazing DIY!

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  28. Ramona Collins

    This looks like a great event. I really want to attend one in the future. Thanks for sharing your experience.

  29. Nadeen

    So glad you went again and had fun! Loved your table set up and your menu! I did it in Atlanta last year and loved it. Hope to make it back next year since I had a conflict this year. It’s worth it once you know the steps with what you have to do which I have helped people figure out in my guide as well. I would love to do it in different cities like NYC & Paris!

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