Sip & Paint with PinkLoMein

I’ve always loved a good Sip & Paint but what I didn’t like was the idea of painting some random bird but I would not put that up in my home. So, when I saw PinkLoMein was having a sip and paint tour I had to get in. I’ve been a fan of PinkLoMein for a minute, she is one of the dope Black women artists on the walls of my Craft Room. I will take you on the journey but also you can see a full video recap here. The event took place in an industrial park and the space was perfect. The parking lot was small but we arrived early so we got a good spot.

This is PinkLoMein and her energy was just as dope as her work. She is holding up a sample of what we are going to create. I already knew it was going to fly but loved it even more once I saw it.

We all started with this canvas outline and had a mini version to reference. The dope part was we could pick the colors of our choice. Which is nice because you can pick something that matches your decors. I love bold and vibrant colors so that made it easy for me.

I was all into this, as a crafter it was hard not to obsess over the process. That side profile was real cute though, I’m just saying.

They kept the vibes going with music, wine, and a little charcuterie situation. We also got to know our table mates so we chatted with them too.

The colors look so good together, the great thing is there is no right or wrong way to do it. We all had the same drawing but the finished products varied in look and style. It was cool to see the unique touches everyone came up with.

We started with a Sharpie outline and then it faded a bit once I started painting. Honestly, I wasn’t sure how it was going to look after that. PinkLoMein told us not to worry and she was right, once we outlined everything in black it made the picture pop nicely.

This is my finished product and I absolutely love it. I added words and a few accent marks to bring it all together. Her lipgloss is poppin’. I’m creative but I can’t draw so this is the way to go for me.

My bestie and I had an absolute good time, and we would definitely do this again.

At the end, we all got to take a picture with PinkLoMein and I had her sign my art. I painted it but it was her design so it felt right.

When I came home I put my finished project on the counter. The next day I realized my husband put it up in the living room. It was the perfect pop of color. It is a perfect fit and when people ask about it I can say I DID THAT!!!!

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