Diner en Blanc DC

Hey Cuties,

How was your weekend? I had an amazing weekend; I mean I didn’t get paid as scheduled but yeah amazing.  I’ve been uber excited about Diner en Blanc since I saw the pictures last year. How could such fab-ness take place in my city and I not know about it. Well that wasn’t going to happen twice. I’m all about getting dressed in all white and dragging a table and chairs around to a secret location. Umm yes, sign me up.

Diner en Blanc DC 4

My Table-mates Decor

Diner en Blanc started 27 years ago in Paris, France with a handful of friends. It started out by word of mouth only but has moved online to keep up with the times. The dinner takes place at a secret location with the intent of sharing a high-quality meal with friends at the heart of your city’s most beautiful locations.

Diner en Blanc DC 1

Postal Building, Union Station

Getting There:
We met our table lead and fellow table goers at a specific location at Union Station. There were a lot of other groups meeting up at locations in and or around Union Station. No two groups were meeting at the same spot. From there we left at staggered time and took mass transit to another location.

Feelings: It was so dope to see a bunch of people dressed in their white. It’s like we just took over the city. People were stopping and asking What is going on? Where are we going? What are we doing? Is this a wedding? It’s funny because you honestly don’t know where we are going, so we quickly explain the concept.

Diner en Blanc DC 3

Waiting on the train with my table and chairs.

We arrived at our transit stop and walked to our final destination. We didn’t know where we were headed until we showed up and saw others. The Washington, DC location was Carnegie Library at Mount Vernon Square on K Street, NW. What was funny about this location is it is right in front of my job.

Feelings: This mystery was a bit magical. Local patrons and shop owners came out and watched us walk by. They snapped pictures and took video.

Diner en Blanc DC 5

Us and 2,500 of our new friends. Pretty damn hot date night.

The Experience:
We arrive, we set up our tables, chairs and food. We sit down, catch our breath and enjoy the magical experience.

Feelings: You have to just go with the flow to get the full experience. They have a lot of rules. They want to make sure this an amazing experience. The rules also help maintain the experience.

Diner en Blanc DC 6
Table: $25 | Chairs $7 x 2 | Table Cloth: A twin sheet I owned | Napkins: $2.00 a set | Wine Glasses: Owned | Plates: Ikea $5 for 2 | Mason Jars: Owned | Utensils: Owned | Candles: Battery operated 6pk for $5.99 w/ 40% off coupon

Center Piece: I owned the vase and the stones in it. | Flowers $7.99 w/40% off coupon | Feathers: $2.00

Meal:  Cheese, crackers & Pepperoni | Strawberries & Grapes | Shrimp Salad w/ Kraft Zesty Lime Vinaigrette Dressing | Beverage: Voss Water & Ginger Ale | Dessert: Lemon Cupcakes from Crumbs

Diner en Blanc DC 7

My Babe

They hand out sparklers and we all light them at the same time. This means the dance floor is open. This is something we will do every year for sure. We had a really great time.

Last but not least what we wore! For me the outfit was the most important thing, I order two dresses and didn’t like either of them. RETURN! I ordered another dress, didn’t like it. RETURN! I ordered a two piece outfit and it was cute but cream. I KEPT IT! I purchased another dress and hated it. RETURN!

Diner en Blanc DC 8

Know us…

Finally I decided I would just make it and boy did I hit the jackpot. People complimented me all night and I allowed lots of random strangers aka new friends to take my picture when they asked. I felt like a million bucks and most of all I was comfortable.

Diner en Blanc Custom Kicks by Mimi

I don’t just blog, I custom design sneakers as well. 😉

Mi: Fascinator: Borrowed | Jewels: Owned | T-shirt: Owned | Tutu: I made myself | Sneakers: Custom Kicks by Mimi

Babe: Polo: Target | Jeans: H&M | Sneakers: Vans/Journey’s

Diner en Blanc DC 9

Mi, April, My Sister & Babe

Tips: Travel as smart and light as possible. Do a test set up of your table before you leave home. Pack up all of your items and decide on a plan to transport them all.

DEB Diner en Blanc

Have you heard of Diner en Blanc? If you’ve attended how was your experience? Are you going? Did you go last year? Chat with me in the comment section below or FBIG or Twitter.


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Mimi Robinson is the Lifestyle Media Correspondent and editor behind MimiCuteLips®. She is a wife and mother of two. You can find Mimi working media at your favorite events, traveling and trying out new adventures, or working on a dope DIY project.

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  1. Tyra

    I went to Diner en Blanc Los Angeles on last Thursday and wrote about it as well. It was so much fun! Jealous you guys got to have sparklers! And those Chucks are everything!

  2. LaShawn

    I’ve been waiting to hear about this since I saw your photos on social media! So: you have to bring your own tables? and food? and decorations? Interesting. Reminds me of a concert venue we have down here in Atlanta. Before this year, I had NEVER heard of this. I saw it last year in Atlanta one day, but didn’t know what it was! But now that I know, I will be stalking the website to get in next year!

    • MimiCuteLips

      Hahahahha, you and hubby should totally give it a try. It was a fun yet sexy date night with thousands of strangers. YES to bringing your own table, chairs, food and decorations.

    • Catherine Mitchell

      Is there an event like this in Atlanta. I am 30 minuets outside of Atlanta and would like to attend something like this. What is the event called? How do you find out when and where it will be held?

  3. Christina Rice

    Love the recap! You all look amazing! Glad the babe enjoyed the event!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Robin Rue (@massholemommy)

    I love this so much. DC is one o my favorite cities in the US and I would love to get down there to attend this someday!

  5. Astrid

    This sure soundns like a fabulous experience. I personally rarely wear white, let alone all white. I’m glad you got so many compliments on your outfit.

    • MimiCuteLips

      OMG Astrid I wear white t-shirts and that is it. I was worried about the all white and transporting our things. I didn’t get dirty at all, but I totally feel you.

  6. Stacie

    Oh my gosh, you are just too cute with those sneakers! I love how the sparklers just made you all glow. Beautiful!

  7. Jeanette

    This looks like it would be a a lot of fun! I would love to do something like this with my hubby! I will have to check and see if there is one closer to us.

  8. Yaya

    Loved your outfit. I really wanted to go to this one but I couldnt make it. Looks Like you had a great time

  9. Carin Kilby Clark

    You look absolutely amazing! Love the idea of this and all the pictures I’m seeing from participants in various cities. Definitely seems like a great time had by all.

  10. Stacie @ Divine Lifestyle

    Oh my God, I LOVE it! I love the white them. I love the swank factor. And I LOVE that you wore a tutu and kicks. So great!

  11. Tanay

    im sooooooo jealous! I missed it in NYC but I’m definitely going next year! You got some great pictures and I love that tutu!!!!

  12. Karneisha

    Now this sis something that I will have to look into! Looks like a lot of fun! I love, love, LOVE your outfit!

  13. lisa

    This is the coolest thing! I would love to do a diner like this. I know they had one of these in Chicago not long ago and I think it is a fantastic idea!

  14. Siobhan (BeFree Project)

    Mimi, I just recently learned about Diner en Blanc and I would love for it to come to Cleveland. I loved the pictures of seeing everyone in all white. Your outfit was SUPER cute and stylish!!

  15. Rani

    Wow. This is very cool. But I have so many questions. Ha. Everyone brings their own meal? Do you also bring a cooler? That’s a lot to carry and not know where you’re going. Haha. But still! Love the concept. Fun!! Thank you for sharing.

    • MimiCuteLips

      You could bring your own meal or pre-purchase on there. Most folks I know didn’t like the pre-paid meal. I brought our food inside a picnic basket and a book bag. The Mister carried them because they were loaded down. I used my kids insulated lunch bags and ice packs to keep things cold. I put the soda and water in the freezer so they were a bit frozen which worked out. I also brought ice cubes in zip lock bags. I put all of our tableware items inside the picnic basket. Packing is KEY that is why its best to test it out. You don’t know how far you have to walk or if it involves hills and steps.

  16. Nicole (Nicole's Lifestyle Lounge)

    I love the final outfit, and the custom kicks are awesome!

  17. Megan Elford

    This is the first time I’ve heard of Diner en Blanc, but what a fun experience! I would love to participate in something like this!

  18. Patrice

    I had to read twice was in ha the outfits was awesome and the event all white party how special it must have been for you. Never heard of this event seems like everyone enjoy. Also like custom kicks!

  19. Liz Mays

    This is just the coolest event. It’s so cool to see so many people dressing up to have a nice dinner outside. Your custom shoes are so cool!

  20. Mionna

    This looks like so much fun!! I’m sure you guys enjoyed yourself. The pictures look great and so do you two!! I’m sure one of these years me and my beau will get out there. You’ve inspired me!! 🙂

  21. Cia |

    I loooooove this! I do I do I do. Next year we are going to bring at least one other couple with us. It also won’t be as hectic since I know what to expect. Did you guys leave early? My Sir started packing things up about 20-30 minutes before the festivities ended. I saw a couple of others doing that as well. In the end I was so glad he did. We got out of there before the chaos.

    • MimiCuteLips

      Next year I totally plan to plan a couple or three. After we ate I packed up some. Then we walked around and a packed up a little more. I didn’t want to wait until the last minute and have to pack. We left a little around 10, and we were just in time. Some folks had left already but the party was still going.

  22. rika

    I am obsessed with white party theme! Feel so luxury and fresh! I love your outfit, so cute and adorable! Great pick!

  23. Jonna

    I’m so jealous you all had sparklers too. We couldn’t have them in the lovely state of VA – so we used glow sticks instead. The crazy part about our event was that the catering company and all were from DC. So of course they got stuck in traffic on the way to Hampton Roads on a Saturday afternoon. So several people who ordered the catering either never got their food or it was super late. People didn’t like the location either, because it wasn’t near anything even though it was on a major highway. But we had a great time and I will definitely go again. You guys look amazing and your bae knows how to work the selfie stick. I can’t even see it!

    • MimiCuteLips

      Oh wow, I didn’t even know VA were haters like that. lol They sell fireworks in the summer. That traffic is tough, they should have planned better for sure. I know folks were hungry and upset.

      The location is a big part of the experience, next time you and the Mister and come to DC. 🙂

      How about he is new to the selfie stick game after joking me and is a pro for real. hahahahaha

  24. Ourfamilyworld

    I have never attended a Diner En Blanc event, but it sounds like fun. I love your outfit!

  25. Felicita Moncada

    I have never heard of diner en blanc! OMG, where have I been??? It looks like you guys had a blast and what an awesome experience. Love this! I need to somehow get to one of these!

    • MimiCuteLips

      Last year was the first time I’d heard about it. You aren’t the only one in the dark, but now you know. You can sign up on the website for the city near you.

  26. Ascending Butterfly

    Those chucks are everything because I can’t be wearing high heels! I have never attended a DEB before, but I’m not about trying to carry all that on an NYC subway train so props to you for doing all that. Everyone was looking SHARP and FIERCE though!

    • MimiCuteLips

      I was so worried about the transport. A lot of folks kept dropping things or couldn’t carry it all. I had two items and the mister had two items. I did give him the heavy stuff. lol

      Girl Chucks are the perfect comfy is cute footwear.

  27. Ron Leyba

    Love your awesome Chucks! This is one great event indeed! Love this!

  28. Sheree

    You look adorable and I’m so intrigued by the concept! Thanks for “letting me inside”. Your recap and pics are the best!

  29. Annemarie LeBlanc

    I think I have read about this before, I just could not remember how long ago it was. I loved the ambiance, the excitement and the chance of meeting new friends. What an awesome experience for you.

  30. Alli

    I’m loving your blinged out Chucks! They are awesome and you did an amazing job! This looks like such a fun event and I love that everyone wears white.

  31. Laura

    This event looks awesome! I am gong to add this to my “must go to” event list! Thank you for sharing your exsperience 😀

  32. jo

    Awesome! I would love to be in that kind of party, wearing all white, being with good friends and great food… Oh! I wish! Lovely decors and ambiance too! I bet you’ll be back for more events like that!

  33. Sandy KS

    I have never experienced or heard about a diner en blac before. It sounds exciting, beautiful, and romantic all at the same time. I live in a small rural area. We don’t have anything like that in my area.

    • MimiCuteLips

      Sandy that is one of the great things about city life. If you see a location that you like you could plan a nice little trip there and attend the diner. 😉

  34. Uplifting Families

    This looks like so much fun. It would be weird to see a bunch of people in white. I usually don’t wear white bc I am afraid of getting it dirty the moment I put it on.

    I’m glad you enjoyed your event.

    • MimiCuteLips

      My biggest worry as getting dirty. With all the transport of items trust me I was worried. Then we arrived and I worried about dropping my food on my clothes. lol

  35. Valerie

    I loooooooove this! Would love to go to the next one! You guys looked great in your white – so awesome for date night!

  36. Ann Bacciaglia

    You look amazing. I love the shoes. I would love to go to an evening like this. I will have to see if there is anything like this near me.

  37. Shawana

    This looks like such a fun event! i wish someone would do this in my neck of the woods. I love the tutu and the custom kicks. Too cute!!!!!

    • MimiCuteLips

      Shawana you should look into it, they are doing a lot of cities. It might be a great excuse to go for a visit if there isn’t one near you.

  38. ricci

    What an awesome event!! I have always wanted to go to a “white party” or “black party” for a great cause!!

  39. Kara

    Diner en Blanc sounds so dope! Love the all white concept; you & hubby are styling on em! Great recap Mimi

  40. Camesha | Mama Motivator

    Oh my gosh, Oh my gosh, Oh my gosh!!!!! I want to do this!!! This looks epic! Seriously, the pictures alone sell me!

    You look fab! And the shoes… YES!!!!!

  41. lisa @bitesforbabies

    What a cool looking event! I would love to go to a white party…your outfit is so unique!

  42. Yona Williams

    What a nice outfit you wore, and the sneakers – too cute. Love that you made your own tutu! I love how everyone had sparklers to light at the same time. This looks like a lot of fun!

  43. Tiffani G

    I’ve heard about DEB but never been. It looks like such a cool experience! I love that you made your outfit and hubby’s is super affordable as well.

    • MimiCuteLips

      You must check it out, I love me a good savings on cute clothes. It was such a cool experience, just relaxing fun AFTER you arrive. lol

  44. Ashleigh Walls

    I love seeing all the posts from people who attended. It really looks like it was a fun event!

  45. Adanna

    Ummmm girl you did that! I love the tutu you made. I don’t think I can pull a tutu off but you killed it and those chucks are so adorbs!

  46. Nancy

    Girl, you look fabulous, the custom kicks were really cute…looks like a fun event

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