These blog post are about events I’ve attended in various cities and states. They can be community based events to very high profile events such as Essence Festival, The White House, Fashion Week and more. MimiCuteLips is active in her community and will travel for a greater experience. Some events may also include media trips.

Detective Pikachu Review A Must See Movie

Hey Cuties, The kids were so excited about the screening of Detective Pikachu. I must admit, I was doing it for them, I didn't think it was a movie I would like even a little bit. Y'all I was beyond shocked, I really enjoyed the movie. The storyline was meaningful and I could totally relate. The last thing I expected was to relate to a movie about a Pokemon but I did, and you might relate to it too.

We Eloped, Oh She Married Now!

Hey Cuties, On Friday, April 19, 2019, Babe and I said yes to forever in a lawful union. If you follow me on social then this is no longer a surprise. If you don't [shame on you] SURPRISE! We married now, although a lot of you assumed we already were. We did it our way, on our terms and it was perfect in every way.


Hey Cuties, LITTLE the movie is finally in theaters on Friday, April 12th and you must go see it. I was worried that all of the funny might be in the trailer but IT IS NOT! This movie is hilarious start to finish and the underlying message is powerful. I co-hosted a screening for Little and then I also attended a screening with Comcast. Yes, the movie is that good that I have seen it twice.

Long Live The Woman [Vive La Femme + Vive La Vodka]

Hey Cuties, On a Sunday the weather was beautiful, the sun was shinning, and I was feeling myself. The Style Medic and I hit the streets for a really cute event at the Compass Rose Bar + Kitchen. I didn't know what to expect when I got the invite. When I arrived it was much different than what I had concocted in my my head, but it was hella cute. It was an intimate dinner party.

LITTLE Movie Advance Screening Passes

Hey Cuties, The movie of the year as far as I am concerned has arrived and I want your butt in the seats around me.  From the moment the trailer dropped I was all the way in. Because black girl, on top of black girl, on top of black girl magic. Also funny, I know this movie will have us talking back to the screen.

When You See Taraji P. Henson You Know She HU Proud

Hey Cuties, Friday I stepped foot on the campus of the illustrious Howard University aka A Different World. I made my way to the Ira Aldridge Theater which was packed out! The kids had just wrapped up an amazing debate between Howard Vs. Harvard. The kids were screaming like it was a football game, their energy was electric.  After the debate, Taraji took the stage.