We Did The St. Jude Walk Run For The First Time

Hey Cuties,

Thank you for all of your kind words, votes of encouragement, and donations. Mimi’s Cuties completed the St. Jude Run Walk at Nationals Park in Washington, DC. The weather was absolutely perfect, the Universe knew we were there to shake up the world.

St. Jude Walk Run DC

The run took place at Nationals Park, known as the home of the Washington Nationals baseball team. We usually attend for baseball games, but this time was really different.

St. Jude Walk Run DC

We were checked in and ready to go.

St. Jude Walk Run DC

They had plenty of snacks and that was awesome because we were hungry. They had something for everyone including fresh fruit and beverages.

St. Jude Walk Run DC

Before the St. Jude Walk Run got started we heard from former St. Jude patient April. I am always inspired by the first-hand accounts of the St. Jude patients. It reminds us why we are here and you get to hear how your donation has saved and changed lives.

St. Jude Walk Run DC

We took a picture with President George Washington before we get moving.  He was out making his rounds, taking pictures, kissing babies, and cheering us on.

St. Jude Walk Run DC

Cousin Faye showed up to round out Mimi’s Cuties.

St. Jude Walk Run DC

We were off, we signed up to walk, but Babe and the kids took off running. That left Faye and I to walking and taking pictures along the way.  So we did just that, this was a great shot looking down as the others began to get started.

St. Jude Walk Run DC

I told you the view was beautiful. They had St. Jude messages on the jumbotron the entire time.

St. Jude Walk Run DC

See, reminders every step of the way.

St. Jude Walk Run DC

We did it, we successfully completed the St. Jude Walk Run to end Childhood Cancer. I know you see our medals.

Although Mimi’s Cuties did not reach our team goal I am extremely thankful for your donation. Overall St. Jude had a goal of raising $200,000, I am happy to report $237,907 was raised so that goal was not just met, it was exceeded. You still have time to help me reach my goal. If you feel compelled to do so, click HERE.


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Lifestyle Media Correspondent MimiCuteLips did the St. Jude Walk Run DC to end childhood cancer in Washington, DC at the Nationals Park. #CCAM #StJude

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  1. I keep saying I’m going to do the st Jude run in Memphis but something always comes up and I can’t make it.. my girlfriends do it annually and it’s for such a great cause

  2. What a great cause to get behind. St. Judes does so much to help kids. I’m a fan of any way to help them. They need all of our support.

  3. Looks like you and your family had a really great time. Thank you for sharing all that you’re doing with St. Jude.

  4. Yay for goals being exceeded, and it is for a great cause. It’s nice you get your entire family involved in things like this.

  5. Great job for a great cause! You should be very proud of the work you are doing with St. Jude !

  6. This is a great cause that you and your family are apart of! Looks like they made it a super fun and meaningful experience.

  7. I love hearing that the entire St. Jude event exceeding their goal. I’m sure the money is going towards helping many children get well.

  8. Mimi let me just say I truly love your family. You all are always doing something fun and engaging with each other and its awesome that you did this St. Jude Walk/Run for a great cause.

  9. You did it! I enjoyed seeing you all get ready and participate in the run/walk on Instagram. It’s so cool to see you and your family supporting such a worthy cause!

    1. I love that they are always so willing and so open to doing these type of things. My kids know all about giving back and why it is so important. They will do it when they are adults and pass it on to their children.

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