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Last week I had the honor of participating in a Huff Post Live Q&A Session with Emmy Award/SAG Award winner Uzo Aduba from Orange Is the New Black {OITNB}. This was my first time on Huff Post Live so I was really nervous. I must say the staff over there made things really easy and I was able to relax and just enjoy the experience.

crazy eyes orange is the new black

Waiting for our segment to go live.They featured three of my favorite bloggers during the Q&A. Myself {MimiCuteLips}, Christine {Mom’s N Charge} and Te {The Style Medic}. These are my Blogging Boo’s as I affectionately call them.  We were permitted to ask one question.

OITNB is a Netflix television comedy-drama series that started in 2013. They have 4 Golden Globe Nominations, 12 Emmy Nominations {3 wins} for Season 1, 2 Screen Actors Guild nominations {2 wins} and countless other awards. I was a fan of the show before I ever watched it because I saw the cast members on some of my favorite Talk Shows. The world is waiting on season 4 while I binge-watch to catch up.

crazy eyes orange is the new black
My Question Card is ready while I wait for my turn.

Uzo Audba got her start in theater before becoming our favorite Litchfield prisoner known as Suzanne “Crazy Eyes” Warren. She has taken over Hollywood and showing them she is boss. Fun Fact: She is a classically trained vocalist.

crazy eyes orange is the new black
Uzo was all smiles when I showed up on the screen to ask my question.
crazy eyes orange is the new black
Me asking my question. That banner at the bottom is everything. HELLO WORLD!

crazy eyes orange is the new black

Uzo’s natural reaction to someone asking for spoilers.Question: Where does the future of Litchfield {prison} stand now that it is being taken over by corporate?

Answer: She is like all the spoilers (laughter) Um; you know I can’t tell you specifics as far as where it stands. I think what Jenji {Creator} started exploring in season 3 is something that is actually very real within our penial system right now. There are privatized prisons and what does that mean when the business of owning a prison is big business. I think you can sort of guess for yourself what that might look like when you’re dealing with human lives.  In order for your prison to be successful you have to have prisoners. That means you have budgetary costs you are trying to meet and what sort of tension you can create and foster in that type of environment. I think it’s exciting that Jenji is bold enough to touch on that subject and to really try and tackle it and she is so smart to try and do it.

 If so who is your favorite prisoner? What is your favorite Netflix show? Chat with me in the comment section below or FBIG or Twitter.