Carol’s Daughter 25th Anniversary Celebration

Hey Cuties,

Last week I attended the blackest event I think I’ve ever attended in my life. It was such a moment, and I fully took it in. I was honored to be a guest of Carol’s Daughter 25 Anniversary celebration at the Blacksonian in Washington, DC. Also, know as the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture (NMAAHC).


Carol's Daughter 25th Anniversary

We were out on a school night and I acted like I was 20. I have no regrets, and you will see how amazing it was and why.

We were out on a school night and I acted like I was 20. I have no regrets. The event started with

Although we were out on a school night it mattered not to the turn-up.  The event started with a cocktail hour. Which also means the start of a photo shoot.

Carol's Daughter 25th Anniversary
Lisa Price, Founder of Carol’s Daughter       Photo Credit: Luvvie

They followed that up with a meeting of the minds in the Oprah Winfrey Theater.  Important people came out and shared their words about Lisa Price like her husband, children and others she has partnered with over the past 25 years. It was inspiring, it was funny, it was Black Girl Magic. I wasn’t sitting close enough for good pictures so I didn’t take any.

A few things to note:

Lisa Price was the first, to do it. Check the National Museum of African American History and Culture Culture Galleries on L4 to see for yourself.

“The first doesn’t mean you’re the best… Being the first means that all who follow you, get to learn from your mistakes.” – Lisa Price

If you are not familiar with Carol’s Daughter, let me explain it to you in pictures.

Carol's Daughter 25th Anniversary
A replica of Lisa’s kitchen in Brooklyn

1993 Carol’s Daughter Founder, Lisa Price began creating hair and body products in the kitchen of her Brooklyn home at the encouragement of her Mom. They had actual products set up just like she had them.

Carol's Daughter 25th Anniversary

They made replicas of the places that were instrumental in Lisa’s growth and the birth of Carol’s Daughter.

Carol's Daughter 25th Anniversary
Lisa’s Brooklyn home

This is a replica of Lisa’s home where she started out on his product journey. This is her daughter standing on the steps holding the key.

Carol's Daughter 25th Anniversary

I had to have a moment on the steps. She started in 1993 in building 193. It was all a dream…

Lisa started selling her homemade recipes at local flea markets. I failed to get a picture of the replica flea market.

Carol's Daughter 25th Anniversary

The important part is that we start somewhere. It does not have to be perfect, she started with a Microsoft wingding image.

Carol's Daughter 25th Anniversary

This is Lisa’s living room, with pictures of her loved ones on the wall.

1999 The first Carol’s daughter boutique opened in Ft. Greene, Brooklyn, New York.

2000 Carol’s Daughter began selling her natural hair care products on the internet.

Carol's Daughter 25th Anniversary

2002 Lisa appears on the Oprah Winfrey Show and well… it was on an popping then. If Auntie O said it, then you knew it was the gospel.

2008 Carol’s Daughter launches on HSN.

2014 – 2015 Carol’s Daughter hair, body and skin products are sold in Target stores.

2016 Carol’s Daughter joins the L’Oreal Family.

Carol's Daughter 25th Anniversary

2016 Carol’s launches in 30k retail stores across the country.

2017 Carol’s Daughter is featured in the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture (L4)Carol's Daughter 25th Anniversary

This “Rose Water” was the joy juice for my evening. I can’t recall what was in it, but it had dried roses.

Carol's Daughter 25th Anniversary

I acted like I was 20, I danced the night away, and I have no regrets.

Carol's Daughter 25th Anniversary

Black Alley Band played, then a DJ came on we got out of control. Lisa was on the dance floor getting her entire life.

Carol's Daughter 25th Anniversary

The Style Medic, Luvvie, and Mi

You can’t tell that it was pouring down rain when we arrived. Imagine us, all dolled up in short dresses, and open-toed shoes. Soaked!

This is a clip of the blackest, blackety, black thing I have ever done. You should be jealous.  I am proud to say, I MimiCuteLips have done the electric slide, not once, but twice in the lobby of the African American Museum. This is why we needed our own safe space.

Over the past twenty-five years, Carol’s Daughter has inspired countless women not just to live but to thrive. To embrace the power of standing out, instead of worrying about how to fit in. To break the rules and break through perceived limitations. To realize that there is no one to please but ourselves – and so we make no apologies. Now more than ever it is time to claim our beauty, proclaim our individuality and celebrate who we were BORN AND MADE to be. #BornandMade

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Carol's Daughter celebrates her 25th Anniversary at the National Museum of African American History and Culture (NMAAHC). Carol's Daughter 25th Anniversary.

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  1. I’m curious…do you use her products? I heard that once she sold to L’Oreal, they weren’t as good.

  2. I remember first going natural in ’06. Lisa’s products were the first products that I picked up. I’m happy to see her success. She paved the way. This event was so well done. I can’t wait to be able to come check out the museum.

    1. She really has paved the way, so many have come behind her. What a moment to be featured in the African American museum. That has to be full circle for her.

  3. What an inspirational event! Just by reading this I feel inspired to do something I’ve never done… Because of them we can and I just love the picture of her daughter standing there holding the key. Thank you for sharing this!

  4. I can just imagine a room full of black women doing the electric slide and celebrating her accomplishments. Great recap!

  5. This was a really dope event. I’m happy it was for Lisa, a fellow Brooklynite. I remember how excitign it was when Carol’s Daughter became mainstream.

  6. This event would have been a dream for me to attend! I have been following her story for years and aspired to be like her when I made my own bath and body products. I love seeing how far she’s grown.

  7. Yassssssss!! I love love love all the Black Girl Magic that took place in this post!! Now I HAVE to travel to see the exhibit myself!!!!!

  8. Wow I didnt know Lisa Price knew how to throw such an amazing party. I love the concept she recreated her Brookyln home to the start of the Carols Daughter journey that is beautiful!

    1. I had no idea, but it made me like her even more. She reminded me to start with where I am, even if that means in your own home/kitchen.

  9. It’s really good to see the amount of support she still has! I felt really bad when the company was sold to L’oreal, people tried to throw shade on her brand. It’s truly still a great product and she’s still entrepreneurial goals!! Love your pics too!!

    1. Joi, they really did. When your business is at a level where people want to buy it means you have an amazing thing on your hands. She is still very much pulling the strings for her baby and I love that.

  10. Carols Daughters products were some of the first ones I tried when I went natural! I need to try them again! I saw pics all over social of this event and it looked so fun, glad you had an amazing night!!

  11. Lisa Price is the Queen! She made it so that all of the other black hair brands could be. I love her story. This event looks lovely. So glad you were able to go and yes to the Electric Slide in OUR museum. YES!

  12. I snatched my imaginary wig and threw it!!! Live ya best life with all that #blackgirlmagic. This looks super dope and unbothered by the fact it was a school night. Get yo life cutelips!

    1. OMG! I am cracking up laughing at you. This is the epitome of living our best life. We have to remember to do that as often as possible. Life was made!

  13. I am so jealous and proud and excited and overjoyed for you. What an awesome opportunity! Don’t you just love being black!!! Thanks daddy! #BLMGIRLS

  14. This looked like such a beautiful and memorable event! Love all the photos, especially the dancing ones – haha! Carol’s Daughter brand is amazing!

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