These blog post are about events I’ve attended in various cities and states. They can be community based events to very high profile events such as Essence Festival, The White House, Fashion Week and more. MimiCuteLips is active in her community and will travel for a greater experience. Some events may also include media trips.

5 Reasons You Need To See A Wrinkle In Time

Hey Cuties, This week I've submerged myself into all things imaginative and whimsical while tapping into my younger self.  When I allowed my mind to run free and didn't worry about if it made sense or not. Yesterday I saw the screening of  Disney's A Wrinkle In Time.  There are no spoilers, so keep reading.  A Wrinkle in Time opens in theaters Friday, March 9th. Grab the family and go see, you don't need kids to see this movie. You don't have to take someone else's kids to see this movie. Just go see the movie.

What Does Black Panther Mean To Me?

Hey Cuties, Black Panther opened up to record numbers this weekend. The numbers are still rolling in but they are at 218 million. Without a final count, it is in the 5 top opening weekends of all time. We are not surprised and if you are I'm judging the shit out of you. I saw the movie for a second time yesterday with the family. My son is a huge Marvel fan so this was his glory moment. LittleCuteLips (6) was on the fence but began to get excited about I got her dressed; she said she loved the movie and giggled a lot.

I Died Laughing At The 85 South Show

Hey Cuties, Are you bundled up for the arctic blast we’ve been experiencing? We’ve had high’s in the single digits. Charleston, SC got 4 inches of snow, that is the most they have had in 30+ years. Oh, and Tallahassee, FL got snow as well. Some folks are pretending that Global Warming isn’t a thing because it gets cold but ummm… these are receipts. I’m just saying.

ICE! Is The Most Thrilling Experience Ever

Hey Cuties, A few days before Christmas we went to visit ICE at the Gaylord in the National Harbor. We went the very first time they came to town. The Manchild was little and LittleCuteLips wasn't even thought of. It is a very pricey experience which is part of the reason we hadn't gone back.  LittleCuteLips came home with a free ticket from school and so I decided we would all go. We invited her Harmony and her Mom to join us.

We Checked Out Brick Fest Live For The First Time

Hey Cuties, Last weekend the family and I got up early on Saturday morning and headed to Brick Fest Live in Baltimore, Maryland. This was our first time going although it was a perfect fit. Babe and the kids are big Lego fans. This was a total win for me, the boys had a father-son Bromance happening and I think they forgot about us girls for a minute.

You Need To Experience Danni Starr Pop Up Book Stop

Hey Cuties, I told you about my girl Danni Starr a week or so ago. We chatted in a coffee shop about her new book Empathy and Eyebrows before it came out. Now the book it out and honey, the people are weighing in on it.  Danni has topped some of the Amazon Charts (make sure you leave a review when you purchase.) She is now taking her show on the road and doing  Pop Up Book Stops.